2022 Skylight Replacement & Repair Costs

Jessica Stone
by Jessica Stone

If you have a professionally installed skylight, there’s nothing worse than the appearance of a serious leak. Even the most minor leaks can still cause water damage to your attic space, insulation, roof, ceiling, and the inside of your home beneath the leak. Because of this, whenever you notice a leak near your skylight, it’s best to seek out professional intervention immediately.

In some cases, the leak may be remedied by a simple repair or replacement of the existing flashing, motor battery, dome, or some other minor component. In other cases, depending on the condition, the skylight may need to be replaced entirely. This often occurs when the skylight cannot be repaired, is broken, or it’s simply more cost-effective to replace the whole unit than pay to repair the motor.

The average skylight replacement cost is $840, and that includes labor and materials. Homeowners generally spend $250 on labor for skylight replacement and at least $400 on the skylight itself. Skylight repairs cost an average of $402, but it is worth it to replace the skylight if you have to repair the glass or motor for up to $800.

There are a number of factors that impact skylight replacement or repair costs, including the type of skylight, the extent of its damage, the pitch of your roof, the height and accessibility of the skylight, and more. Additional cost considerations include permits, labor, and insurance coverage.

Continue reading for our comprehensive guide on skylight repair and replacement costs, so you can have a more balanced understanding of how to appropriately budget for this undertaking.

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Overview of Skylight Repair Costs

If you start to have issues with your skylight, it may need to be repaired. If it’s leaking, take a good look at the seal. In addition to the seal, you also want to check the machinery, flashing, frame, and opening as a whole.

Depending on the level of damage, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1,280 to have your skylight repaired. Broken or severely corroded components may require more comprehensive repairs, and in some cases, full replacement. The following table displays a brief overview of the average costs to repair a skylight.

Average Cost$840
Average Range$300 to $1,280
Low End Cost$150
High End Cost$2,500

Skylight Repair or Replacement Cost Factors

The cost to repair or replace a skylight ranges from $300 to $1,280, but the actual price that you pay is based on a number of factors. While the particular size of the skylight opening doesn’t have a major impact on price, other issues – such as accessibility, height, and type – can drastically increase costs. With that said, here are the various factors that influence the cost to repair or replace a skylight:

1. Roof Pitch

Most skylights are specifically designed for roofs with a pitch between 15% and 60%. For a roof that slopes beyond 60%, skylight repairs could cost up to 20% more. In these instances, you’ll need custom flashing and also additional scaffolding in order to ensure that the contractors working on your roof are safe.

2. Height and Accessibility

If the skylight is difficult to access either via the interior or the exterior, this can increase the total repair costs by up to 30%. In general, the higher the skylight, the more difficult it is to access and the more you can expect to pay to have it fixed. Though, the exact costs will depend on how much longer it takes your contractor to access it.

The price can also go up if the expert needs to access the outside opening of the skylight via your roof. For this type of job, it’s best to trust the expertise of a window professional. Make sure that you speak with them about insurance to avoid any potential liabilities.

Access from the inside is also important. If there’s a bathtub or some other obstruction blocking access, or the ceiling is higher than one story, the cost to repair or replace the skylight will go up.

3. Type of Skylight

The type of skylight that you have also impacts how much you’ll pay to have it repaired or replaced. Tubular skylights tend to be the cheapest to repair, costing between $300 and $500. These skylights take up the least amount of space on your roof and, therefore, require less flashing and labor.

Fixed skylight repairs, on the other hand, can cost between $400 and $900, as the opening is much larger than conventional models. Vented skylights are the most expensive to repair – between $500 and $1,200. The high price has to do with the fact that they are more complex models and involve multiple intricate mechanisms.

4. Bundling Services

In some cases, you can combine your skylight repair with additional window sealing jobs around the house to get a lower rate. Bundling could save you up to 20% of the cost, as the same professional will tackle both tasks and there will be less material left over afterward.

Since you pay for all the materials upfront, fewer leftovers translate to some minor cost savings. You can also save relatively the same amount of all the repairs are completed at one time, rather than over the course of several visits.

5. Extent of the Damage

Of course, the level of damage to the skylight is going to influence the type of repair or replacement it needs – and thus, the cost. For example, if you have a leak caused by a damaged seal or damaged flashing, this fix will be much more affordable than a leak that is caused by an old skylight that needs to be completely replaced.

6. Insurance Coverage

Provided that you can prove that the cause of your leaky skylight is natural, your homeowner’s insurance may cover the cost of repair. Most insurance plans cover falling tree branches or damage caused by storms.

However, general skylight wear and tear – like aged flashing – is more commonly the cause of leaks and are usually not covered by insurance. With that said, make sure you speak with your insurance agent about specifics when you have a skylight that needs repair.

Leaking Skylight Repair Costs

A leaking skylight will often become very apparent on a rainy day or after a major storm. In most cases, repair requires that your contractor tackle common causes of skylight leaks – including seal problems and flashing issues. The cost to replace flashing usually ranges from $300 to $500, and both the caulking and seal fall in relatively the same range.

When the seal in your skylight is compromised, this can lead to major moisture problems. Oftentimes, when you hire a professional to handle both repairs at once, you can reduce travel and labor costs to have the entire project completed for between $400 and $700.

In some cases, there are temporary fixes for leaking skylights, including roofing cement and recaulking. Though, it’s important to note that when your contractor has to undo these fixes or work around them, it may increase the cost of professional repair.

Skylight Repair Cost by Type of Repair or Replacement

The cost to repair a skylight typically ranges from $300 for simple flashing repair to over $2,000 to have an existing skylight removed and replaced with a larger, more high-end model – including materials and labor. With that in mind, the specific type of repair has a major impact on the cost of the project as a whole.

The table below outlines average costs for a variety of common repairs that help keep skylights in proper working order and prevent leaks that could potentially damage your home:

Type of RepairAverage Cost Range
Motor Repair$5 to $500
Flashing Repair$50 to $150
Dome Replacement$90 to $110
Dome Repair$100 to $200
Corroding Frame Repair$150 to $600
Flashing Replacement$300 to $500
Seal Repair$300 to $500
Glass Repair$300 to $800

Skylight Motor Repair Costs

Generally speaking, there are three levels of skylight motor repair: basic battery replacement costing around $5, minor parts replacement, which can range in cost from $100 to $300, and total skylight motor replacement that could cost anywhere from $150 to $500.

Skylight Flashing Repair Costs

In some cases, your contractor can repair the flashing instead of replacing it by sealing up holes or gaps using roofing cement. If the professional is able to repair the flashing without the need for replacement, this will cost between $50 and $150.

Skylight Dome Repair Costs

Depending on the situation, cracked or damaged skylight domes can be temporarily repaired using weather tape and silicone caulking. Although this is not the ideal solution and isn’t permanent, it will stop an existing leak and help prevent any further water damage to the ceiling, roof, and interior of your home in the meantime until the dome can be fully replaced.

The average price of skylight dome repair, although some contractors may not even offer this service, is between $100 and $200.

Skylight Dome Replacement Costs

Skylight dome replacement, when compared to repair, is usually the better solution. The cost to replace a skylight dome ranges from $90 to $110. Since the project is so affordable – and sometimes more so than a repair – most homeowners elect to have the dome replaced.

Some homeowners even choose to have the dome replaced over the entire skylight, depending on the damage to the rest of the unit. Though, if the skylight gasket also needs to be replaced, you can expect this to increase the total project cost to between $200 and $300 on average.

Skylight Frame Repair Costs

Like all the other windows in your home, over time the frame of a skylight will corrode and eventually need to be replaced. Once the frame reaches the end of its lifespan – at least 20 years – it’s usually ready for repair or replacement.

The cost to repair a skylight frame will depend on the extent of the damage and the size of the skylight. Costs range from $150 for a small frame or minor damage, to as much as $600 for a large frame or substantial damage.

Skylight Flashing Replacement Costs

As previously mentioned, the cost to replace the flashing on a skylight ranges from $300 to $500, with labor and materials factored in. Reflashing a skylight is among the most common repairs, and is typically effective at correct most leaking problems.

Skylight Seal Repair Costs

Like all windows, a proper seal is essential. It helps to keep out the elements – cold, heat, and rain – while also providing insulation. Once the seal starts to deteriorate, you can expect energy costs to rise or damage to your roof, the ceiling around your skylight, or even the inside of your home may occur.

The cost to seal a skylight or replace skylight seal costs between $300 and $500. However, this fix usually requires the replacement of the metal flashing around the skylight as well to prevent heat loss – which also ranges from $300 to $500. In cold climates, skylight weather stripping may also be implemented. If both services are completed together, this brings the total cost of the project to between $400 and $700.

Skylight Glass Repair Costs

While a lot of homeowners will seek out repairs for when the glass in a skylight cracks, a broken or cracked skylight window necessitates a replacement of the entire skylight. The cost to replace a skylight ranges from $400 to $1,700, with the larger, vented models landing at the upper end of the cost range. However, if the glass is still in good shape but just needs seal repair, this’ll cost you between $300 and $500.

Labor Costs

In order to ensure that leaks do not return and further damage to your roof, rafters, and home underneath the skylight are prevented, skylight work should almost always be performed by a professional. Both handymen and roofing contractors can handle the repair or replacement of a skylight, and will typically charge an average of $65 an hour for labor.

However, you’ll want to keep in mind that contractors usually charge an hour minimum for labor and may need to visit your home more than once. Whereas, if you contact a repairman about a leaky skylight, they’ll likely come out to your home to take a look and, if the repair is minor, perform it during the same visit.

Though, if the dome, motor, flashing, entire skylight, or other major components need to be replaced, they may have to order the parts and schedule the repairs for a different day.

Emergency Skylight Repairs

If the water is really coming in from your skylight on a holiday or over a weekend, you may need to request an urgent visit from a contractor to correct the issue and prevent further damage to your home. This will generally incur emergency fees, ranging from $100 to $300 and do not include the cost of the repairs needed.

Skylight Replacement Cost

In some instances, the damage is too extensive and the skylight needs to be replaced in its entirety. This often occurs when the glass is broken or replacing the whole skylight is more cost-effective than fixing the broken motor. Though, you may simply want to replace your older skylight with a more energy-efficient model that has a better seal. With this solution, less maintenance and lower energy costs will likely offset the high cost of installation.

The average cost to replace a skylight is between $900 and $2,300, which includes the cost of the new unit and sealing off the new opening. To have just the existing skylight removed costs around $225, including labor and materials, and the final cost of the project will depend on the type of skylight you choose to replace it.

Cost to Replace Skylight Glass

Although broken glass in a skylight usually requires the replacement of the entire unit, there are some instances when you need to replace just the glass. This can cost anywhere from $300 to $800, including labor, depending on the specific type of window. Dual- or triple-pane windows typically fall on the high end of that price range.

A fallen tree branch or storm may cause one of the panes to break, which will require the intervention of a professional to replace it. Depending on the situation, replacing skylight glass can be more expensive if the contractor has to remove the entire skylight before they can replace the pane.

For this reason, going with a full replacement is sometimes a more cost-effective option than swapping out one of the panes or all of the glass. Regardless, make sure you get quotes first so you can determine which is the better, more affordable option.

Cost to Replace Skylight Motor

Replacing the motor in a skylight could cost as little as $100 or as much as $500, depending on the needs. If the motor requires new wiring, you’ll need to hire a dedicated professional. Hiring a licensed electrician for this job will cost between $160 and $500 – in addition to the replacement of the motor – which brings the total cost for the project to $270 to $1,000.

Generally speaking, the type of mechanism that is used to open and close the skylight has a major impact on the price of replacement. For example, a modern solar-powered motor could cost up to $500 to replace.

Cost to Replace Manual Crank

A new manual crank on your skylight will usually cost around $110, with labor increasing the total cost of repair to between $200 and $400. However, you’ll want to consult your contractor for a specific estimate prior to having any work completed.

Skylight Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on your skylight can help prevent significant issues, while also allowing you to catch general wear and tear early before any significant damage can occur to your home. Proper skylight maintenance involves two main components: cleaning and inspection.

To clean the interior and exterior of the skylight glass, you can choose to hire professional window cleaners seasonally. They will clean the glass using a mild detergent and have all the necessary equipment to safely get onto your roof. Inspections of the skylight sealant should be performed three months after the initial installation and then every 12 months afterward. In most cases, sealant inspections are factored into a general roof inspection, which costs between $100 and $600.

When it comes to the interior of your home, you should keep a lookout for potential issues by monitoring water stains in the sheetrock that surrounds the skylight, as well as standing water underneath.

Additional Costs and Considerations

The following are some additional costs and considerations to keep in mind as you are planning and budgeting for skylight repair or replacement:

  • In most municipalities, a permit is required to replace an existing skylight with a bigger one. However, repairing or replacing a skylight that doesn’t require any cuts made to the roof may not necessitate a permit.
  • It’s very rare for skylight repair and replacement to be covered by insurance, as these jobs fall under the same category as a window replacement. Though, if the skylight occurs suddenly as a result of severe weather and it creates an emergency situation in the home, your insurance coverage may apply.
  • Most skylights come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure that you look into the warranty before you schedule any repairs, as you could end up saving a ton of money.
  • Although many homeowners choose to forgo hiring a professional to repair or replace a skylight, leaks and damage are more common with DIY work. Whenever possible, it’s always best to hire a professional for any skylight jobs.
  • Skylight repair in mobile homes is another common issue. Like skylights in conventional homes, those in mobile homes can also be removed, replaced, or repaired as needed. The cost to repair a mobile home skylight ranges from $200 for a fixed model, up to $700 for a vented skylight.

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Related Questions

Should I replace my skylight when I replace my roof?

It’s not required that you replace your skylight at the same time as you replace your roof. However, doing so can save you money on labor costs and lower your risk of leaks, damage, or seal failure.

How long do skylights last?

Before needing replacement, the average skylight will last between 20 and 40 years. Although, some higher-quality models may last up to 55 years and budget models could last only 10 years.

Why is my skylight leaking?

Common causes of leaky skylights include the window itself being faulty or it may not fit flush against your roof. A faulty skylight requires resealing or a new frame, while a skylight that doesn’t fit perfectly against the roof needs new flashing installed.

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