Layout Ideas For 8×8 Bathroom (With Photos)

An 8’x8’ bathroom gives you plenty of space and freedom to play around with the ideal layout. The vanity layout is the most common design choice for 8’x8’ bathrooms. Whether it be accommodating a large tub and shower or building a vanity, let’s take a look a the best layouts for an 8’x8’ bathroom.

layout ideas for 8x8 bathroom

It’s very common to draw out a full-scale floor plan for an entire house remodel. However, most homeowners neglect to sketch out their plan for a bathroom remodel, often resorting to just mental planning. It’s possible that this happens because they feel the few services and smaller size of bathrooms make physical plans somewhat meaningless.

There are several layout ideas you can incorporate for your 8×8 bathroom, including the vanity layout. There are several other layout options to help to accommodate a large toilet or a large shower. Or, if you prefer, there is an idea so that you can have private toilet space separated from your shower. 

To put this into perspective, consider how impractical and uncomfortable the space would be if the bathtub is placed too close to the toilet. Also, you don’t want to be that homeowner who didn’t compensate for the space the door will need to swing in and out, and it ends up knocking into the toilet.

Engaging in meticulous bathroom planning can help you foresee any issues and adjust for them prior to any installs. Specifically, we’re going to take a look at 8×8 or 64 square foot bathrooms, layout ideas as well as some acceptable bathroom planning practices.

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Why Choose A Layout?

Choosing a layout allows you to add some character to your home and helps so that you can make the most out of the space within your bathroom. An 8′ by 8′ bathroom is extremely large, about 4 times larger than that of an apartment bathroom. While you may not think you need a layout, you do.

If you don’t choose a layout and you start to install furniture and fixtures, this will cause the room to feel cramped. If you’re not going about it in an organized way, you may also end up causing an issue with plumbing or another major problem. This is why it’s a great idea to choose a layout and plan everything out before embarking on your creation.

Having a large bathroom is considered to be a luxury. So, why not embrace that and make your bathroom look even larger rather than making it feel smothered. For example,  you could even install a tub and a shower with a toilet alcove and a double sink vanity and still have an ample amount of room. But if you don’t do it the right way with the proper layout, it’s going to feel cramped.

Measuring Your Space

You’ll need to begin by calculating the proper measurements in order to ensure successful bathroom planning. Here are all the essential factors that you should consider when measuring and space planning for your bathroom remodel:

  1. Toilet – For proper placement, you’ll want to allow at least 16 inches from the middle of the bathroom to either a wall or fixture on each side. If you’re planning a toilet compartment, it needs to be at least 66 inches deep by 36 inches wide. Also, measure the rough-in space or the the distance from the wall to the middle of the toilet’s drain. A typical rough-in is 12 inches.
  2. Doorways – Any doorways should be at least 32 inches.
  3. Mirror – First, consider the height of the user or users of the mirror. You’ll typically need to have 8 inches or more from the top of the sink to the bottom of the mirror.
  4. Vanities30-32 inches tall is the average height for bathroom vanities. However, this height can be adjusted depending on the user’s height.
  5. Sinks – Allow for at least 15 inches from the middle of the sink to a sidewall. If you have two sinks on your vanity, you should have 36 inches between them.
  6. Walkways – For proper space, walkways should start at 36 inches
  7. Towel Bars36 inches is the standard for towel bar space per person. These should be installed 36-48 inches from the floor.
  8. Shower – If your bathroom has a shower, the minimum suggested interior measurements are 34 x 34 inches. Also, keep in mind that their swinging doors have to open into the bathroom.
  9. Tub/Shower Combo – If you’ve opted for a tub/shower combo, the faucet should be mounted 30-33 inches from the floor of the bathroom. At the same time, the showerhead needs to be 69-72 inches above the floor.

8×8 Bathroom Layout for Awkward Room Shape

Although this is still an 8×8, 64 square foot bathroom layout, it’s not perfectly shaped. In some cases, your bathroom space is not completely rectangular. You may be experiencing this if you have a nearby coat closet, furnace closet, or any other essential structural mechanisms that are infringing on your bathroom.

This example shows you exactly how you can fit all the crucial features of your bathroom into the available space.


  • Alcove included. Instead of having the bathtub right up next to the toilet, an alcove wall was installed for privacy and comfort.
  • Vanity across from the toilet. The sink vanity fits perfectly into the narrow space across from the toilet. Installing it here makes excellent, efficient use of the space.
  • Door swings easily. The entryway door swings open seamlessly, without knocking into any of the bathroom features.

Large Vanity Layout

If you’re looking for a floor plan that allows for a larger vanity, or the option of having two sinks, this might be the one for you. This layout also makes use of the space next to the bathtub as a linen closet. Although this takes away from the overall space in the bathroom, it can add necessary storage to your home.


  • The bathtub has privacy. The bathtub situated to the right can offer some privacy from the entryway view.
  • Entryway opens to a vanity. Instead of having the entryway be set up right next to the bathtub, it opens up to the large vanity.
  • Option to install a second sink. A large vanity gives you the option of installing an additional sink.
  • Toilet privacy. The toilet is situated right next to the vanity, across from the bathing area. This location offers little privacy compared to the use of an alcove wall.

64 Square Foot Toilet Privacy

Where the last layout lacked privacy, this one makes up for it. Does your bathroom typically have to be used by more than one person at the same time? Creating a closed-off space with partition walls and a pocket door can help with this. In this example, the private area for the toilet can help to improve the efficiency of your bathroom.


  • Use of a pocket door. Partition walls and a pocket door creates the perfect toilet alcove. Consider using a pocket door to eliminate door swings and amplify space in your bathroom.
  • Install two sinks. The large, long vanity offers the option of installing two sinks.
  • Private space for the toilet. This floor plan allows for a generous amount of private space for the toilet.

Large Shower Enclosure Layout

Though this floor plan is slightly larger than a standard 8×8, it should still be considered as an option when planning you are planning your ideal bathroom layout. The square-shaped design has plenty of room for all the necessary features. It even allows for a large shower enclosure if you prefer this over a bathtub.


  • Large space. Ample amount of space for a large wall cabinet.
  • Everything fits. This layout effortlessly fits the sink, shower enclosure, and toilet. It efficiently fulfills the requirements of a master bathroom.
  • Spacious shower. The large shower enclosure is luxurious and very spacious. It could also be swapped out for a bathtub or tub/shower combo depending on preference.

Three-Quarter Bathroom With Storage

Who knew you could fit a double sink, toilet, bathtub, and floor to ceiling cabinetry in just 64 square feet? Though it is a little bit of a tight squeeze, it is possible to fit it all in your bathroom. The addition of the privacy walls next to the tub and toilet is an excellent touch.

However, the only downside seems to be that the entryway door will have to swing into the cabinet. It’s a small price to pay for extra storage.


  • You can install a double sink vanity. Plenty of space in the room for a double sink.
  • Privacy and comfort. The installation of partition walls allows privacy and comfort for both the toilet and bathtub.
  • Large tub accommodation. A meticulous design gives space for a full 60-inch tub and a storage cabinet.
  • Spacious toilet area. The toilet area is very spacious and not too cramped for the user.
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Wrapping It Up

A gorgeous, efficiently designed 8′ x 8′ bathroom can result from meticulous planning on your behalf. To achieve the perfect layout, make sure to sketch it out beforehand so you can pinpoint any issues that may arise. Although your 64 square foot space may appear small, it is mighty. Whether you want a double sink, full shower enclosure, privacy walls, or extra storage space, all of this is possible with the proper preparation.

For additional bathroom remodel tips, head over to “How to Install 12×24 Porcelain Tile on a Shower Wall” or “How to Fix a Gap Between Vanity and Wall.” This will help you plan your layout even better!

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