25 Minions Room Ideas (with Photos)

minions room ideas

If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on regarding Disney’s “Despicable Me,” it’s that the Minions are popular. Call them cute, fun, silly, or anything else, but these little creatures are popping up everywhere.

Although Minions-themed decorating might feel overwhelming, it’s surprisingly easy. Many licensed products are available to help, in addition to numerous DIY options. Better yet, the Minions character appeals to a larger portion of the population than a princess or action figure.

A Few Things to Consider Before Decorating

Before you begin, think about who will live in the room. Some Minions décor ideas work well in any room, while others are very location-specific. If you’re decorating a child’s bedroom, then the child’s sense of style is more important. For a family room, however, the entire household may want to have some input. Here are some other things to think about.

Color Scheme

Minions are in blue and yellow, with a bit of black and white mixed in. This is a relatively popular children’s room color scheme. However, yellow doesn’t always play well with certain other colors. If other bold colors will be present, make sure that the overall effect isn’t overwhelming.


When choosing decorations, be sure to consider how permanent they are. Certain things like comforters and drapes can be easily replaced. However, different types of wall art or paint colors are more difficult to get rid of.

Landlord Restrictions

Many landlords restrict the painting of an apartment. They might also disallow certain wall art types or wallpaper. If you rent, be sure that your plans are approved before making this type of change.

8 Full Room Minion Décor Ideas

If you or your child are a major Minions fan, then a whole room of Minions might work well. For our purposes, let’s call a full room look anything where there’s more than one part of the room with Minions decoration. Looks featured include everything from all over the walls to smaller elements distributed around the room.

1. Over The Top Minions

For a truly over-the-top Minions look, consider this custom design. It features two twin beds, plus a Minions window treatment. What sets this one apart, though, is the all-over Minions wallpaper. It appears to swallow the beds at the wall end.

2. Play With Me Minions

Here, we have several Minions-themed design elements. On the window, there’s a lovely Minions curtain. This gives the child privacy and adds color. Then, the twin bed is lifted above a playhouse, which is underneath. Several Minions characters are added along the sides and railing. In my opinion, though, the coolest part is where they added what looks like finger paint in blue and yellow. Snazzy!

3. Spring Minions

I just love how a little bit of Minions was built into the overall room theme here. By using green, the mixture of blue and yellow, this person lightened the room. In addition, you see very feminine additions like the floral bedspread and light-colored curtains.

4. Pink Minions

Make a full commitment to Minions with coordinating bedding and window curtains. Take the room to a new level by adding a yellow accent wall or a yellow bedside table.

5. Double Decker Minions

Another simple, yet effective, room design. Minions on the wall with a yellow side table. Then, identical bedding is used on each bunk with Minion toss pillows. But my favorite design feature is the surprise trundle with minion bedding. This introduces more Minions to the room without looking too busy. Sky blue wall paint helps give the room a cool vibe. To bump up the theme even more, add “caution” tape up as crown moulding.

6. Watching Over The Minions

This design incorporates both Minions and other Despicable Me characters quite tastefully. Two beds sport Minions throws and coordinated bedspreads. Wall art on a blue background has more Minions hanging from the ceiling, while Felonious Gru and sidekicks watch you sleep.

7. Sunny Minions

This is a simple, yet effective, design. Half of one wall is blue, with the other half yellow. My favorite design component is the Minion face jumping out of the sea of yellow. All you need for the wall is some paint. This look is topped off with a Minions bed and comforter.

8. Dreamy Minions

This design is also easy to do with a few vinyl wall decals and some paint. My favorite part about it is that there are plenty of Minions and other movie characters, but it isn’t overwhelming. Instead, it looks like the wall has been turned into a scene from the movie. This look is topped off with theme bedding.

6 Single Area Minions Ideas

Here, let’s take a look at some designs that only take up one area of the room. These are often murals on a single wall, small displays around a particular piece of furniture, or an accent item. Either way, single area decorations are often highly effective at defining a room or just adding a pop of color.

1. Baby Minions

Here, Minions dressed as babies are added to a mural on the wall. Diapers, toys, and baby bottles indicate Minion age. Finally, the design incorporates other features of the room, such as the heater and shelves.

2. Dry Erase Minions

Sometimes, less is more. Wall decals with whiteboard finish and simple lamp to make a killer study area that isn’t just for kids. Keep the area understated for teenagers and college students alike.

3. Play Area Minions

In this design, a cube organizer cabinet is used to frame a Minions poster. Since the organizer is black, it really makes the blue and yellow (from bins and toy kitchen) pop. Because the cube organizer has only a small percentage of actual Minions, it can be used if the children go on to loving other characters. Just swap out the poster and cover up the yellow and black tape.

4. Bananas Minions

This room makes very effective use of this Minions banana rug. The bright yellow is offset with light blue and white furniture, along with a brow table in the corner and a neutral floor. I can easily imagine the rug being used in a college dormitory or other student lodging to add color. It’s one of the most adult Minions decorating ideas I’ve seen so far.

5. Nap-Ready Minions

This idea is super easy: buy one of the many Minions sleeping bags online, then give it a prominent place in your room. Think about pairing it with a yellow side table for your tablet, or maybe blue and yellow curtains. Either way, if your Minions obsession ever wanes then it’s easy to haul this away.

6. Breaking Through Walls Minions

I can’t get enough of this mural-or the TV that’s nestled in the middle of it. Because the blue and yellow characters appear to be busting through a white brick wall, the color isn’t overwhelming. This room is finished off with white or neutral walls and accents. As a result, the “broken” wall, TV, and characters are the room’s focal point.

11 Arts And Crafts Minions Décor Projects

Finally, let’s take a look at some awesome craft projects with a Minions theme. While wall stickers and murals are great options to define a room, these craft projects can add a pop of color anywhere, inside or out.

1. Storage Minions

How can you not like this Minions dresser? This is a great DIY project that can use an old dresser and some paint from the hardware store. Or, paint an inexpensive dresser from IKEA. Either way, it’s great storage.

2. Chest of Minions

Here’s another creative DIY furniture idea. Start with an old dresser or storage chest. Paint it blue, then let it dry. Next, install wallpaper on the drawer fronts and the sides of the chest. Finish off with a waterproof sealer to protect the wallpaper. Multicolored paper like this hides a lot of marks down the road, so it’s really mom-approved. Best of all, you’re giving old furniture a facelift.

3. Tulle Minions

If your daughter loves both Minions and dancing, try this one. It’s made of tulle, just like a dancer’s tutu. Then, pipe cleaners and a black band, along with one eye are added. Simple, yet effective.

4. Back to School Minions

School classroom doors are often bright and cheery. Here, the Minion is made of paper and taped onto the door. This can also work for a bedroom or other household doorway. Best of all, it’s super easy.

5. Flower Minions

Here’s a way cool centerpiece for a party. This can also be used to brighten a bookcase or other piece of furniture year-round. Best of all, it’s easy to make with tissue paper and either printed cardboard or stickers. Cheery!

6. Coffee Minions

This Minions-themed coffee mug is the cutest. Here, the artist has fashioned a Minions character out of polymer clay, then permanently glued it to a coffee mug. Besides coffee use, this would be a great desk accessory to hold pencils or other items.

7. Seating Minions

Adirondack chairs painted like the Minions? Yes, please! Although these appear to be sized for small children, there’s no reason why you couldn’t paint an adult-sized chair. Or even a rocking chair in the nursery. The design is relatively simple with some planning. Best of all, they can really add color to your room or outdoor space.

8. Planter Minions

A quick look will tell you how these little Minions were created. The head and body are two flower pots that touch at their bases. More pots are added for the feet and connected with a wire. Smaller pots form arms. Finally, the biggest planter has some lovely yellow chrysanthemums. It’s a super creative idea and adds a pop of color to the garden walkway.

9. Bottle Minions

Here, paint is used to turn bottles and household paper rolls into Minions. Fill them with sand, and you have a pretty cool (and cheap) decoration for a kid’s room. Besides the paint, all you need is recyclable materials. Therefore, this is a sustainable way to decorate.

10. Bottle Minions, 2.0

Here’s another variation on the same theme, but it uses glass containers rather than paper or plastic. The jar Minions would make cool pencil cans for your student.

11. Mirror Minions

Finally, here’s a mirror with a Minions theme. To create this, Minions decals would’ve been applied to an ordinary mirror. Choose decals that are intended for walls, since they’re meant to stick on smooth surfaces. This is especially nice as a kid’s bathroom accent, though for bathrooms a waterproof decal should be used.

Have fun!

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