24 Orange Bedroom Décor Ideas (with Photos)

Orange Bedroom Ideas

Orange is one of those colors that people either love or hate. Most of the time, when I hear people talking about orange as a color, it’s often described as either “obnoxious” or “fiery.” Regardless of your feelings on orange, the truth is that most people don’t see this color as a good bedroom pick. It often feels a little too action-packed a color to work well in a setting that’s supposed to help you unwind.

Are you worried about using orange in your bedroom? While this is a common sentiment, the truth is that you might not have to panic as much as you think you do. Orange can be used in a bedroom, with great results too. It’s all about getting the perfect shade of orange and knowing how to work with this color.

24 Orange Bedroom Ideas

If you have been debating having an orange bedroom, seeing it in action can help. Check out these awesome ways to add a dash of this carroty color to your home.

1. A Little Rusty

You don’t always need to do something super orangey to make your room orange. As this designer proved, a little bit of orange goes a long, long way. The rusty orange accessories were excellent for bringing out the brightness of the beige in the room. The end result is something that you can easily see on the pages of a magazine, but works well at home.

The rusty look of the accessories is really all you need to make a serious statement. In the case where you’ve got beige and white everywhere else, it gives you a classy hygge look. The white and light birch wood accents that you’re seeing are what help add the Scandinavian look that people are begging for these days.

2. Say It With An Accent

Orange is a room color that makes a bold statement, one that might actually be a bit much for many people. That’s why it’s rare to see rooms that are all painted up in bright orange. If you want to go for a look that has a bold, bright orange, the best way to do it is through the use of an accent wall.

To make things a little more fluid, the accent wall was paired with a contrasting color: green. This gives the room a fresher, multi-dimensional appeal that gives your space a cleaner vibe. It’s modern, but not too modern. While this example has a platform bed with a more futuristic touch, you can still get similar looks with standard platforms if you want.

3. Go Bold

While many people might find orange to be overwhelming, there’s something to be said about the boldness of having all your walls painted a bright orange. It’s a very energizing color, so if you’re naturally mellow, this might make it easier for you to wake up in the morning. If you’re usually anxious, then you might want to try something else.

Going for a bright orange interior is pretty wild. To balance it out, it’s best to add furniture that sticks to neutrals. That’s what this designer did, and it offered a rich yet subtle balance to the orange.

4. A Foxy Look

We might have touched upon this before, but now we’re going to dive deep into how impressive green is as a pairing to orange. This room fits under both the “orange room” and “green room” categories because it’s so rich in both colors. Unlike most of the rooms that we’ve mentioned so far, this has green walls.

The orange can be seen in the deer and fox accessories that line the bedroom. Together, they offer a rich, woodsy-outdoorsy contrast that is perfect for a younger kiddo.

5. Modern Warmth

When you’re working with orange, it’s important to make sure that you have a lot of warmth in the room. This is especially true if you’re trying to put together a more masculine vibe. This room has warm colors like olive, orange, red, and burgundy. The wood is a warm shade, and adding to the coziness is mood lighting.

To a point, the use of neutrals like black and cooler shades like green is overshadowed. The straight lines that make this design so unique are what add the masculine, sporty touch that makes this awesome. We could totally see this as a college guy’s room. Or a bachelor’s room. It’s hot like that.

6. Shades Of Grey

When most people think of colors that go with orange, grey isn’t their first choice. However, it probably should be. Grey’s natural coolness helps tone down orange, but also gives it a unique way to pop. If you have a grey room that you want to orange up, this can be a good way to get a lot more bang for your proverbial buck.

You don’t need many orange accessories to make a grey room feel super colorful. Here, we see a bed with an orangewood stain, a throw, and a pillow. That’s all this designer needed to make it great.

7. Orange Monochrome

Adding monochrome accents to a room is always going to give you a coordinated look. This designer took advantage of it by choosing a light, creamy orange accent wall on one side of the bed. On the other side, we see a wall that’s been painted with an orangey white. The accessories all run the gamut from terra cotta to brownish orange.

The overall vibe is one that is warm, welcoming, and just a little bit Bohemian. To a point, all the clay pots help give it a desert ambiance too. Can you feel the Cali artist vibe, or is it just us?

8. Striped Up

If there’s one thing that can help give an orange bedroom a little bit of attitude, it’s the right pattern. Orange is one of those colors that seems to crave texture, and that’s exactly what the designer decided to roll with. The stripes o the wall, the cubbyholes with the yellow accents, and the many boxy accents worked together to give this room dimension.

While this room has a youthful vibe as a result of all the different textures and patterns, it still looks mature enough to work well for a teenager. That’s because there aren’t any crazy wall decals. Even so, we can’t help but feel like this room is going to be super relaxing.

9. My, My Modern!

We might’ve gone a little heavy-handed when it comes to pairing white with orange. By now, you probably guessed that it’s a staple. What we haven’t gone into, though, is how good dark brown can look against some orange. In the 1970s, seeing white, brown, and orange together was just the way life was. That’s great, but people often assume it’s a retro look.

Most people don’t realize that this color combo doesn’t have to be retro if you don’t want it to be. Adding a little grey or beige can modernize it in a pinch. To get an even more modern twist to this look, pair these colors with slick, clean lines. It’s chic, personified.

10. A Tween Scene

Ooh, this is just so 90s that we had to include it. Back in this decade, girls’ rooms were all about bright warm colors. This included picks like hot pink, purples, and yes, orange. Unsurprisingly, this bright and bold color scheme remains pretty popular among tweens and teens today, too.

Of course, there’s always such a thing as too many warm colors. To balance things out, the designer added splashes of green to the room. You can see it in the cool plant wall lamp, as well as the corners of the rug. Regardless, it’s a cute room that would make most younger girls thrilled to feel at home.

11. Woodn’t Know It!

Remember when we said that orange tends to work well with textures? Take a look at what this architect and designer did. Orange works perfectly well with the dark browns and rusty brick of the backdrop. To add a little more flair, they added several mirrors with a pattern etched in.

This gives the entire room a warm look that’s modern and artsy. To add a little modern pop of color, they added some slick vases with faux flowers. Since most of the room is pretty dark in color, they also made sure to add tons of natural light. It’s a smart move.

12. A Little Halloweeny

This orange bedroom concept is one that you either love or hate. There’s no in-between. People who love it enjoy seeing the white and black contrast with the orange in the room. It does, after all, add a modern twist that’s kind of reminiscent to pop art. People who hate it think that it looks a lot like Halloween. Of course, that’s not always a bad thing.

No matter how you see this color scheme, it’s safe to say that it’s a bold look. It’s fitting, considering how bold of a color orange tends to be.

13. Fancy Nancy Approved

Parents and younger adults might remember the book series known as Fancy Nancy. It’s the story of a little girl who loves fashion and all things colorful. (Okay, it’s a series of stories, but you get my drift, right?) In this kids’ book series, illustrations rely heavily on hot pink and orange—the very same colors used by this cute girls’ room.

Now, Fancy Nancy might not be real. But, if she was, she totally would have designed this room and brought a smile to your kid’s face. This color scheme is a great pick for parents who want to design a girl’s room and bring out the girly side of things. Besides, the warm colors will be sure to keep your kid feeling rosy year-round.

14. Cowboy Glamor

via Fabrics & Papers

So far, we’ve seen orange done up in a wide range of different styles. Most of them were either gender-neutral or a little bit on the girly side of things. However, this doesn’t mean that guys can’t enjoy orange in their bedrooms either. One of the easiest ways to make an orange bedroom look more masculine is to add lots of slate blue to the motif.

This bedroom designer decided to kick things up a notch by adding tons of Western accents to the room. The woven Southwestern rug, the deer antlers above the bed, and the cow print headboard all make you feel like you’re in the Wild West. Somehow, we believe that John Wayne would approve.

15. A Cool Combination

via Apppie.org

Purple and orange are contrasting colors thanks to the use of blue in the purple. Though they contrast, there’s something to be said about how good they look together. The orange makes the purple pop, and the purple makes the orange pop. They’re both pretty bold colors, too. This makes them a great combination for someone who wants a quirky and somewhat counterintuitive room color scheme.

The person who designed this room knew that these colors were going to look neat together. The duo already look exotic together, but the designer decided to emphasize that by getting woven textiles for the pillows and wall hangings. Neat, right? If you are a fan of creating your own artwork, color coordination is going to be a cinch.

16. Burnt Sienna Beauty

via Incredible Furniture

Orange-brown is still orange in our books, so we’re including this in our series on orange-inspired bedrooms. When you’re painting a room orange, it’s often problematic. Orange can easily overwhelm…unless it’s an orangey brown like burnt sienna. This color looks remarkably classy but boasts enough of a woody vibe to be used throughout a room’s palette.

This type of orange is best paired with creams and rich chocolate colors. Together, these colors tend to give the room a luxurious, almost opulent ambiance. If you’re a fan of traditional decor, we strongly suggest working with orange-browns. To modernize it, add the right window trim.

17. Pale Blue And Orange

via HomeDecorBliss

There’s something to be said about the power that contrasting orange can wield in a design. That’s why we’ve seen so many designs that have cool shades to them like green and purple. The blue in those colors makes the orange pop just a little more. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Such is the case with pastel oranges paired with ultra-light blues. This is a combination that gives a room an unusually ethereal feeling without it being too warm. Because it’s such a rare combination, it tends to be seen in modern homes designed by avant-garde groups. It’s also a pretty neat choice for coastal homes, too.

18. Oceanic Cool

via ACNN Decor

Speaking of coastal rooms, let’s talk about orange being used in ocean-themed rooms like the one above. Orange is rarely ever a color that people think of when they think of coastal homes, but that needs to change. It’s one of the best colors to pair with turquoise and blues. Besides, seahorses are orange, aren’t they?

To make the room feel even more oceany, designers can pick either cream or dark browns to pull the look together. Orange is remarkably useful when it comes to creating a bedroom that pops. In a world where there are so many different ways to work blue, this might be one of the best ways to boost the energy of a room.

19. Fresh N’ Sporty

via Fons

Don’t ask us why, but there is something that is classically sporty about a room that’s decked out in deep blue and orange. Maybe it’s a varsity thing? Or a college-bound thing? Either way, it seems to work with a lot of different athletes. It’s also a really pretty color combination, especially when paired with crisp white sheets.

Obviously, this take on the color combination is a lot more modern than most homes can afford to have. However, this is one combo that does just as well in traditional looks as it does in modern homes.

20. Bohemian Beauty

via Decoratist

While most people tend to think of orange and brown as a retro thing, that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. In fact, it’s one of the major draws that came with the resurgence of “hippie chic” and “bohemian” decor. Here, we see a lot of orange and brown, done up the same way that you would see it in a swanky 60s hotel.

Honestly, it looks good in its own retro, kitschy way. You don’t have to be a member of the Flower Generation to see the appeal here. It’s elegant in its own artsy way. For extra authenticity, we strongly suggest burning some incense. It’ll definitely help the ambiance, if you get my drift.

21. China Pattern

via HomeDecorBliss

Blue and white doesn’t have to be modern, or even sporty, when it’s paired with orange. With the right patterns and accessories, this trio of colors can look like it belongs in a home right off the French Riviera. Here, we see an orange bedroom that has a lot of bedding and accessories that contain patterns you’d find in fine china.

The elegant patterns give the room a European look. That look is only enhanced by the crisp lines and gently worn wooden accents. If you love the look of a Mediterranean home, then you probably enjoy the look this home attained. It just goes to show you how much a pattern can make a difference.

22. Retro Glam

via Paintzen

Retro is often said to be a bad thing, but it’s really not a terrible look. This is especially true if you’re like me and have a serious thing for the midcentury modern look. Most top designers still view the mid-century look as one of the best styles of furniture and setups in history. Honestly, it was a good time to be a designer. Things were experimental, even when it came to the use of bold colors like orange.

The best part of the 50s had to be the lively color combinations that graced every home. I mean, look at this burnt orange and teal room. It’s so spacey, yet so inviting. If you’re wealthy enough to afford mid-century furniture, then you definitely should consider taking a cue from this old school design.

23. Moroccan Bliss

via Decoist

Most people tend to think of Moroccan decor and immediately think of that beautiful azure blue. That blue is absolutely part of the Moroccan look, but people forget that burnt, rusty orange is also a fairly commonplace color. When they’re paired together, you get the gorgeous look of a desert palace. And, it looks absolutely decadent.

Fans of exotic decor and bold statements will love mimicking this room’s color palette, not to mention the cool design concepts. If you want to get that same striking mood going on, you need to keep an eye on the lighting. It’s the lighting that helps highlight that beautiful orange glow, ya know!

24. Rusty And Rustic

via Pinterest

Finally, we wanted to close out this inspiration post with a reminder that you don’t need to go crazy modern or crazy exotic in order to add a little orange to your home. Most of the bedrooms that get posted as inspiration are not the most realistic, especially if you have a home that’s mostly shabby chic or country. Don’t let all the modern (or retro-modern) looks dissuade you.

This rustic bedroom is more in line with what many homes have inside, and it still has a beautiful touch of orange in it. The key to making it work with lots of wood and warm fall colors is simple. Orange is a color that doesn’t need to be heavily used or even that bright to work wonders in a home. By choosing a faded orange, you can ensure that you won’t have to worry that it would overpower your home.

At the end of the day, any shade of orange can be used in any home, regardless of style. As long as you have a plan in mind, there’s no reason to avoid this color.

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