What Are The 4 Safest Neighborhoods In Bradenton, Florida?

Paige Hanawalt
by Paige Hanawalt

Bradenton is a mid-sized city with just a little over 56,000 residents. While the city has many families, it is also known for a large retiree population, with 25% of its residents over the age of 65. Another interesting fact about Bradenton is its ethnically diverse population. While the racial makeup of the city is primarily Caucasian, it has a mix of African-American, Hispanic, European, Asian, and Pacific Islander residents.

The city is along Florida’s Gulf Coast and nestled on the Manatee River, which allows Bradenton to enjoy an abundance of picturesque scenery. Many of its residents love the authentic hometown feel in Bradenton. They consider the city as a wonderful place to raise a family, to work, and to play.

The safest neighborhoods in Bradenton are Palma Sola Park, Elwood Park, West Bradenton, and Samoset. With lower crime rates and high safety grades, these neighborhoods stand out among the nearby communities in Bradenton. Therefore, they are a must-have in your list of “places to consider” before finalizing your decision to move.

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Safest Neighborhoods in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton is nicknamed “The Friendly City.” True enough, it has a friendly, laid-back vibe that attracts people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas.

Whether it is a new job, retirement, or starting your own family, making the move to Bradenton, Florida can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start! To ease your worries, we gathered the safest neighborhoods for you – all based on reliable data and words from residents themselves.

1. Palma Sola Park

  • Home Price: $374,388 median real estate price | $1,896 average rental price
  • Crime Safety Grade: A+
  • Perfect For: retirees, working professionals, and families

Palma Sola Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bradenton, Florida. The name apparently comes from the lone palm tree along the bank of the Manatee River that serves as a guide marker to the town.

The Neighborhood

Palma Sola Park exudes a vintage charm. If you dream of travelling back in time, this neighborhood is perfect for you!

Many of the 394 homes in Palma Sola Park include original 1920s Spanish-Mediterranean style houses. Even its street will transport you back to Spanish colonial days with exotic names like Estamadura, Portosueno, Alhambra, and Montezuma.

Palma Sola Park has long been popular, especially to politicians, celebrities, and wealthy businessmen. One of its well-known residents was the National League baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean.

Recently, some of the older waterfront houses were replaced by million-dollar estate mansions to cater to the growing demand for luxurious seaside living. Along with this development came the heightened security and safety in the neighborhood, making Palma Sola Park one of the safest neighborhoods in Bradenton, Florida.

What Residents Say

Palma Sola Park residents are mostly year-round retirees, working professionals, and families. More than 40 percent of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations, and another 28 percent have sales and service jobs.

  • “Been here for two years and love it! Great place to raise a family….. lots of community activities for [the] whole family.”
  • “Very friendly, large open spaces, quiet and well-maintained preserve and ponds. Very elegant, but not pompous.”
  • “The neighborhood is very safe. It’s quiet and many of our neighbors are retired or close to retirement. Everyone is very friendly and I’ve found it easy to make friends here. I feel very safe walking at night which is important to me.”

2. Elwood Park

  • Home Price: $363,091 median real estate price | $2,148 average rental price
  • Crime Safety Grade: A
  • Perfect For: working professionals and families

Elwood Park is a neighborhood located in a former 1500-acre farming community on the Braden River. The area was named after J. Elwood Moore. He established the New Home Development Company in the mid-1910s and sold the agricultural tracts to those willing to cultivate the land. To support his buyers, Moore provided the training and supplies needed.

The Neighborhood

Elwood Park mostly features midsize homes that are competitively priced and affordable for working professionals and families. Despite the community dating back as far as 1926, it has continued to develop over the years.

The neighborhood is a favorite among the locals for its quiet, family-friendly, and dog-friendly ambiance where almost everyone knows each other. Residents have a strong sense of community, so they care and look out for others despite their own busy lives. Overall, these factors contribute to Elwood Park’s crime safety grade of A that sets it as one of the safest areas in Bradenton.

You can choose single-family houses and townhomes from established but not old homes built between 1970 and 1999 or more modern residences built between 2000 and the present.

Elmwood Park has a unique mix of occupations. Almost 38% of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. This is followed by 21.3% of the residents employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations. Other residents here are employed in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations (20.9%).

What Residents Say

  • “I love the neighborhood. It is very friendly and pet friendly. I totally recommend it.”
  • “Good community. Busy neighbors but generally friendly.”
  • “I am new to the area. I do not know much to tell except that it is beautiful and peaceful.”

3. West Bradenton

  • Population: 4,533
  • Median household income: $58,947
  • Total crime per 100K: 1,423 (43% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 5%
  • Crime Safety Grade: A-

The best thing about living in West Bradenton is witnessing its beauty and tranquility. The community is well-maintained and set against the backdrop of the Manatee River, Warner West Bayou, and Warner East Bayou. Because of the surrounding bodies of water, West Bradenton offers a wide range of water-based recreation like boating, kayaking, and fishing.

The Neighborhood

If you are looking for a community where you can raise your family, West Bradenton is a good place to start! Almost 60% of the population here is married, with 85% of couples raising children aged 6 to 17.

Because of this distinct demographic, real estate in West Bradenton is suitable for families. Here, you can find medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to small (studio to two bedrooms) single-family homes and townhomes.

West Bradenton’s crime rate is 43% lower than the US average, making it one of the safest in Bradenton. It also has a crime safety grade of A- which is higher than the city center. No wonder it’s attracting a great deal of retirees and start-up families.

Neighbors in West Bradenton are upper-middle income, with 39.1% of the working population employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. To get to and from work, carpooling is a popular way in West Bradenton. Around 23% of residents here use carpools.

What Residents Say

  • “This is a quiet neighborhood. We often see families out riding their bikes and walking. Love the ponds. “
  • “The area appears to be very safe with a large community park.”
  • “I live in West Bradenton and definitely love it! Everything is close by and people are very friendly.

4. Samoset

  • Population: 4,243
  • Median household income:$35,313
  • Total crime per 100K: 2,435 (2% lower than the US average)
  • Unemployment rate: 6%
  • Crime Safety Grade: C

Samoset began as a railroad town. In the early 1900s, it prospered briefly during the land boom but eventually fell into the Great Depression. The neighborhood is said to be named after Samoset, the Algonkian Native American who assisted the Pilgrims to survive at Plymouth.

The Neighborhood

While some residences date to the 1920s, most are one-story ranch homes from the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. There are a few two-story homes as well. These residences give Samoset its distinct character.

Life in Samoset is quiet, laid-back, and simple. If you yearn for a warm, homey neighborhood, Samoset may be the one for you! While the crime safety grade of Samoset is just on the average, it still has a lower crime rate compared to the US average.

Here, young children can walk to school. Bikes are commonly used to commute to and from work, with a large population of commuters riding them daily. Residents love shopping at the well-loved Samoset Grocery and Meat Market, a family-owned business in the community.

Interestingly, the Samoset neighborhood has one of the highest concentrations of divorcees living most neighborhoods in the U.S. I Divorcees who are looking for a new place and a fresh start will be in good company in this particular Bradenton neighborhood!

What Residents Say

  • “People are friendly. It’s a good place to work,”
  • “Samoset is probably my favorite neighborhood in Bradenton. Buyers are really attracted to it because of the convenient location and the grade school in the middle.”
  • “During the day it is very nice, you have almost nothing to worry about, except sometimes a dog finds their way loose and barks at people, but nothing ever happens.”

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Living in Bradenton, Florida

There’s a reason why Bradenton is known as “The Friendly City”. For one, it offers residents plenty to see and do, so it’s a popular city to move to. Some of the most popular area attractions include the South Florida Museum, Bishop Planetarium & Parker Manatee Aquarium, and Robinson Nature Preserve.

However, when it comes to safety, Bradenton has a relatively higher crime rate than the Florida average. Thereby, it is important to carefully choose your neighborhood.

The safest neighborhoods in Bradenton are Palma Sola Park, Elwood Park, West Bradenton, and Samoset. With lower crime rates and high safety grades, these neighborhoods are a great choice whether you are moving temporarily or permanently to Bradenton, Florida.

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