Scratched My Le Creuset Enamel. Now What?

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Purchasing Le Creuset cookware is a great way to have a bit of French sophistication in your home. Its cast iron is superior to many products, and the enamel coating is not only eye-catching and beautiful, but it is incredibly durable.

So, when you notice a scratch on your Le Creuset enamel, you will want to find a solution so you can keep this fantastic cookware looking great for generations to come.

If you notice a scratch on your Le Creuset enamel, you should first scrub it with a cleaning compound. The scratch might not actually be scratches.

The scratches might be marks on top of the enamel left by your cooking utensils. If your cookware is scratched, it will likely only be eligible under warranty if the damage is due to wear and tear over time or by a manufacturer defect.

It is entirely possible for one piece of Le Creuset cookware to last an entire lifetime, and then get passed down to the next generation. But when you see a scratch on the enamel, you might be worried that this legacy piece has a limited shelf life.

But before you try and fix, exchange or give away your scratched Le Creuset, there are some questions you should ask yourself. Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea as to how you should proceed.

Questions To Ask After Spotting Scratched Le Creuset Enamel

How Did My Le Creuset Get Scratched?

Perhaps you just noticed the scratched enamel out of the blue, but in many cases, you can likely trace back to when the object scratched, or the last time you used it and it wasn’t scratched.

If you know how it was scratched, you have a better idea as to whether the scratch was your fault or not. You can also determine if it is worth scrubbing it to see if the scratch is actually a stain.

Where Is The Scratch On My Le Creuset?

The location of the damage is also important. While a scratch on the colorful outside enamel is unsightly, the pot itself will still function perfectly. If, however, there is a deep scratch or even a scratch and crack that exposes the enamel in the pan, the pan might not be usable.

How Severe Is The Damage?

You also should determine how severe the scratch is. If it is a minor surface scratch you will likely want to proceed differently than if it is a deep wide scratch that exposes the cast iron and could cause further damage.

Can I Repair My Scratched Le Creuset Enamel Myself?

When you notice the scratched enamel on your Le Creuset, your first thought is likely to wonder if you can fix the scratch yourself. Le Creuset enamel is patented and renowned for its quality. This means repairing its enamel is tricky.

There are, however, some measures you can take on your own. In fact, before you start panicking about the scratch on your expensive pan, remember that the enamel is quite strong. So, the scratch you are noticing might not even be a scratch at all.

Try To Scrub The Enamel With Cleaning Compound

What looks like a scratch on your Le Creuset enamel might just be residue left by your cooking utensils. Believe it or not, the enamel on your cookware is actually stronger than materials such as stainless steel.

So, if you notice a grey-looking scratch after using a metal spoon (even though you shouldn’t be using metal with Le Creuset), there is a good chance you can scrub this off.

Get a gentle cleaning compound, something like Bar Keepers Friend, and use a non-abrasive scrubber. Try for a minute or two to scrub, applying medium pressure and elbow grease.

See if the scratch is diminishing or disappearing altogether. The odds are that this surface scratch will disappear. If, however, the scratch is deeper, you might need to try something else.

When you have a legitimate scratch on your Le Creuset, it should still be safe to use, especially if it is a minor scratch, or located on the outside.

If the scratch is deep and the pot appears to be chipping also, or at risk of further damage, you should stop using the cookware and see if it might be covered under warranty.

Your Scratched Le Creuset Could Qualify For A Warranty Replacement

Le Creuset might be expensive, but many of its products come with a lifetime warranty. This means that while you are likely to pay top dollar for your Le Creuset cookware, it should last your whole life.

But just because there is a lifetime warranty, it doesn’t mean that you can swap out your dutch oven for a new one every time you notice a blemish or feel like owning a different color.

Major damage that renders the product unusable is usually covered. This is especially true if there is a manufacturing defect. Lesser damage, however, is subject to some stricter inspection.

Shipping out your scratched cookware isn’t free either, so make sure you understand what is and is not covered by your warranty before taking this step.

What The Le Creuset Lifetime Warranty Usually Covers

Damage Caused By Regular Wear And Tear

If you have taken good care of your Le Creuset cookware but notice the interior is all scratched up, the warranty might cover this. The warranty covers regular wear and tear.

This type of damage, however, is rare. The enamel Le Creuset uses is very durable, so if it is wearing off prematurely, there could be an issue with your product, warranting a replacement.

Manufacturing Defects

If your scratch is caused by a crack in the cast iron or some other type of defect that renders the product difficult or impossible to use, it might be eligible for a replacement. Manufacturer defects qualify under the warranty.

Other product faults are often covered under warranty also. But these types of defects usually manifest themselves in the form of cracks and chips rather than scratches.

What The Le Creuset Lifetime Warranty Doesn’t Cover

Intentional Damage

If you intentionally damaged your Le Creuset cookware, it will not be eligible for warranty. This means don’t go scratching up your old pot in hopes that you can just use the warranty for a new one.

Damage Caused By Neglecting Care Instructions

Your Le Creuset probably won’t qualify under the warranty if your enamel is scratched because you ignored the care instructions. This includes using the wrong utensils while cooking.

Some Non-Cast Iron Products

Some products do not have a lifetime warranty. Most cast-iron enamel products qualify, but others do not. Make sure your specific cookware qualifies for a replacement under the lifetime warranty umbrella.

Items Purchased Secondhand

The warranty only covers the original owner of the product. So, if you received a hand-me-down or if you picked up a scratched Le Creuset at a yard sale, you are out of luck.

Shipping Costs To Inspection Facility

Keep in mind the shipping costs to the inspection facility will come out of your pocket. So, the warranty will still cost you a minimum of about $20, even if approved.

How To Prevent Scratches On Your Le Creuset Enamel

The best way to fix scratched enamel is to make sure it never scratches in the first place. Follow the tips below to ensure your Le Creuset enamel stays scratch-free for many years.

Be Careful When Placing On Stove And Oven

Make sure you gently place your Le Creuset fairly delicately on the stovetop and oven. The enamel is strong, but if you are slamming the hot enamel on metal, damage can occur.

Never Use Metal Utensils

When you stir and serve your food, never use metal or other abrasive utensils. Always use silicone, wood or other soft serving utensils and stirring spoons.

This will prevent scratches and also the pesky scuffs that look like scratches.

Store The Cookware In A Safe Place

Often, damage occurs when cookware is not in use. Have a secure storage location for your Le Creuset cookware. Try not to store it next to anything sharp and scratchy.

Allow space between the cookware and other products.

Be Gentle When Cleaning

Le Creuset enamel is highly durable. Still, make sure you treat the items with care when cleaning.

It is best to treat it like something breakable, even though it is pretty strong. Gentle cleaning goes a long way to keeping the cookware looking young and fresh.

Wrapping Up What To Do With Scratched Le Creuset Enamel

When you notice scratches on your Le Creuset, your first instinct might be to freak out. Before you lose your mind, however, try using a cleaning compound and scrubbing the area.

There is a good chance that what looks like a scratch is actually just a bit of scuffing that will go away once cleaned. If the scratch is deep and could cause further damage inside the pan, stop using it.

There is a chance it might qualify for Le Creuset’s lifetime warranty. This is especially true if a manufacturing defect caused the scratching.

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