How Much Does a Pool Pump Cost? [By Type & Installation]

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Building a swimming pool at home means taking on additional responsibilities. You shouldn’t build a swimming pool if you’re not willing to invest in its maintenance. Thankfully, pool pumps make the job of keeping swimming pools clean remarkably easy.

Homeowners will be able to find numerous pool pump options on the market today. So, which of those important pieces of hardware should you get for your home’s swimming hole? In all likelihood, the cost is going to play a role in the purchase you ultimately make.

The average cost of a new swimming pool pump is $800. How much you’ll have to pay for the new pump will depend on the type you decide to get. Installing the new pool pump is also going to cost you. Expect to pay $400 if you’re paying a technician to handle the installation of your new pool pump.

You shouldn’t add a swimming pool to your property on a whim given all the responsibilities that come with owning one. As a homeowner, you must be willing to make the investments necessary to keep your pool clean and safe. Buying a new pool pump will help. Find out how much that will cost by reading on.

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Cost of Pool Pump by Type

Pool Pump TypeCost
High-Head Submersible$1,050

Buying a pump will make maintaining your swimming pool so much easier. You expect to spend $800 on the purchase of that vital piece of maintenance equipment.

Although the need for a swimming pool pump is clear, some homeowners may not know which one they need. Given the number of options available, the confusion is understandable.

It’s important to find the right pump for your swimming pool. Continue below to find out what the varied pool pump options provide.

Low-Head Pumps

The low-head pool pump is the most affordable option at $400. However, you should avoid purchasing this kind of pump unless you have a specific setup in mind for your swimming pool.

The main issue with low-head pumps is that they cannot filter the water. You cannot bank on the low-head pump cleaning the water on its own. It must be paired with other pool hardware if you need it to clean the water.

Installing a low-head pump makes sense for some pool setups. It just will not work if you’re expecting it to be your only pool cleaner.

Medium-Head Pumps

You can pick up a medium-head pump to clean your swimming pool. Although not as affordable as the low-head variety, medium-head pumps are still reasonably priced at $600.

The best feature of medium-head pumps is their versatility. They fit most types of swimming pools and most types of plumbing systems. You won’t have to make additional purchases just to make them usable.

You may also be able to snag a discount on medium-head pump installation. This is the easiest type of pool pump to install. Tell your technician that you’re looking to install a medium-head pump and they may offer you a more affordable rate.

High-Head Submersible Pumps

High-head submersible pumps come with similarly high prices. You can expect to spend $1,050 if you want this kind of pump for your home swimming pool.

So, why should you spend that much on a swimming pool pump? The answer could be because you have an elaborate pool setup.

High-head submersible pumps are only needed if you have multiple water features installed on your pool. You need a high-head pump because it cycles the water faster. That’s a requirement if you want to keep your pool sanitary even with all those additional fixtures installed.

Single-Speed Pumps

A single-speed pump for the swimming pool costs $500. It’s an affordable option, but you may not be able to find it anymore.

In recent years, some states have placed restrictions on the sales of single-speed pumps. Citing the inefficient manner in which single-speed pumps work, many states have concluded that they are too wasteful. Pool owners are encouraged to purchase other pumps that utilize energy more efficiently.

Even if you can find a single-speed pump, buying one is not recommended. Your short-term savings may pale in comparison to the high energy bills you get as a result of using that pump.

Dual-Speed Pumps

Since single-speed pumps may be unavailable, your best bet may be to purchase a dual-speed pump. Dual-speed pumps are usually on sale for $550.

As their name suggests, dual-speed pumps have two settings. You can use the high setting when the water needs a lot of cleaning and a low setting for routine maintenance. The availability of two speed settings allows you to effectively control the pump’s energy consumption.

Just about any type of swimming pool can benefit from the addition of a dual-speed pump. It’s the most practical purchase for homeowners in many ways.

Variable-Speed Pumps

The upfront cost of a variable-speed swimming pool pump is high. On average, you’ll have to pay $850 if you want this piece of equipment added to your pool.

Still, that sizable price tag can be worth it. The great thing about variable-speed pumps is that they change speeds based on the type of maintenance your pool needs.

They will not use any more energy than they need to. That feature will help you recoup significant savings down the line.

Variable-speed pumps are also known for cleaning water quickly. You should be able to use the pool soon after the pump does its thing.

Solar Pumps

Finally, we have the solar swimming pool pumps. Solar swimming pool pumps are among the most expensive options. A new solar pool pump costs an average of $1,500.

The initial cost of a solar pool pump is way up there. A lot of pool owners may look at that price and decide right away that the solar pump is not worth it.

It’s up to you to decide if the solar pump is worth that kind of money. Just remember that operating costs for solar pumps are non-existent. They will clean your pool without increasing your energy bills.

Choosing a Long-Term Pool Pump

When buying a new pump for your swimming pool, you’ll have to consider how viable it will be long-term. Pool pumps are expensive after all. You don’t want to buy a new pump and discover not long after that you will have to replace it.

You must be aware of the purchases you’re making because restrictions could affect their usability. The pump you’re buying today could be outlawed soon and you probably don’t want to waste your money making that purchase.

First off, we need to point out that low-head, medium-head, and high-head submersible pumps are all viable long-term options. The restrictions do not affect that aspect of swimming pool pumps. Instead, the restrictions are more focused on the speed options for pool pumps.

Single-speed pumps are not viable long-term because of the restrictions set against their usage. Also, some dual-speed pumps may be outlawed as well.

Check with the laws in your area before purchasing a dual-speed pump. Make sure they comply with the new rules before finalizing the purchase.

If you simply don’t want to worry about restrictions, go purchase a variable-speed pump. They are designed to be energy-efficient and they are allowed no matter where you live.

Cost of Pool Pump Installation

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$200
Mid-Range Estimate$400
High-End Estimate$1,200

Now that you’ve identified the pump you need for your swimming pool, you can move on to installation. Homeowners typically have to $400 if they want technicians to install the new pool pump.

You may be wondering if you can install the pump by yourself. That is an option, but it can be risky.

Dealing with both plumbing and electrical connections is necessary when installing the pump. That can be difficult if you lack experience.

It is possible to avoid spending $400 or more on the installation of your new pump. By replacing your old pump with a similar model, your technician may agree to a fee of $200.

Some technicians may also ask for a fee of $1,200 to install the new pool pump. That will happen if the pump to be installed has to connect to additional water features.

Cost of Installing Pool Pump by Pool Type

Application Type Cost
Above-Ground Swimming Pool$400
In-Ground Swimming Pool$400
Swimming Pool with Water Features$1,100

The type of swimming pool you have at home will affect how much installation will cost. That’s because the difficulty of the installation can change depending on the type of swimming pool.

Some installation jobs are easier because they are simple. Pool technicians have already handled them numerous times in the past so they already know what to do.

Other installation jobs are more complex because they involve many moving pieces. The cost of installing the pump may double or even triple in that scenario.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools are widely used around the country. If you need a new pump for your above-ground swimming pool, you will have to pay $400.

$400 is on the low-end for pump installation costs. That comes as no surprise since installing the new pump on an above-ground pool is a relatively straightforward task. As long as the necessary connections can be made easily, this project will not be overly expensive.

The $400 price tag assumes that your above-ground pool has no extra water features. If your above-ground pool will utilize extra water features, installing the pump will be more expensive.

In-Ground Swimming Pools

Hiring a professional to install a pump onto your in-ground swimming pool will not bust your bank account. The professional fee for the aforementioned job is also set at $400.

Average installation costs for above-ground and in-ground pools are identical because both jobs are very similar. They aren’t particularly difficult to handle especially if you hired an experienced technician.

The technician may ask for additional pay if the in-ground pool is located in a tight spot. Not having a lot of room to work with could make installation trickier and harder. They will ask for additional compensation for the effort they’re putting in.

Swimming Pool with Water Features

Let’s say that you want to add some water features to your swimming pool. In that case, you’ll have to pay up for pump installation. Technicians charge $1,100 to perform that kind of job.

The higher installation cost stems from a need to install additional pumps. Those additional pumps are tasked with powering just the water features. They will not clean up the rest of your swimming pool’s water.

Since the technicians have to install multiple pumps, it makes sense that they’re charging a higher fee. $1,100 is the average installation fee if your pool has water features. However, that number could rise or fall depending on the number of fixtures that require dedicated pumps.


Do you need a new pump for your swimming pool that doubles as a spa? If so, get ready for a major expense. The average pump installation cost if your pool has a spa is $1,300.

The installation cost is high because the pump you need for a spa is difficult to install. You must hire an experienced technician to get the special pump in place.

The technician may also inform you that the plumbing system you currently have in place cannot accommodate the new pump. You’ll have to reconfigure your plumbing before the new pump can be installed.

Cost to Replace Pool Pump Motor

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$400
Mid-Range Estimate$800
High-End Estimate$1,200

Replacing your pool pump can be quite expensive. The bill will be even larger if you have to replace a special pump. Instead of replacing the pump altogether, you may be able to save money by spending $800 to replace its motor.

Check the pool pump before you purchase a potential replacement. Take a look at its components and see what kind of condition the motor is in. The rest of the pump may be in good condition, but the motor could be worn down.

You can replace only the motor and the pump will be up and running again. The aforementioned $800 fee to replace the pump motor already accounts for the new motor and labor costs.

Pool pump motors are easy enough to find. They are even sold online these days.

The cost of replacing the motor could also drop to as low as $400 or climb to as high as $1,200. The final cost will depend on the motor your pump requires and the technician you’ll be hiring.

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How Long Do Pool Pumps Last?

New pool pumps are expensive, but the upside is they tend to last a long time. Pool pumps last an average of 10 years, but they can remain functional for up to 15 years with proper maintenance.As for the pump motor, its longevity will depend on the type you’re using. Copper winding motors remain in good condition for an average of four years. Meanwhile, magnetic drive motors usually last for up to eight years.

How Do You Know if Your Pool Pump Is Bad?

The signs of a failing pool pump are hard to miss. Loud grinding noises usually indicate that some components of the pump are worn down. You’ll have to replace those components if you want the pump to work like normal again.Some pumps will also produce an excessive amount of bubbles if there’s something wrong with them. Those bubbles usually indicate that your pool pump is leaking.

Do I Need to Cover My Pool Pump?

Pool pump covers are optional, but they can extend the lifespan of that piece of equipment. With the cover applied, the pump is less likely to overheat. Pumps that do not overheat tend to last longer.

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