Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. SuperPaint (Here Are The Differences)

Sherwin Williams produces some of the best paints on the market, and that includes Super Paint and Duration. Choosing between the two ultimately comes down to what kind of project you need it for. Whether you want longevity or affordability, follow along as we compare Super Paint and Duration.

Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. Superpaint

Whether you’re planning an upgrade to your home or staging one for sale, most homeowners have thought about painting as a way to revitalize the space. While color choices are most often the first thing that comes to mind, there is another, and quite possibly more important, factor to consider – what brand of paint should I use?

Depending on where it is you call home and what home improvement center you frequent, the options will vary slightly.

The main difference between Sherwin Williams’ Duration and SuperPaint products is that Duration provides longer-lasting results than SuperPaint but is more expensive. SuperPaint is ideal for homes or structures older than forty years. That said, both are fantastic options and come in interior and exterior paint formats to fit your painting needs.

Both Duration and Superpaint come in exterior and interior versions and are considered to be top-quality paints. Each is formulated differently and has unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore their characteristics and differences to understand why you might select one over the other.

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Sherwin Williams SuperPaint

SuperPaint, by Sherwin Williams, exists in two varieties – one that is designed for exterior use and the other that is suitable for interior painting.

Its primary difference, when compared to other, more conventional, paints, is that it is both a paint and primer in one formula.

The draw of this is having the ability to prime and paint your walls at the same time, effectively cutting down on labor time.

The Four Finishes Of SuperPaint

Sherwin William’s SuperPaint has a specialized design, consisting of acrylic latex. This offers a rich finish, regardless of the surface that it is painted on.

SuperPaint comes in four finishes, making it easy to obtain exactly the amount of gloss that you desire.

  • Flat – this finish is essentially matte, offering a classic look and helping to conceal surface imperfections.
  • Velvet – velvet finish offers slightly more glass and is easier to clean.
  • Satin – this finish has amplified gloss and cleanability.
  • Semi-Gloss – semi-gloss finish is the glossiest of them all and is most suitable for areas that need to be cleaned more often.

How Does SuperPaint Perform?

When it comes to exterior painting, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint is considered to be their standard. Its pricing is mid-range and it performs correspondingly.

SuperPaint’s formulation allows for painting in cooler climates and will generally last you between five and seven years before needing to be repainted.

SuperPaint is most recommended for use on older homes, or structures older than forty years. However, bare wood or any peeling will require an additional primer to be applied first.

On substrates such as cedar, SuperPaint is the ideal choice because it does not significantly trap moisture under the paint and allows the wood to “breathe.”

What About Older Homes?

Older homes most likely have multiple layers of paint on their exterior surface and SuperPaint will provide the necessary breathability. Its superior coverage, resistance to wear, and excellent finish quality make it a high-class contender for interior and exterior paint jobs.

SuperPaint also has a low VOC, meaning it does not off-gas harmful chemicals as much as traditional paints.

As far as interior application goes, SuperPaint works great for painting walls. It’s easy to use, thick enough to stick to your roller or brush and has the perfect degree of flexibility and smoothness.

How Much Does SuperPaint Cost?

SuperPaint is considered to be a mid-priced paint, offered by Sherwin Williams. When they are not running sales, as they frequently do, a can will cost you around $60 a piece.

Per square foot of paintable surface, you’ll need about 0.1 gallons of paint. However, whether you do one or more coats will depend on several factors, including the type of finish you desire.

To put things into perspective, Sherwin William’s paints range from under 30 dollars a can to more than 50 dollars per gallon.

SuperPaint works great to achieve a professional-looking result with minimal effort and time saved from not having to apply primer first. These facts make the extra price per gallon well worth it.

Sherwin Williams Duration

Like SuperPaint, Sherwin Williams Duration is sold in two offerings – one for interior use and the other for exterior painting purposes.

Duration is slightly more expensive than SuperPaint because it can be used on a handful of more surfaces, including aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wood siding and trim.

You can expect Duration to last between eight and ten years, dependent on weather and pre-existing conditions.

For exterior use, it is most appropriate for new homes, less than thirty to forty years old. Unlike the breathability of SuperPaint, Duration will lock in moisture and can potentially result in peeling paint and blistering.

The Four Sheens Of Duration

Duration is available in the following sheens:

  • Matte – the matte finish is flat and ideal for hiding surface impurities. Its angular shine helps to make walls washable and smooth.
  • Satin – the slight gloss of the satin finish provides the associated benefits of a richer appearance.
  • Semi-Gloss – this finish is durable and radiant, making it perfect for areas that get cleaned regularly.
  • Flat – similar to matte, the flat finish is virtually non-reflective.

How Does Duration Perform?

Overall, if you want exterior paint that will last you many years, Duration is the best choice. It has great coverage and offers self-priming characteristics over formerly painted surfaces.

However, although it can be used as a primer over existing paint, it cannot be used as a primer atop bare wood outside.

Can You Use Duration On Bare Wood?

For bare wood, you will need to apply an oil-based primer before painting on Duration. Duration is backed by a lifetime warranty, lending to the truth that it is incredibly durable. This product is durable and thick enough for one coat, although two is often preferred.

For interior use, Duration Home was the flagship for high-quality, interior durability until they released their Emerald line. Duration Home is available in satin, semi-gloss and matte finishes is low VOC, and provides an excellent overall finish.

How Much Does Duration Cost?

Duration is a premium paint by Sherwin Williams with its biggest drawback being the cost. Purchasing outside of a sale event or store discount will generally cost you around $75 a gallon.

To put things into perspective, if you need ten gallons for your project, your total bill will end up equaling close to $800. Thankfully, Sherwin Williams holds frequent sales throughout the year, offering generally between 30 to 40% off.

Although Sherwin Williams has released newer paint lines in recent years, Duration is still known to be a top-quality paint. This makes the cost worth it if you seek a paint that is extremely durable and will have a very long lifespan.

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Sherwin Williams Duration Vs. SuperPaint

With both Duration and SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams offering durability, outstanding coverage, superior finish quality, and plenty of appropriate finishes, it can be difficult to choose between the two. Additionally, each option is available in both exterior and interior versions to fit your particular needs.

However, if you plan on living in your home for some time and need to paint the exterior, spending the extra money on Duration proves to be the best option. Its strength outperforms SuperPaint and has increased longevity.

But, if you seek durable paint with a smaller price point, choose SuperPaint instead. SuperPaint can also provide the breathability that your substrates may require, especially in the case of older homes.

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