Marvin Integrity Vs. Andersen 400 (Here Are The Differences)

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Windows are not something that you want to skimp on, but brands like Marvin and Andersen 400 are excellent choices. The brands are similar in quality, but Marvin has more options, and Andersen windows are often cheaper. Whether it be the style, selection, or cost, let’s compare Marvin and Andersen windows.

When selecting new or replacement windows, homeowners understand how making the right choice can come with a number of advantages. A quality window will not only contribute to the home’s overall outer aesthetic, but it will also provide insulation against harsh weather, prevent moisture from entering the home, and possibly increase the home’s value.

There is such a wide variety of window choices on the market, making the decision a complicated one. However, most often, homeowners ask for a comparison between, arguably, the most dominant window manufacturers: Andersen and Marvin. More specifically, the benefits, downsides, and costs associated with their most popular models, Marvin Integrity windows and the Andersen 400 series.

We’ve provided a comprehensive comparison and breakdown of these two century-old window companies to help you make an informed decision about the new windows for your home.

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Marvin Integrity Windows

Marvin Windows is a family-owned and operated window manufacturer that started in 1912. They’ve been in business for four generations and for over one hundred years, this company has been providing homeowners with quality, advanced windows.

The Integrity line by Marvin is constructed of Ultrex Fiberglass. Ultrex fiberglass is a pultruded material that was forged by the Marvin Company and is known for its durability, solidity, and low-maintenance. The Integrity fiberglass line offers two options: The Wood-Ultrex window and the All Ultrex window.

Marvin’s Integrity collection used to be broken down into these two options, however, they are now a part of their own stand-alone line: The Elevate Collection and The Essential Collection, respectively.

Marvin Integrity Window Types

The first option for Marvin Integrity windows is their Wood-Ultrex product, now referred to as the Elevate collection. This window consists of a true wood interior and a fiberglass exterior. You can purchase a Wood-Ultrex window factory painted white or unfinished with its true pine interior. This option also comes in six different exterior colors, making it incredibly versatile to fit your aesthetic desires.

The second option you have in regards to the Marvin Integrity line is their All Ultrex window, or the Essential collection. This window is constructed entirely of fiberglass and also comes in six exterior colors. However, the interior color is only available as Stone White. Having both a durable fiberglass interior and exterior offers a window that is virtually maintenance-free.

Let’s dive deeper and explore all of what the Elevate and Essential collections from Marvin have to offer.

The Elevate Collection

With the Elevate Collection, Marvin combines the strength of fiberglass exterior with the aesthetics of a wood interior. Marvin Windows asserts that their Ultrex fiberglass is eight times stronger than traditional vinyl and is resistant to warping.

Additionally, these windows contain more glass surface than vinyl windows, which can offer plenty of opportunities for maximizing natural light in a home. Their Ultrex construction may be more expensive, but they work great in areas that experience extreme temperature changes. Window styles in the Elevate collection include:

  • Standard
  • Cottage
  • Double Hung
  • Oriel

The cost for windows in the Elevate collection ranges from $1200 to $1500, not including the price of installation.

The Essential Collection

Constructed entirely of their Ultrex fiberglass material, the Essential collection is Marvin’s most durable window option. They are designed to have a long lifespan and be practically maintenance-free. This series is perfect for homeowners who’ve just moved into a starter home that requires an upgrade to energy efficiency.

The Essential collection is also one of Marvin’s most affordable window series’ since it is limited to six exterior finishes, five hardware types, and the traditional obscure glass. Despite the limited finish options, this collection comes in a wide variety of window styles, such as:

  • Glider
  • Roundtop
  • Single-hung
  • Double Hung
  • Casement

The cost for windows in the Essential collection ranges from $250 to $600, not including the price of installation.

Why Marvin Integrity?

Strength and durability are by far the biggest draws for Marvin Integrity windows. Their patented fiberglass outer shell is built to withstand the elements and outperforms roll-foam aluminum, vinyl, and other fiberglass composites.

Strength tests proclaim that their Ultrex fiberglass is three-times stronger than vinyl/wood composites and eight-times more durably than vinyl. Both the Elevate and Essential collections resist peeling, cracking, chalking, and fading.

Aside from durability, Marvin windows are also known for their energy efficiency. All styles and types that they offer are Energy Star Certified for the highest possible efficiency rating. Marvin is also one of the very few companies that provide the option for custom windows, built to your intended specs. For custom-built windows, Marvin offers a limitless amount of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Additionally, Marvin’s Limited Warranty certifies the glass and exterior fiberglass of their windows for twenty years, the interior construction for five years, and the window’s hardware for ten years.

Andersen 400 Series

Andersen Windows & Doors is the largest window manufacturer in North America, offering many different options to fit your needs. Their 400 series is considered to be their most popular collection, offering the best blend of style and performance. These windows are constructed of a vinyl exterior and a wood interior.

The vinyl-clad exterior of the 400 series allows for very little maintenance and offers protection against water damage. In regards to the interior, the Andersen 400 series windows come in prefinished white, dark bronze, black, or the traditional unfinished natural pine. They also have a wide variety of hardware finishes and styles, glass options, and grille designs.

Additionally, this series comes in a number of window options including:

  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Double Hung
  • Gliding (sliding)
  • Bay and Bow
  • & over 20 specialty shape windows

Andersen 400 Series Costs

The overall price you can expect to pay for Andersen 400 series windows will vary depending on the window style and whether installation is factored in or not. The least expensive window, a picture window, starts at around $200 and can be close to $262 with installation included.

The average cost for bay and bow windows ranges from $1,570 to $2,030 and roughly $927 for awning windows. Regardless, the average cost for Andersen 400 Series windows is between $390 and $422.

Why Andersen 400 Series?

The 400 series are vinyl-clad, meaning that the windows have a solid wood core with an exterior vinyl covering. The vinyl outer layer protects the frame from denting, seals out the elements and resists water.

Their outer exterior also consists of a Perma-Shield technology, that prevents flaking, corrosion, and will never require repainting. Similar to Marvin, the Andersen 400 series is also low-maintenance, saving you the hassle and time that comes with window repairs.

Overall, these window products offer energy efficiency in the home due to their weather stripping that seals out wind, water, and drafts. Andersen also has a wide array of glass options, allowing the potential for even more energy efficiency.

The Andersen 400 series comes in a number of window styles, exterior colors, interior stains, and hardware finishes. The multitude of options allow for plenty of customization opportunities to fit your practical needs and design preferences.

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Marvin Windows vs. Andersen Windows

Both Andersen and Marvin are very well-known and popular window manufacturers. However, when it comes to availability, most homeowners feel that Marvin has a broader market, making it much easier to acquire their products.

In regards to warranty, these companies offer relatively similar protection. Marvin guarantees a 20-year warranty on glass and a 10-year limited warranty on window parts. Whereas, Andersen protects workmanship and installment problems for two years, glass for 20 years, and other parts for 10. Andersen warranties do not extend to weather conditions and associated damages, while Marvin’s do.

In general, both companies are highly regarded and you’ll find rave reviews for each from contractors and homeowners alike. If you’re looking for broader availability and a more comprehensive warranty, Marvin is the winner. However, for more cost-effective windows overall, Andersen is the way to go.

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