Samsung Dishwasher Over-Level Water Error? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

Having a dishwasher at home is a huge help. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys washing the dishes. Being able to pass the chore off to an appliance really makes things easier.

Unfortunately, dishwashers are not immune from having troubles themselves. Among the more common ones that could pop up is the over-level water error.

If your Samsung dishwasher indicates an over-level water error, you will need to inspect the drain connection and the hose. A clogged connection or an incorrectly connected drain hose could cause that aforementioned error. It’s also possible that the problem is related to some of the removable parts in the dishwasher’s drain area.

A malfunctioning dishwasher is never a pleasant sight. See how you can help your malfunctioning Samsung dishwasher plagued by an over-level water error by reading on.

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Deciphering the Error Codes and Blinking Lights

Samsung appliances will let you know if there is something wrong with them. Usually, they’ll tip you off to that fact by displaying an error code of some kind.

When it comes to the over-level water error, in particular, the codes that may appear include “OC” or “oE.” It’s pretty hard to miss because they are the only error codes that include the letter “O.” Deciphering the error code is easy enough because the letters and numbers are displayed clearly. However, not all Samsung appliances work that way.

If you have an older Samsung appliance, errors may be conveyed through blinking lights instead of error codes. Thankfully, it’s still easy to tell if you’re dealing with an over-level water error even without the codes.

Look at the lights on your Samsung dishwasher. If you see the lights for both “auto” and “heavy” blinking, that means you have an over-level water error.

Whether you’re using error codes or blinking lights, seeing if something’s wrong with your dishwasher is easy enough. Fixing the error is a bit more complicated though.

The Different Causes of the Over Level Water Error and How to Fix Them

The over-level water error pops up whenever there is too much water inside the dishwasher. That particular issue can be caused by different factors as well.

In this section, we’ll discuss the different causes of the over-level water error. We’ll also talk about how you can address those specific issues so your dishwasher can return to normal.

The Problem: An Improperly Installed Drain Hose

The drain hose, as its name suggests, is responsible for expelling the unneeded water from your dishwasher. As soon as it runs into some problems, the entire appliance will not work as intended.

Improper installation is a problem that often affects drain hoses. During the installation process, you may have forgotten to include an air gap or create a high loop.

The lack of either an air gap or a high loop can cause serious issues for the dishwasher. The air gap and high loop are used to stop the wastewater from entering the dishwasher. Without them, the backflow from your kitchen sink could just end up flooding the appliance below.

The Fix

Since the issue is related to the missing air gap and high loop, the obvious solution is to add them. They are relatively simple additions.

For the high loop, simply raise a portion of the drain hose as high as you can beneath the sink. Make a loop once the portion of the drain hose reaches the highest point. You can then use some tape, a zip tie, or metal wires to secure the high loop.

As for the air gap, you will have to purchase one first. With the air gap in your possession, you can create an opening for it along your countertop. In some homes, the countertop may already have a space allotted for the air gap.

You can now connect the air gap to the dishwasher drain hose with the help of some clamps. Follow that by connecting the air gap to the garbage disposal. From there, all you have to do is set the air gap in place and start using your dishwasher again.

The Problem: The Drain Hose Is Damaged

Improper installation is not the only problem that may affect the drain hose. The drain hose may also be experiencing problems because it has been damaged.

The drain hose may have been bent at an awkward spot before. If it stays in that position for a long time, it will sustain significant damage. Old age can also catch up to the drain hose. After years of great service, the drain hose may simply be too worn down to continue doing its job.

The Fix

A drain hose that was bent improperly for a long time may still be salvageable. Try to detach it from its current spot and then straighten it out. There’s a good chance it will still work after applying that quick fix.

However, a worn-down drain hose may simply not be usable anymore. You will probably have to replace it in order to restore your dishwasher to working order.

The Problem: The Kitchen Sink Drain Is Clogged

Over time, the drain leading from the kitchen sink or your garbage disposal may get clogged. Clogging tends to happen faster if you pour grease down the drain. Obviously, the creation of a blockage is going to impede the smooth operation of the appliances involved. That includes your Samsung dishwasher.

The Fix

You can tackle the issue of a clogged drain in a variety of ways. Some of them are fairly easy while others take a bit of work. First off, you’ll want to get rid of any standing water. The standing water will just get in the way of your repair efforts.

Next, prepare something that can be used to clear the clog. Hot water may be enough in some cases. You can also go with a vinegar and baking soda mixture if you need something more potent. Pour whichever cleaner you chose down the drain and let it sit there for a few minutes. After that, you can run some water and see if the drain is working like normal again.

Note that those cleaners may not work all the time. You may have to enlist the help of some specialized tools if you’re faced with stubborn clogs. Plungers can work, but a plumber’s snake is often more effective.

The Problem: Your Samsung Dishwasher Needs to Be Cleaned

When was the last time you cleaned your Samsung dishwasher? Failing to maintain the dishwasher regularly may actually explain why it’s having problems in the first place.

The drain filter in particular is prone to clogging. Once it gets covered in gunk, it will actively impede the draining of water from the dishwasher. You will need to clean that out before the dishwasher can start working again.

It’s also worth noting that other parts of the dishwasher may stop working properly if you don’t clean them regularly. Address those parts as well if you want to resolve this issue.

The Fix

Refer to the manual for your Samsung dishwasher to see how the parts that need to be cleaned can be removed. Specific instructions for cleaning them are usually included in the manual as well.

Moving forward, you should adopt a more regular maintenance routine for your dishwasher. Avoid letting the parts get clogged to the point where they actually prevent the dishwasher from malfunctioning properly.

What Are Other Common Errors That Affect Samsung Dishwashers?

You can expect to encounter at least a few errors while using your Samsung dishwasher. Some of those errors can be easily fixed.

There may be an issue with the water supply that could stem from failing to turn it on. A button error also pops up whenever there is a button stuck on the control panel. Homeowners may also encounter a low water level error if not enough water is present inside the dishwasher.

Other issues are going to be harder to address. Those issues are often linked to components of the dishwasher failing. The pump, heater, and temperature sensor are examples of components that may stop working entirely. Often, fixing them is only possible through replacement.

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How Do You Prevent the Over-Level Water Error from Popping Up Frequently?

The over-level water error is something you will encounter quite often if you do not maintain your dishwasher regularly. You simply have to set aside time for that task to avoid that problem.Reserve time for dishwasher maintenance every month. Check on the components that are prone to experiencing problems such as the ones we discussed earlier in the article. As long as you do those things, the over-level water error will appear less frequently.

How Much Will a Replacement Drain Hose?

A dishwasher drain hose that’s too long can be damaged easily. Older drain hoses will also run into problems more often. In either case, replacing the drain hose will be necessary.The good news is that a replacement drain hose is somewhat affordable. You will probably be able to find one that’s compatible with your dishwasher for about $50.

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