How Much Does Pea Gravel Cost? (Per Ton, Cubic Yard & Truckload)

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by Gary Evans

Pea gravel is a ubiquitous landscaping element. You’ve probably heard a lot about it already if you’ve been talking to landscaping experts about your yard. The practical and aesthetic benefits of using pea gravel are well-known and your household could find them useful as well.

Finding pea gravel should not be much of a challenge for homeowners. Because of how popular the aforementioned material is, you will find that it is offered by numerous landscaping businesses. From a cost perspective, pea gravel is also reasonably priced relative to the other available options.

Pea gravel is sold in different quantities so homeowners can purchase the exact amount they need. A ton of pea gravel that can be used for landscaping purposes costs $45. Ordering a truckload of pea gravel that contains 25 tons of the material will cost $400. Homeowners can also pick up a bag of pea gravel for $5.

In search of a way to beautify your landscaping, you may want to consider using pea gravel. The benefits provided by pea gravel are plentiful and they can take your yard to the next level. Find out how much landscaping with pea gravel will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost of Pea Gravel

Estimate TypeCost Per BagCost Per TonCost Per Cubic YardCost Per Truckload
Low-End Estimate$4$25$30$250
Mid-Range Estimate$5$45$55$400
High-End Estimate$6$60$80$500

How much will pea gravel cost? That will depend in large part on the amount you need. Pea gravel is sold in different amounts, including per bag, per ton, per cubic yard, and by the truckload. Let’s get more into the different prices at those aforementioned levels.

Pea Gravel Cost Per Bag

Buying pea gravel by bag is the cheapest option available. You can purchase a bag of pea gravel for the average price of $5.

Bags of pea gravel are fairly easy to find. They are likely sold at the home improvement store in your area. You don’t have to contact landscaping suppliers to buy pea gravel bags.

Pea Gravel Cost Per Ton

Purchase pea gravel per ton if you’re planning to use it as your main landscaping element. A ton of pea gravel costs $45. You should be able to account for all your landscaping needs with a ton of pea gravel.

Pea Gravel Cost Per Cubic Yard

If your yard is bigger than average or you’re planning to use pea gravel in various applications, a ton may not suffice. You may have to purchase a cubic yard of pea gravel instead. A cubic yard of pea gravel will cost $55.

Pea Gravel Cost Per Truckload

For homeowners who need as much pea gravel as they can, buying the material by the truckload is also an option. You’re getting 25 tons of pea gravel from a single truckload delivery. Expect to pay $400 if you want a truckload of pea gravel delivered to your property.

Cost Factors for Pea Gravel

The cost of pea gravel is not fixed. It will change depending on certain factors. We’ve highlighted some of the factors that affect the pricing of pea gravel the most below.


Color is an important consideration when it comes to buying pea gravel. Aside from impacting how the material will look on your property, color also affects the cost of your purchase. By choosing colored pea gravel, your final bill will increase by $35 per ton.

It’s important to note that standard pea gravel often comes in gray. The intensity of the gray color may vary, but that’s about it.

If you want the pea gravel to come in a wider array of colors, you’ll have to pay extra. You can expect to see white, brown, red, and even blue pieces of pea gravel if you’re willing to pay more.


The texture of the pea gravel you’re purchasing will affect how much it costs. The rule of thumb is that pea gravel becomes more affordable as it gets rougher.

Choosing rough pea gravel is not an issue if you’re mainly using it for filler. As long as the areas you’re covering with rough pea gravel don’t get a lot of foot traffic, you’ll be fine.

Smooth pea gravel is more expensive, but it’s more versatile. You should be able to use it just about anywhere on your property.


The difficulty of delivering the pea gravel to your property will also affect how much suppliers will charge you. Transporting that much pea gravel is not going to be easy so the supplemental charges for difficult delivery are understandable.

You will also likely be charged more if you live far from the supplier. Discuss the delivery charges with the supplier beforehand so you aren’t caught off guard. Note that some suppliers may not even deliver the pea gravel unless you order a certain amount.

Cost of Professional Pea Gravel Installation

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$105
Mid-Range Estimate$260
High-End Estimate$440

Now that the pea gravel has been delivered to your property, you can now get started on the installation. You can choose between installing the pea gravel yourself or hiring professionals to handle that project. If you’ve opted for the latter, you can expect to pay $260.

The professionals will take care of all the tasks required for proper pea gravel installation. They will start by clearing out the areas you’ve chosen to be covered with pea gravel.

Once the areas you’ve pointed to have been cleared out, the workers can start smoothing out the soil. They can then work on laying down the landscape fabric. After that, the pea gravel can be laid over the landscape fabric and it will be evenly distributed over that area.

The job is not difficult, but it can be tiring and time-consuming. Hiring professionals to install your pea gravel is a good idea if you want to keep your weekend open.

Cost of DIY Pea Gravel Installation

Items NeededCost
Landscape Fabric$35
Landscape Fabric Staples$10

Installing the pea gravel yourself is an option, but you’ll still need to purchase some essential items. To be more specific, you’ll need landscape fabric, staples, and a wheelbarrow. Those items will cost a total of $195.

The landscape fabric is needed as a base for the pea gravel. It will help facilitate the even distribution of the material. Meanwhile, the staples are there to keep the landscape fabric in its intended position.

Using a wheelbarrow is necessary for moving the pea gravel all over your yard. Getting the pea gravel from one spot to another without a wheelbarrow would be too tedious and tiring.

That covers the essential items you will likely need for pea gravel installation. However, we’re assuming that you already have some household tools. If you don’t have a shovel, a rake, and protective gear, you will need those too.

A tamping tool is also needed to pack the pea gravel and soil. You can pick up one of those at the hardware store for $60. Alternatively, you can use a sledgehammer for tamping if you already have one at home.

Pros of Installing Pea Gravel

Is pea gravel the right landscaping material for your property? Evaluating its pros and cons will help you answer the question. Let’s start by highlighting the benefits of installing pea gravel.

Pea Gravel Helps with Drainage

Pea gravel can do more than beautify your yard. You can also use it to improve the rate of water drainage throughout that part of your home.

Install the pea gravel on parts of your property that get flooded often. The pea gravel will prevent water from accumulating in those spots and you’ll have a cleaner yard as a result.

Pea Gravel Is Easy to Install

Compared to other landscaping materials, pea gravel is easy to install. As long as you have the time and the right items, installing the pea gravel should not be an issue. It’s a type of project you can complete even as an inexperienced DIYer.

Pea Gravel Can Become a Protective Barrier

Line the perimeter of your home and your plant beds with pea gravel to keep them better protected. The pea gravel will make it difficult for mice to dig into the soil. Keep the mice at bay by installing pea gravel.

Cons of Installing Pea Gravel

There are downsides to using pea gravel too. Those downsides are detailed below.

Pea Gravel Is Unstable

Pea gravel does not support weight very well. It tends to scatter once it bears a significant amount of weight.

Remember that point when deciding where to install the pea gravel. Avoid using it in spots where you know it will have to support the weight that it cannot handle.

Pea Gravel May Require a Lot of Maintenance

Unless you use some landscape edging, pea gravel will likely spread throughout your yard. You’ll have to rake it back into place quite often. Maintaining your yard that often can get pretty annoying.

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Related Questions

How Many Square Feet Does a Ton of Pea Gravel Cover?

A ton of pea gravel will be able to cover a substantial amount of land. It should be enough to completely cover a property that measures 100 square feet. That will be the case as long as the layer of pea gravel is no deeper than two inches.

Is a Pea Gravel Driveway Expensive?

You will have to make a significant investment if you want a driveway made from pea gravel. Building a standard 20-by-20-foot driveway out of pea gravel can cost as much as $1,600.Pea gravel driveways are pricey because they have to be deep. Creating a driveway that deep should prevent the pea gravel from moving around too much.

Does Pea Gravel Hold Moisture?

Yes, pea gravel is capable of holding moisture. That’s part of the reason why some homeowners use pea gravel for mulch.

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