62+ Modern Outdoor Pool Tile Ideas

Pool Tile Ideas

When thinking of landscaping and backyard renovations, the pool is often overlooked. But, the way that you design or tile your pool could make or break your backyard oasis. Therefore, it’s super important that you pay attention to the colors and styles that you use for your pool tiles. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry.

You cannot go wrong when choosing blue for your pool tilling. However, if you don’t want blue, you can choose any color that you want! Brown and beige, neon colors mixed, or even plain black. Furthermore, you have various materials to choose from as well, such as stone, faux wood, glass, porcelain, ceramic and more.

Whether this is your first tiling job for your pool or you’re retiling, it’s a good idea to know what you want to do with your pool before beginning. In this article, you will find over 60 fantastic pool tile ideas to inspire you.

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What Is The Point Of Pool Tiles?

Pool tiles are needed to cover the stains the water will create on the concrete. That’s it. There’s no other use for them than that, and of course, making your pool look amazing. But, you don’t need them. However, many people prefer them as there’s nothing attractive about a water-stained waterline. Algae and bacteria can get embedded into the concrete and make it look unsightly. Therefore, it’s best to tile your waterline at the very least.

Great Pool Tile Ideas

Below are some pool tile ideas we hope will inspire you to create the perfect pool look for some great summer fun.

1. Blue Stitch

When you think of pool tiling, the blue stitch is usually what comes to mind for most individuals. It’s made up of little one-inch squares in no particular order. However, some people like to make every other square’s threads go vertical and the others horizontal. In contrast, others want to do one complete line of horizontal, followed by one full line of vertical facing threads.

2. Blue Marble Waterline Pool Tile

Blue marble waterline tilling is another typical sort of pool tile that people love. It’s simple to install and easy on the eyes. However, it still gives your pool some character and can be enhanced by using blue marble stair markers in whatever shape you wish to use.

3. World Map Pattern

If you don’t like the plain blue tiling, then this may be more for you. Sometimes the plain blue and the white underbody can become unattractive over time. Therefore, there are blue world map tiles available. These tiles have the blue, but then the brown or ‘land’ mixed in with it. Furthermore, the white concrete is then dyed blue to give your pool a different style.

4. Pool Tile Patterns

5. Floral Pool Tile

Some homeowners want their pool to stand out. You could do a double waterline patterned tile with a plain white bottom. Also, the pattern doesn’t need to be the same throughout the entire wall. See this photo; for example, the very top and very bottom are the same patterns, while there is a floral pattern in between to bring it all together.

6. Blue And Brown Marble

Blue and brown tiling gives our pool a nice earthy sort of feel. These colors can be mixed in all kinds of patterns. For instance, the world map tiles we just went over, and now these are more of blue and brown tye-dye.

7. Intermittent Single Pool Tile Designs

The intermittent pool tiles are best used on waterline tiling projects. This sort of pattern typically consists of a patterned tile for every certain number of tiles. For instance, it can be every other tile, or every third, or fourth. Where you place the patterned tiles depends on your overall number of tiles.

8. Floral And Blue Waterline Pool Tiles

9. Mini Mosaic Waterline Pool Tiles

If you prefer the mosiac patterns, you don’t have to settle for the larger tiles. There are mosaic patterns you can decorate your pool with using the miniature one-inch pool tiles. Then, install a matching stone to line the top.

10. Blue Block Tiles

You might like the blue, but the smaller tiles can make a pool feel a little washed out and dated. Large blue tiles can bring a sense of freshness to your pool’s style. These can be found in stone, ceramic, glass, and porcelain. Each type adds its own pizazz to your pool.

11. Faux Wood Pool Tiles

If you’re going for a non-traditional look, there are tiles out there that look just like wood but are made from marble or porcelain. While having actual wood for your tiling wouldn’t work, but faux wood would! The look of it is gorgeous and is elegant. It makes your pool look more upscale as not many people use ‘wood tiles’ for their pool.

12. Color Coordinated Pool Tiles

If you’re looking to bring the entire outdoor area together through its decor, then matching your poolside furniture with it is a great idea. The different colors in the pool tiles are brought out by the furniture, creating this whole new element for your pool. It’s best to accent darker, less apparent colors so that it will make the pool stand out even more.

13. Sponge Pressed Painted Pool Tiles

14. Stone Block Pool Tiles

Another great idea for a less conventional choice of pool tiling is the stone blocks. These are plain, giant blocks of stone that line your pool. What’s cool about them is that they’re simple and plain. But, when added to a pool, the water brings them life. You’ll find yourself swimming laps in a pool of luxury.

15. Aztec Pool Tiles

Nothing is prettier for your pool than when the sun catches the Aztec-style gem squares that are placed through your waterline as well as on your stairs for the stair markers. Since each square is slightly different with the same base color, it makes your pool unique and pretty to swim in.


16. Glass Marble Pool Tiles

Now there’s the marble material and the marble pattern. When you put the blue and beige marble pattern into a glass tile, the result is fantastic. Add that to your pool’s waterline, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous pool to float around in on a hot summer day.

17. Design And Accents

18. Mermaid Luminescence

If you’re looking to have fun decorating your pool, you could always consider installing mermaid luminescence tile. This is also usually a waterline tiling project. However, you could decorate the bottom of the pool with the 1-inch tiles as well.

19. Modern Pool Tiles

Sometimes, less is more. It’s okay not to have multiple colors around your pool. Some individuals feel like too many colors are too ‘loud’ whereas something with a simple color and design pulls the space together just fine.

20. Caribbean Inspired Pool Tiles

You don’t have to only stick with one or two colors when it comes to tiling your pool. Also, you don’t only have to tile the waterline. Choose several colors that match and decorate your pool. In this photo, they chose four different colors, and they tiled the entire pool, even on the outside.

21. Sky Painted Pool Tiles

22. Flower Power Pool Tiles

Floral patterns are gorgeous when they’re paired with your pool. This is a tile project you can include for the whole pool, including the bottom. While this pattern is over the top for wall decor or furniture decor, it’s perfect for a pool.

23. Classic Navy Blue Pool Tile Strip

Who can forget the classic navy blue pool strip? You most often see these in a public swim area or a hotel pool. You can create “land” with them or stick to having on a single strip down the center of your pool.

24. Faux Stone Pool Tile

Stone can make your pool area ‘pop’; however, that’s not to say that it isn’t costly. So instead of actual stone, you could always opt for the faux stone. Faux stone looks just like stone and can also have the same texture. However, it’s fake and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

25. Neutral Mix Waterline Pool Tiles

26. Oceanic Theme Pool Tiles

A great theme to go for when decorating your pool is an oceanic theme. After all, you have the water already! These tiles are so gorgeous. Look teach one, and some look like a picture of sand or sunset at the ocean.

27. Neon Glittery Pool Tiles


The neon glitter pool tiles are a sister decor to the mermaid luminesce. However, the difference is that the glitz is more spread out than concentrated. That way, you can have beauty without it being too much. On the other hand, if you want to go bold, you can always decorate your entire pool with neon tiles.

28. Dark And Glossy

Pool tiles don’t have to be bright and pretty. Dark, black glass pool tiles that are glossy are exquisite and stylish as well. You can pair this with a different color of pool lining tiles or have them sit alone.

29. Earth Tone Pool Tile

30. Beige And Brown

Beiges, browns, creams,off-whites, greys… They’re all neutrals that match. If you mix these in tile form around your pool, the larger picture is spectacular and is sure to draw the attention of anyone.

31. Tiles To Create Images

Having something unique is essential to some people; They don’t want to stick with the conventional pool tile styles and instead branch out. If this is you, you can always take colored tiles to create a photo on the bottom of the pool.

32. Hawaiian Blue Pool Tiles

Do you want a taste of Hawaii in your backyard? If you said yes, we don’t blame you! The bright blue reflective glass tiles bring attention to the dull, beautifully colored stone accents. Of course, you have the beautiful blue water too. Even though the blue water is nothing like what you see in Hawaii, it makes for a lovely little oasis.

33. Mix A Color Theme

34. Animal Stamped Waterline Tiles

If you want to keep your pool tile decor in line with the water theme, then why not include water-dwelling animals in your pool tile, such as the dolphins pictured here. You could choose whales, sea lions, crabs and more.

35. Multi-Colored Pool Tiles

When we say to choose matching colors, it doesn’t mean that you need to keep it traditional. Sometimes a mess of color, if distributed right, could be considered ‘matching.’ You never thought of it that way, did you? Well, it’s true!

36. Different Color For Each Step

It’s perfectly okay to have no tiles around the waterline or anywhere else if you don’t want them. It’s not going to hurt your pool, but it gives you a better idea of where the edge is. However, if you’re going to do something different, you can tile each of the steps into your pool differently. The top can be gray, the middle can be teal, and the bottom can be blue.

37. Stone Textured Tiles

Another form of faux stone tiles includes the unique texture, so when you’re touching them, it feels like natural stone. However, this is still made of porcelain or ceramic. The manufacturers typically fluff the porcelain and then reinforce it to create that rough stone feel.

38. Mexico Vacation At Home

39. Simple Yet Tasteful

No one has to go all out to decorate their pool to make it look good. Something as simple as a single pattern with a single layer of larger tiles would work well. If you’re looking for something more than this, you can always install a white tile in every other space. Something as simple as that will bring your pool tile water line to a whole new level.

40. Low Tide

This type of tile is almost like a sponge-painted blue and cream. It reminds you of the beach when the tide is low, and you can see the wet sand mixed with the small waves of water coming in and out. There’s something calming about the color blue especially when it’s surrounding water.

41. Light Brown Stone

42. Dark Brown Stone

If you’re tired of looking and obsessing over the blue porcelain pool tiles, another color that complements the color of the water is brown. Brown is an understated color that isn’t thought much of when first thinking about tiling your pool. However, a dark brown stone tile could be what your pool needs.

43. All Transparent Glass

You don’t need to have tiles! What if you opted for an all-glass pool instead? You could tile the floor to help keep traction when walking, but those tiles could be clear. Other than that, it’s an entirely see-through pool, no tile, no complications.

44. Pastel Waterline Pool Tiles

Pastels are pretty, especially when the sun hits them. If you get shiny pastel-colored tiles, they’ll look different depending on the time of day. If the sun is hitting them, they will gleam. However, if they’re in the shadows, they look like dark, normal pool tiles. This is perfect if you want to look at something different once in a while.

45. Neon LED Tile Lines

This is a perfect LED light that meets nighttime swimming. Of course, you can have the lights on during the day, but they look so much more awesome at nighttime. You can see the waterline and throw a few strips into the water on the bottom of the pool as well.

46. Mixed Colored Tiles

47. Small Stone Pool Tiles

You’re used to seeing the large stone tiles lining your pool, but have you thought about 1 inch stone tiles? This gives the pool and pool area even more character, especially if it’s meant to complement other stone decors as well.

48. Plain Marble

Plain marble is highly underrated, as the marble itself is elegant and eye-catching. When placed on the waterline, the water and marble reflect off of each other, giving the pool a very unique look.

49. Algae Green Tiles

As you can tell, blues and browns are our go-to’s for pool tile, but what about green? You can get algae green tiles to put throughout your entire pool. Some people love this as it keeps strangers from sneaking into the pool at night. If it looks like the water is gross, it will deter them. Little do they know, the tiling is green, and the water is clean!

50. Splotchy Blue Waterline Pool Tiles (No Intermittent Pattern)

Unlike the blue marble with intermittent pattern tiles, this doesn’t include the pattern. So, if you preferred the tiling project without the design, you can always install the blue or any other color all the way around.

51. Small Dark Marble

52. Blue, Grey, And Beige

Putting together different shades of blue, gray, and beige will help liven up your pool. Something that people love to do is glue the tiles to a glass pool, which then gives it this magical feel. If you want to take it one step above and beyond, you can do this with glass tile so that it glimmers under the sun.

53. Cream And Blue Faux Stone

If stone costs too much and you don’t like the look of the beige and brownstone, then you could try faux blue and cream stone tiles. The difference with this type is that they are smooth in texture and hold the shape of a tile while still looking like natural stone.

54. 50 Shades Of Blue

Are you tired of a single shade of blue? No problem! Blue matches blue, no matter the shade of it. Therefore, you could mix and match as many shades of blue as you want and place them however you want around your pool’s waterline.

55. Simple Pattern

Any simple pattern along your pool is just fine and rather preferred if you already have a lot going on elsewhere, such as poolside flower beds or murals. You want to see the walls of your pool and not have them plain while also ensuring you don’t take attention from the best part of our landscaping.

56. Centerpiece Tiling With Single Waterline Row

If you’re shooting for extravagance, having a fully tiled hot tub as your pool’s centerpiece will make the pool stand out. Then, follow up with a single layer of the same tiles going around your pool’s edge.

57. Marbled Glass Stone Pool Tiles

58. Turquoise Glass Pool Tiles

These mini turquoise glass tiles may look familiar to you as they were ubiquitous during the 1990s; Most public pools were lined with these at the top half, while the other half was bare. There are so many different ideas that you could run with when using these types of tiles.

59. Triple Lined Pool Tiles

Most homeowners love the triple-layered tiles as much as they do the double or single-layered. You could choose the three layers and add the tiles as your stair markers as well. Or, if you have a hot tub, you can use the same tiling for that to keep everything matching.

60. Floral Banner

A light, floaty floral pattern is always something to have fun with. You don’t need much more than a simple floral pattern with a border to make this idea work. Just make sure whatever you add matches the coloring.

61. Miniature Marbled Glass Pool Tiles

62. Keeping It Unique

Brown, yellow, blue, gray, tan… As long as one tile is matching the color of another, then it can work! The marbled tile makes it pop, even more, creating an elegant waterline for your pool.

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