What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Mississippi?

Pros and Cons of Living in Mississippi

In search of a new place to live, a lot of people tend to look to the coasts. That’s understandable given that the east and west coasts are known to feature the glamour states. Still, you cannot disregard the potential benefits of moving South.

Many Southern states have a lot to offer to potential residents. Mississippi in particular deserves real consideration if you’re looking for a new home. The experience of living in The Magnolia State can be something special.

The low cost of living is definitely a major selling point for Mississippi. It also helps that you have access to affordable education and fantastic food if you decide to move there. Unfortunately, the state’s sluggish economy and poor healthcare infrastructure can also make living there a difficult experience.

Are you wondering if moving to Mississippi could work out for you? If so, feel free to read on and find your own answer to that question.

What Are the Perks of Living in Mississippi?

Living in Mississippi can turn out to be a positive experience. In this section, we’ve outlined the most notable perks of taking up residence there. Check them out yourself and see how much they appeal to you.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living matters no matter which locale you’re planning to move to. Those cost of living expenses play a huge role in determining where you can and cannot live. Mississippi stands out as an especially accessible state if we’re talking about cost of living. The cost of living expenses in Mississippi are nearly 19 percent lower compared to the rest of the country. Housing prices in particular are very affordable there.

The median cost of a new home in Mississippi is right around $129,000. For the rest of the country, the median price of a new home is $231,000. That’s a larger than $100,000 gap if you’re looking just at housing prices.

Apart from the housing prices, other cost of living expenses in Mississippi are also quite affordable. Utility bills, groceries, and transportation expenses are all well within the realm of being reasonable.

The only area where Mississippi residents have to pay higher than average is healthcare. We’ll discuss that aspect of living in Mississippi in greater detail later in this article.

Accessible Higher Education

Not everyone can afford to go to college. High tuition fees and other related expenses simply make the prospect of attending college impossible for some students. It’s unfortunate, but that is a reality for a lot of people.

The educational sector in Mississippi stands out in a good way because many colleges and universities there are more accessible. Even the top higher education institutions in the state have relatively low tuition fees. If securing higher education for your children is too expensive where you live currently, moving to Mississippi could be the solution.

Tuition fees for some universities in Mississippi may still be on the high side for some families. In that case, you and your kids can still check out the two-year and technical colleges in the area. They are likely going to be more affordable.

Mississippi is also home to over 50 colleges and universities. There may be one close to your home that your child is interested in going to.

Great Food

Talk to Mississippi natives who haven’t been home for some time and ask them what they miss most. A significant percentage of them are likely going to talk about Mississippi food fairly quickly. Mississippi has numerous signature foods that inspire so much craving.

Cornbread is a definite Mississippi favorite. It’s a mealtime staple and it can be served with just about anything. Sunday lunch tables are incomplete without that tray of freshly made cornbread. Seafood is also a mealtime fixture for many Mississippi residents. A delicious seafood boil featuring shrimp and crawfish doubles as a great family meal. You also cannot go wrong with some good ol’ fried catfish.

The dessert selection in Mississippi is not lacking in great options as well. Pecan pie is a terrific treat if you have a sweet tooth. Sweet potato pie has a more savory quality to it, but it’s still a wonderful capper to any meal.

Outdoor Activities

How are you supposed to spend your free weekends in Mississippi? Everyone has their preferences, but you’ll quickly learn that spending time outdoors is a favorite pastime for many residents there. You’ll understand why that’s the case when you finally make the move.

The state is rich in gorgeous natural locales. There are so many places there that are worth exploring if you have the time. You may even want to invest in some camping gear in order to take full advantage of the state’s natural beauty.

You can also pay a visit to the Mississippi River and spend some time there. Go fishing with your family or paddle along the water inside a kayak. Hunting is also a favorite weekend activity for many Mississippi residents. If that’s something you’ve wanted to try yourself, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so in Mississippi.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in Mississippi?

Living in Mississippi also has its downsides. Let’s go in-depth on what those downsides are in this section of the article.

Underwhelming Economic Outlook

If you’re thinking of moving to Mississippi, that likely means you’re considering living there long-term. Before moving forward with that plan, you may want to consider the economic conditions in Mississippi first.

Currently, the unemployment rate in Mississippi stands at 6.3 percent. That is slightly higher than the country average of 6 percent. The unemployment rate in Mississippi is not good, but that’s not the real cause for concern. It’s the long-term outlook of the state economically that is significantly more troubling.

Projections indicate that job growth in Mississippi over the next decade will be about 29 percent. That mark is well below the expected job growth rate for the rest of the United States. If you’re living there for the long haul, job opportunities could become hard to come by.

We’re already seeing how sluggish the job market in the state is. The most recent year-over-year job growth numbers for Mississippi are less than ideal. You should know what kind job market you’re getting into before making any kind of move. Consider the numbers carefully before deciding to move to Mississippi.

Poor Healthcare System

Earlier, we hinted that issues are plaguing the healthcare system in Mississippi. We briefly touched on the cost of securing healthcare there. Sure enough, healthcare expenses are indeed higher on average in Mississippi relative to the rest of the United States.

If cost was the only issue affecting Mississippi’s healthcare system, that would be troublesome but manageable. Unfortunately, there are more serious issues that are dragging the system down. The lack of healthcare professionals has been a persistent issue in the state. You can imagine how that kind of issue can cause so many problems.

Mississippi has one of the highest death rates in the United States. The infant death rate in the state is also alarmingly high.

The healthcare system in Mississippi has consistently received low marks. That’s something you must be aware of before deciding if you want to live and potentially retire there.

Extreme Weather

Applying improvements to the home you bought in Mississippi is something you should look into right away. You don’t want to be the owner of a property that’s woefully unprepared for extreme weather.

Extreme weather in Mississippi translates to hurricanes and tornadoes passing by the area. They can be absolutely devastating so you must fortify your home beforehand. Patch up any open spots along your home, shutter your windows, and repair your siding before the arrival of a hurricane. You should also prepare a first aid kit and some food in anticipation of extreme weather.

Many Mississippi residents have made a habit out of monitoring the weather. That’s a habit you may want to pick up as well if you ever decide to move there.

Related Questions

What Is the Climate Like in Mississippi?

We’ve already talked about the extreme weather phenomena that affect Mississippi from time to time, but what about the climate? What can you expect in terms of temperatures throughout the year in Mississippi?

For those who cannot stand the winter climate, Mississippi will be a great place to live in. The winters there are very mild and the state rarely gets snow as well. You won’t have trouble getting comfortable during the winter.

Summers are way different though. The Mississippi summer can be very uncomfortable because of how hot and humid the weather becomes. You may be forced to stay indoors, turn on the air conditioner, and try to beat the heat that way.

Is Crime a Major Issue in Mississippi?

Compared to the rest of the United States, crime rates in Mississippi are fairly average. The property crime rate is slightly above average, but that is offset by the noticeably low violent crime rate.

Many of the neighborhoods in Mississippi are considered very safe. Crime is not something you’ll likely worry about often if you opt to move there.

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