Samsung Ice Maker Not Filling With Water? (6 Causes & Fixes)

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Samsung ice makers are among the most reliable on the market, as long as they fill with water. This can happen for several reasons, such as a clogged or frozen line. Follow along as we explore the simple solutions for a Samsung ice maker that won’t fill with water.

Appliances, like refrigerators and ice makers, have become a necessity, in the world we live in today. It can be frustrating when they break or stop working. We know that pain all too well, so we have come up with some common solutions, for a Samsung ice maker that is not filling with water.

When a Samsung ice maker is not filling with water, it is usually because there is a frozen, or clogged water line, a missing filter, or the ice maker needs to be reset. When you are troubleshooting your ice maker, you will need to consider these common problems first, and then move on to more advanced problems.

Having ice when we need it, is something that we have come to count on. If you have ever hit the ice button, just to hear the motor run, with no ice, then you know how frustrating that can be. Once you have an ice maker, you pretty much throw out the ice trays.

This means when your ice maker goes down, you have to fix it before you can get the precious ice that you need. We’re going to show you some easy solutions, that should help you fix the problem!

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Troubleshooting a Samsung Ice Maker

When you have a problem with your Samsung ice maker, not filling with water, you need to start by troubleshooting. When troubleshooting, you should always start with the easiest fixes first. This way you can avoid replacing any expensive parts, that may not have been a problem in the first place.

Make a list of all the common problems, from easiest, to the most advanced, and work your way down the list. I like to make a physical checklist, and check each issue off as I go. This way, I know that I have been as thorough as possible. You will also need a few tools, to help you troubleshoot, and test problems.


With these basic tools, you should be able to fix just about any problem that comes up, with your ice maker not filling with water. It always helps to be prepared, so you don’t waste any time hunting down tools.

Common Problems

There are a lot of common problems when it comes to your ice maker not filling with water. Most of them are easy to fix, however, some are a little more advanced, and may take more time, and testing, to figure out. We’ve made this list of common problems, that should help you find the solution.

  • The power supply
  • Resetting your ice maker
  • Control arm in the off position
  • Clogged filter
  • Blocked water line
  • Water inlet valve

Now that you know what the most common problems are, you should start troubleshooting them, one by one. Make sure to have your tools handy, and if you come across anything that you cannot figure out, don’t be afraid to call a service professional.

However, chances are it is something simple, that you can fix yourself. You would be surprised how often you just need to reset something or clean out a filter.

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Is the Ice Maker Plugged In and Turned On?

First, you should make sure that the ice maker is getting the correct power. The ice maker should be plugged into the left side, or in the back of the freezer. Some Samsung ice makers, also have an on and off switch. Make sure that the switch is turned on.

If the power cord gets unplugged, or the ice maker is turned off, it will not fill with water. If you are having trouble finding where it is plugged in, or if it has an on and off switch, refer to your user’s manual for the correct locations.

How Do You Reset a Samsung Ice Maker?

Most Samsung ice makers have a reset button. If you are unsure, if your ice maker has a reset button, try looking for it in the user’s manual. First, you will need to remove the ice bucket. Press the release button at the top of the ice maker, and pull out the bucket.

Now, you should see the reset button. Press the reset button and hold it for two seconds, or until you hear a chiming noise. Release the button once you hear the chime. Do not press the reset button multiple times, or it may overfill when it turns back on.

After you have reset the ice maker, place the ice bucket back in. You will need to wait 3-4 hours before it properly resets. If after that amount of time, the water is still not filling, you will need to try the next thing on the list.

Check the Control Arm

Ice makers have a control arm, located next to the ice bucket. You could have accidentally bumped the control arm, and turned it to the off position. If you do this, the water will not fill the ice molds. Make sure the control arm is in the on position.

Usually, down is the on position. However, you may need to check your user’s manual, to find the correct position. Many times I have reached in and bumped this control arm, and I’m left wondering why the ice maker is not working. Luckily, this is not my first rodeo!

Can Filter Stop Ice Maker from Working?

If your filter is clogged, dirty, or in the wrong position, it could be causing the water not to fill in your Samsung ice maker. Check to make sure the filter is not dirty, if it is, then you should clean it out, by rinsing it in the sink, with warm water.

The water filter is a cylinder looking filter, that has a screen inside of it. You can rinse these out with water, but eventually, you will need to replace the filter. If your filter looks damaged, or will not clean out all the way, you should replace it.

The filter may not be installed correctly. Check your user’s manual, to find out how to properly install the water filter. You can also find the correct part number for the filter in your manual.

Frozen or Blocked Water Line

Another common problem is a blocked, or frozen water line. The water line can get blocked up with limescale, and calcium deposits. If this happens, you will need to clean out the waterline. The water line can also become frozen, which will not allow water to pass through it and will not fill the ice mold.

To clean the waterline, you will need to unplug the refrigerator. Next, pull the water line off of the valve, and blow through it. This will let you know if there is a clog. If the water line is clogged and is not extra cold, then it is probably build-up, and not frozen.

You will need to run some distilled vinegar through the waterline. Do it as many times as it takes to break up the blockage. You may need to use a bottle brush, or pipe cleaner to break up any debris.

If the water line is frozen, then you will need to unplug the refrigerator and let the freezer defrost. You need to have a cooler, with some ice, to store the items from the refrigerator, while you defrost. You should defrost your freezer, from time to time, to avoid having the water line freeze up in the future.

Samsung Ice Maker Water Inlet Valve

If you have tried everything else on this list, you could have a more advanced problem, like a bad water inlet valve. The water inlet valve is a valve, that opens up, to supply the water to the ice maker. When these go bad, it will not open, and water will not fill the ice mold.

Not enough water pressure could also cause the inlet valve not to open. Make sure the valve is getting at least 20 PSI of water pressure. If the valve is getting the correct amount of water pressure, then you will need to check that the valve is getting power.

You will need your multimeter to test this. Put your multimeter up the water inlet valve, and if it is not reading any power, then you know that the part is bad. You will need to replace the water inlet valve at this point.

Tips for Working on Appliances

When you are working on any appliance, including an ice maker, there are some tips and best practices that you should follow.

Unplug the refrigerator. If you are removing parts or testing any parts, you will need to unplug the refrigerator. This is a safety precaution, and you should always make safety a top priority when working on appliances.

Have the user’s manual handy. Keep the user’s manual nearby, when working on your ice maker. You may need to use it, to locate a position within the ice maker, or to find a part number, for replacing parts.

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Related Questions

How long before an ice maker fills with water?

After resetting your ice maker, or unplugging it, it may take a few hours before it starts to refill with water. Make sure you give it time before you move on to the next step. If you have just installed a new ice maker, you need to wait 24 hours.

Will an ice maker burn up without water?

If your ice maker is not filling with water, you will need to unplug it. It will not burn up without water, but it will continue to run. Which will cost you money, and will wear out the parts faster.

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