MetroPCS Internet Is Slow? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

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by Emily Carr
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metropcs internet is slow possible causes fixes

Slow internet can ruin your entire day- if your business relies on speedy service, you know how this feels. If you have Metro PCS, there are a few explanations for why there’s a rather sudden change of internet pace.

If your MetroPCS internet is slow, it’s because your plan has lower high-speed capabilities or the cell tower is overworked. Some different contributors include too many apps open on your device, poor weather conditions, and RF interference. To solve the sluggishness of your service, we recommend opting for the $60, most advanced plan.

Continue along to learn about the variety of reasons your MetroPCS internet speed is slow and how you can combat each issue!

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A Quick Background on MetroPCS

MetroPCS Internet access services are offered for tablets, home phones, smartphones, and other wireless devices on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G broadband networks. Depending on your plan, limitations might include a set amount of high-speed data, after which the speed may be restricted or cut off for the remainder of the billing cycle.

In May of 2013, MetroPCS, the prepaid wireless service provider, was acquired by T-Mobile. Thus, MetroPCS can now be used on any T-Mobile device, and Metro customers are able to receive some of the same benefits as their customers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

A few years later, T-Mobile renamed the subsidiary to Metro by T-Mobile. Because MetroPCS is the more widely known name, we’ll continue to use it in this article. However, it’s important to note that both refer to the same company, so you don’t get confused!

Why Is My MetroPCS Internet Slow?

If you’ve run into the issue of lagging internet, you usually find yourself searching for the quickest solution. Why does this happen (& please make it stop!)?

Here are the top 9 factors that impact MetroPCS internet speed:

  • Number of programs running on a single device
  • Distance from a cellular site
  • Functional ability of the cellular site
  • Weather conditions
  • Building or moving vehicle limitations
  • Radio frequency interference
  • Number of customers using MetroPCS in a given area
  • Your specific plan rates and features
  • Uses that impact your network prioritization

We’ll discuss why all of these issues matter and what you can do about each below.

Number of Programs Running on a Single Device

While MetroPCS internet is mostly reliable and one of the cheapest in the industry, there are times when your internet may be painfully slow.

If this has ever happened to you, it could be because too many programs were running at once and have consumed all of your device’s processing power. You can easily fix this by:

  • Closing internet browsers or tabs that you aren’t using
  • Disabling software that you don’t need
  • Removing apps that you seldom use

Then, restart your MetroPCS internet, and that should do the trick!

In some instances, MetroPCS customers have reported slightly faster internet speeds after disabling their VPN software.

Distance From a Cellular Site

Some MetroPCS internet users may experience slower speeds the farther away they are from towers, especially if you’re using the internet from your phone.

While this is inevitable when you’re traveling, the company recommends you ask Metro by T-Mobile about the best areas for increased coverage.

Functional Ability of the Cellular Site

If MetroPCS customers are in an area that’s congested with network traffic or too many users, then speeds may seem slower than normal.

This is almost impossible to predict (as you don’t really know which people in your area have MetroPCS service). However, if you run into this problem, you can reach out to Metro by T-Mobile to see if they can recommend a solution.

Oftentimes, getting a higher-level plan will prioritize your devices on each network.

Weather Conditions

Experts also say that MetroPCS internet can be slowed down by bad weather conditions and unexpected wind/rain intensity.

In the MetroPCS Terms of Service, you can find that T-Mobile can’t guarantee a minimum speed under certain weather conditions. Therefore, your internet might be slower than usual until the storm passes.

The best thing you can do is wait and hope for a speedy improvement! If your internet is still slow even after conditions ameliorate, reach out to customer service to see if they can pinpoint an outage.

If one WiFi tower is down, the next closest one may be working double-duty to support the lack of service.

Building or Moving Vehicle Limitations

Using your MetroPCS internet in a building or moving vehicle can also slow down internet speeds.

This is because as you travel, your device is constantly hopping towers. Additionally, in a building, MetroPCS internet is fighting with WiFi signals from all of the devices that are inside (particularly in a busy office space with computers and cell phones galore).

Unfortunately, unless you decide to switch network providers, there’s really no fix. Depending on your ISP, some areas just have poor signals.

Radio Frequency Interference

Radio interference can also make your MetroPCS internet sluggish. This is most applicable to the MetroPCS wireless internet service offering, which isn’t as protected as a wired connection.

If you are in an area that has a lot of radio stations, your signal could be impacted by the constant flow of information.

Once again, there’s not much of a solution for this other than to move (which is considered a dramatic response for most)!

Number of Customers Using MetroPCS in a Given Area

This ties into the functional capability of your nearest cell phone tower.

MetroPCS is a prepaid service, which means that the company is contractually obligated to deliver on their end by giving you the service that you are paying for. Unfortunately, MetroPCS can’t isolate the tower you’re using from other customers in the area.

An official statement on the Metro by T-Mobile website reads, “If congested, the fraction of users > 35GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds and Metro customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T‑Mobile due to prioritization.”

The only thing we can recommend doing is speaking to T-Mobile customer service about your options for upgrading plans to have access to higher speeds (which will always be a little faster regardless of the congestion).

Your Specific Plan Rates and Features

The reason your MetroPCS internet is slow might be because, for lack of better words, your plan sucks.

MetroPCS offers 4 plans:

  • $30 per month: 2GB of high-speed data per device (some lower-income CA residents may qualify for free)
  • $40 per month: 10GB of high-speed data, access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, unlimited music
  • $50 per month: Unlimited high-speed data, access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, 5GB of hotspot data, 100GB of Google One
  • $60 per month (the top plan option): Unlimited high-speed data, access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, 15GB of hotspot data, 100GB of Google One, free Amazon Prime membership

If you have the lowest $30 plan available, your internet is slow because MetroPCS offers a lower data allotment. Upgrade to improve your speeds!

Uses That Impact Your Network Prioritization

Certain uses also impact your MetroPCS internet speeds.

For example, if you use a lot of data early in the month and you only have 2GB of allotment, your internet speed will instantly slow down once this runs out.

Additionally, if you’re traveling to foreign countries, unless you purchase an international plan for the duration of your trip, you will have to rely on the hotel’s WiFi, which isn’t always efficient.

Lastly, using a HotSpot could also decrease your internet momentum.

What Else Can I Do About Slow MetroPCS Internet?

There are a few other tips to use when trying to speed up your MetroPCS internet. Suggestions include:

  • Keep the software on your computer or phone updated
  • Declutter your devices
  • Reset your internet
  • Call T-Mobile Customer Service

Keeping the software on your device updated will eliminate hardware bugs that count impact service speed. Additionally, removing unused apps can also increase your phone’s function. Often, apps are running in the background that we aren’t aware of.

Once the above steps are complete, reset your internet by deleting the application or forcing a close-down. Then, redownload and open it.

If none of these resolve your internet’s slowness, it’s time to call in the professionals from Metro by T-Mobile.

Related Questions

How can I find the closest MetroPCS near me?

To locate the closest MetroPCS, use the store locator on the Metro by T-Mobile website.They have their own stores, independent from T-Mobile, although both companies can help to point you in the right direction!

Does MetroPCS use GSM or CDMA?

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s GSM (Global System for Mobiles) network.Remember, MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and Metro by T-Mobile is MetroPCS’s own brand. MVNOs don’t have their own towers and instead connect to major carriers for service and coverage.

Does MetroPCS offer modems and routers?

No, but they do have the MetroSMART Hotspot device.It offers 600mHz of high-speed WiFi access on the go. You can connect up to 15 devices simultaneously and manage them through a single, simple web interface.The MetroSMART device is available for $29.99 if you open a new account with Metro by T-Mobile!

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Final Thoughts

If your MetroPCS internet is slow, it’s time to identify the root of the problem.

Metro PCS has a lot of different options for internet service, including 2G of high-speed data up to unlimited high-speed data (at a cost, of course). To maximize results, choose the $60 plan that offers an unlimited supply of 5G access.

Additionally, limit activities like having outdated software on your devices or too many apps running at once. Reach out to MetroPCS customer service to see what your options are if you suffer from stagnant internet service on a daily basis.

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