What Are The 8 Safest Neighborhoods In Augusta, GA?

afest Neighborhoods in Augusta, GA

Any time is a great time to visit Augusta. Most visitors know that the city hosts The Masters Tournament each April, but travelers should know that there are an abundance of other attractions to enjoy. If you’re seeking outdoor fun, there are plenty of trails and opportunities for adventure near the Savannah River. Downtown Augusta is home to a slew of restaurants, shops, and museums to visit year-round.

People considering a move to Augusta should consider safety a top priority.  While the city does have a crime rate lower than the national average, its rate is 73% higher than the state average.  However, there are some amazing neighborhoods in this small community that pride themselves on safety.

The safest neighborhoods in Augusta, Georgia are Sand Hills, West Augusta, Summerville, and Lake Aumond. Each of these communities boasts crime rates lower than the national average, low unemployment rates, and high-income levels.  West Side, Forrest Hills, and Montclair also have lower crime rates in the area.  While there is a good sense of well-being in Augusta generally, these neighborhoods are exemplary when it comes to resident safety.

Average income, unemployment rates, cost of living, and proximity to other high-crime rate areas all play a part in overall safety and well-being.  We will explore each of these cities in more detail as it relates to each of them.

8 Safest Neighborhoods in Augusta, GA

Low cost of living and decreasing crime rates are drawing more and more people to Augusta in recent years.

We have a four-way tie for our #1 safest neighborhoods in terms of crime rates. To determine the first, second, third, and fourth placements, proximity to areas of higher crime rates is considered.

1. Sand Hills

  • Population: 1,104
  • Median Income: $45,083
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: estimated 1,877
  • Unemployment Rate: 4.0%

The #1 safest neighborhood in Augusta City is Sand Hills.

Just over a mile from the Augusta City center, Sand Hills is close to several public schools, parks, and restaurants. For those looking to relocate permanently, Sand Hills is well suited for families.

People in Sand Hills have a 1 in 54 chance of becoming a victim of a crime, and violent crimes are 38% lower than the national average.

Though its median household income is lower than the national and state average, it is higher than that of Augusta at $45,083.Real estate prices in Sand Hills are steep, 78% higher than Augusta overall with a median home value of $178,880. The median cost to rent is $784 and is standard for the area.

2. West Augusta

  • Population: 6,867
  • Median Income: $61,343
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: estimated 1,877
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.7%

Only 3 miles from Augusta City, West Augusta is a larger neighborhood of 6,867. It is located just to the west of the Augusta National Golf Club.

Like Sand Hills, West Augusta crime rates are 60% lower than the surrounding city. However, due to its proximity to the areas of higher crime rates north of the Augusta National Golf Club, it falls to #2.

The cost of living is on the higher side. Real estate prices run 82% above than typical Augusta City costs. Rental prices are only 2% higher and are more typical.Residents generally enjoy a high income rate. The median household income for West Augusta is $61,343, much higher than the average for both Augusta City and the state overall.

3. Summerville

  • Population: 4,374
  • Median Income: $50,131
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: estimated 1,877
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.9%

Further south and less than a mile away from Augusta City is Summerville. The Summerville neighborhood is home to an Augusta State University campus, as well as public libraries, museums, and other educational destinations.

Summerville also enjoys low crime rates and residents have a 1 in 54 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. However, is it closer to areas with heightened crime risks due to its proximity to Augusta City.

The median household income for the area is lower than the US average but higher than the surrounding area.

Similar to the first two neighborhoods listed here, real estate comes in at a high price while rental prices are lower than average. Home costs are particularly high in Summerville, 84% higher than Augusta norms.

4. Lake Aumond

  • Population: 6,248
  • Median Income: $65,038
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: estimated 1,877
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.5%

The fourth neighborhood on our list is Lake Aumond, 3 miles to the west of the Augusta city center. Situated by its namesake lake and along Raes Creek, Lake Aumond is a decently sized suburban neighborhood of 6,248.

Just to its south and west are areas of higher crime concentration along highway 520. Still, crime rates in Lake Aumond are nearly identical to our first three entries.

While real estate prices are a lofty 65% higher than average for the metropolitan area, rental prices are below average. The median household income for the community is $65,038, which is higher than the city, state, and national average.

However, the unemployment rate is higher than the surrounding area and is much higher than the national average.

5. West Side

  • Population:
  • Median Income: $52,775
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 2,125
  • Unemployment Rate:

West of the Savannah River is the neighborhood of West Side.Those in the West Side neighborhood have a 1 in 48 chance of becoming a victim of a crime. West Side is still safer than 78% of cities in Georgia. Though not at the top of our list, this riverside neighborhood is still safe for residents and visitors alike.

The median household income of its residents is standard for Georgia and higher than Augusta City averages. With an unemployment rate of only 1.0%, it is an economically prosperous community.

Considering this, the cost of living in West Side neighborhood is surprisingly low. The median home value is $119,800 and the median rental price is $882, both lower than Georgia and US averages.

6. Forrest Hills

  • Population: 3,811
  • Median Income: $48,170
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 2,283
  • Unemployment Rate: 6.8%

Nestled in the Forest Hills Golf Club area, Forrest Hills is a community of just under 4,000. It is closeby to public schools, shopping centers, public parks, and gyms. It’s a great neighborhood for those who like to stay active and moving.

The crime rate in Forrest Hills is lower than the Augusta City, state of Georgia, and national baselines. Those in Forrest Hills have a 1 in 44 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. It is a popular vacation and resort destination, and so tourists should remain informed and travel safely.

Home value in Forrest Hills is a bit higher than the state of Georgia sees overall at $161,500. Rental prices hover around $828 as well, lower than the US average.

7. Montclair

  • Population: 5,077
  • Median Income: $56,893
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 2,311
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.7%

Our penultimate safe neighborhood is Montclair. It is located 4.3 miles away from the Augusta City center, north of Cranes Creek and slightly off the beaten path. Still, the neighborhood is conveniently near several shopping centers.

Montclair is a relatively safe neighborhood in comparison to Augusta. Crime rates are 51% lower than seen in the city and 7% lower than the national average. Even though it nears the bottom of this list, Montclair is still safer than 75% of the cities in Georgia.

Similar to the prices we’ve seen so far, the median rent price is $862. Real estate prices are 32% higher than the city average. The median household income for the area is $56,893, just slightly higher than the US baseline.

8. Academy Baker Avenue

  • Population: 1,286
  • Median Income: $43,060
  • Crime Rate Per 100,000 People: 2,721
  • Unemployment Rate: 1.5%

The #8 safest neighborhood in Augusta, Georgia is Academy Baker Avenue.

Academy Baker Avenue is a small neighborhood of 1,286. It is near Augusta University, Paine College, and Richmond County Academy.

In terms of crime, Academy Baker Avenue is safer than 69% of cities in Georgia and its crime rates are 42% lower than Augusta City.

The home value in Academy Bakery Avenue is lower than the US average at $141,400, and so are rental costs. The median rent price for the area is $798, 16% lower than the US baseline. The unemployment rate in this area is also shockingly low.

Its proximity to schools and colleges, low crime rate, and low cost of living makes this neighborhood a great choice for college students and families.

Summing It Up

Augusta, Georgia is a popular choice for sports fans, families, and retirees alike. When deciding where to settle or just to visit, do your research before deciding where to go.

Many neighborhoods on this list have similar crime rates. Access to amenities, public schools, and local attractions are important factors when making the best choice for you and your family. But if your primary concern is safety, any of the above neighborhoods are a great choice!

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