What Are The 6 Safest Neighborhoods In Staten Island, New York?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

Located in the Southwest portion of New York, Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of the city. This means Staten Island has its own government. It is separated from the rest of New York City by New York Bay.

Home to nearly half a million residents, Staten Island is the least-populated of New York’s boroughs but is the third-largest with a land area of almost 59 square miles. Many consider Staten Island to be a better place to raise a family with less stress and more affordable housing.

The safest neighborhoods in Staten Island, NY are Todt Hill, Huguenot, Great Kills, and Rossville. These neighborhoods are known for high safety grades of A+, crime rates lower than the US average, low unemployment rates, and high-income levels. The assurance of safety and security in these neighborhoods attracts young professionals, families, and even retirees who want to experience the New York City life but with less of the stress.

Staten Island lacks rail connection to New York and New Jersey, earning its reputation as the “forgotten borough.” However, alternative modes of transportation like ferry and motorway bridges make it accessible from other areas.

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6 Safest Neighborhoods in Staten Island, NY

In Staten Island, you’re likely to find more affordable rentals, as well as single-family homes with yards compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn. If you’re looking for a New York-like experience, but with more space, Staten Island may be right for you. We’ve compiled a guide to Staten Island’s neighborhoods, using reliable information and data like safety grade, crime rate, income levels, and other metrics, so you can find the right fit.

1. Todt Hill

  • Population: 17,577
  • Median household income: $93,023
  • Total crime per 100K:  939 (62% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 3%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+

Todt Hill is a mid-island neighborhood in Staten Island. Here, you’ll find beautiful tree-lined streets and impressive large gated homes with swimming pools priced in the millions. It is reportedly the most expensive neighborhood in Staten Island where the median price is $1,150,000.

At 410 feet above sea level, Todt Hill boasts the highest point on the eastern seaboard aside from Maine. It is a prestigious and beautiful neighborhood that attracts retirees and families alike because of the breathtaking views of the ocean, elegant mansions, lush vegetation, and of course, the security of the neighborhood. With A+ crime safety grade, Todt Hill is one of the safest neighborhoods on Staten Island.

If you are considering Todt Hill, here’s what a resident has to say about this lovely neighborhood: “A very safe and clean place to live. Neighbors are all very kind and generous. Is very close to everything, including the Verrazano bridge and only a Ferry Ride away from Manhattan. Houses however are very expensive and diversity is limited.”

2. Huguenot

  • Population: 11,608
  • Median household income: $100,754
  • Total crime per 100K: 585 (76% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 2%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+

The Huguenot neighborhood is situated near the south shore of Staten Island. It is filled with family homes that are a bit farther apart, without many businesses, and without much traffic. Residents here enjoy easy access to beaches, as well as the South Short Country Club a short distance away.

Huguenot is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island with total crime rates that are 76% lower than the US average. As its residents describe: “A very quiet neighborhood in Staten Island that is convenient because of the train station, small shops nearby, and small mini-park that’s great for children.”

Due to the great amenities and tranquility of this neighborhood, it has one of the lowest vacancy rates of any neighborhood in America. With only 0.3% of the real estate vacant, this indicates an exceptionally strong demand for housing in the Huguenot neighborhood.

The real estate market in Huguenot is a mix of upscale homes and more modest-priced single-family houses and townhouses. Whatever your budget, you’ll find something in Huguenot that suits you.

3. Great Kills

  • Population: 17,149
  • Median household income: $92,004
  • Total crime per 100K:  610 (75% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 4%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+

Contrary to its name, Great Kills is another safest neighborhood on Staten Island. Kill is an archaic Dutch word for a body of water like streams, creeks, and channels. As there are many small streams in the neighborhood, the name can mean that a great number of such streams can be found there.

More than half of Great Kills homes are family homes, making it a good Staten Island neighborhood for couples with children to settle down. Besides being a place where kids can make a lot of friends, families love Great Kills for the solid schools, including some of the best schools in New York City.

Among the recreational areas that you will enjoy here is the Great Kills Park, a 580-acre park that is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The park includes a beach, trails, fishing and bird-watching areas, sports fields, and the Nichols Marina, with several private marinas nearby.

The downside? You should give yourself plenty of time – up to more than 90 minutes – if you plan on commuting to Manhattan for work.

4. Rossville

  • Population: 10,650
  • Median household income: $86,343
  • Total crime per 100K:  429 (83% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 2%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+

Rossville has a rich and complex history. Originally inhabited by the Raritan Indians, the Dutch settled there, followed by freed slaves from the south. Strawberry fields and oyster farms stood next to mansions and castles.

Rossville now exudes a totally brand new vibe with young trees, white curbs, and pavement in spots of pitch black. On top of this, Rossville is also graded A+ in crime safety, making it one of the safest neighborhoods on Staten Island.

Here’s what a resident thinks of the neighborhood: “This is a good area to live in. The atmosphere is good and it’s a nice place for kids to grow up. It is a good community.”

Many different types of homes are available in Rossville, no matter what your needs are. Townhomes, single-family and two-family homes of varying styles have been constructed since the turn of the millennium. It is home to one of the larger condominium complexes on Staten Island known as Fawn Ridge and Woodbrook Estates, offering one, two and three-bedroom condo units.

5. Woodrow

  • Population: 9,310
  • Median household income: $104,778
  • Total crime per 100K:  430 (83% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 3%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+

The neighborhood of Woodrow was considerably developed from the 1980’s on, but knowledge of its existence is sometimes limited to those who live on Staten Island’s South Shore.

While Woodrow features some older homes, it is one of Staten Island’s more modern communities with a number of townhome developments, new construction homes, and modern detached one and two-family Center Hall Colonials.

Woodrow neighborhood has a higher income than 86.2% of the average neighborhoods in America. Here, 38.4% of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. If you choose to live here, expect dog parks, sports fields, and walking trails that you can enjoy. You won’t be bored by a plethora of restaurants and shops around the neighborhood.

What do locals think? Here’s a glimpse of life in Woodrow: “Very good area. I love it and it’s a very safe, quiet neighborhood, kids can be safe anytime, shopping centers around it, banks, pharmacy school are great.”

6. Oakwood Beach

  • Population: 26,947
  • Median household income: $83,626
  • Total crime per 100K:  1,439 (42% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 3%
  • Crime Safety Grade:  B+

The neighborhood of Oakwood Beach is located on the East Shore of Staten Island. Along with its neighbors, it used to be a summer resort until the mid-1900s. As its name suggests, Oakwood Beach offers waterfront accessibility to its residents. Winding, tree-lined streets, and old buildings give Oakwood Beach its unique city-country charm.

Oakwood’s residents are mostly familiar with each other, rarely move, and have lived there for years. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why crime rates here are 42% lower than the national average, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in Staten Island.

The neighbors in Oakwood are middle-income, with around 34% of the working population employed in executive, management, and professional occupations.

Because it is a nautical neighborhood, 1.4% of the Oakwood neighborhood’s commuters ride a ferry to and from work each day. However, 18.0% of commuters here travel over one hour to work, one-way.

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Living in Staten Island

Its history, tranquility, and enticing neighborhoods set Staten Island apart from other New York City boroughs. Here, you can experience the much-wanted New York City life with a country charm, as long as commuting is not a big deal to you.

The safest neighborhoods in Staten Island are Todt Hill, Huguenot, Great Kills, Rossville, Woodrow, and Oakwood Beach. While these neighborhoods stand out for their high safety grades and low crime rates, there are also other neighborhoods that offer great liveability on Staten Island.

Surely, you’ll find a neighborhood on Staten Island that matches your lifestyle and needs if you move there, whether you are a parent, a retiree, or a single person focusing on your career.

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