35+ Laundry Room Ideas (with Photos)

laundry room ideas

I can admit that laundry is one of my least favorite chores to do around the house. What if we could make laundry a little easier to enjoy with a perfectly designed space. A laundry that is well-designed and organized can lessen the stress and even save you time and energy.

Many homeowners may choose to implement sinks in their laundry rooms, along with baskets and shelves. You’ll be able to wash, dry, fold, and hang in record time! Laundry normally takes me all day, and even longer to fold as it tends to just sit in my basket.

A well-crafted laundry space lets you get your chores done comfortably and you can make your budget. From having warm nooks, to smaller rooms that will cover all of your laundry needs, there are many laundry room layouts for every home. In life we have many responsibilities, but women know the more organized we keep a space, the easier it is to get those tasks completed. Let’s have some fun with our design space!

Tips To Save Time In Your Laundry Room

Let’s be real, some days you need to be quick with laundry, and some days you have very little on your to-do list that it can take your time. If you’re the type that’s always in a rush, I’ve put together shortcuts that may help you save some time. Put these good tips to use to buy more time in your day.

Sorting. Sorting your laundry before throwing them in the wash can save you the trouble of doing it later. If you’re doing laundry in peak hours, sorting is the way to go.

Do larger loads. If you have an energy-efficient washer, consider doing larger loads instead of small ones.

Do it all in one day. If you can, try getting your laundry finished all in one day. You can wash, dry, and fold, and save the putting away for the next day.

Keep separate bins. Instead of having your family throw all of their clothes and towels into one bin, keep separate laundry bins for certain clothing items. In our home, we have bins for our regular clothes, towels, sports clothing, and our toddler’s clothes. Some things may need to be washed differently so this helps a lot.

35+ Laundry Room Ideas

1. All-White

This all-white laundry room is simply stunning. From the appliances, sink, countertops, backsplash, and rinsing station, every inch is gorgeous and clean. The owners installed floating shelves that extend from each end for storage of decor, clothes, and containers.

2. Rustic Gray

Here we have a small rustic-gray laundry room. The flooring is designed in a small tile that is different shades of gray. The brick wall is painted in a lighter shade of gray with white edging. The homeowners have also installed wooden shelving united to hold washcloths and towels, and a laundry bin for dirty clothes underneath.

3. Natural

This space just screams natural. The large window brings enough natural light during the day that the lighting fixture isn’t needed. By the window, there is a functioning counter space that you can use for folding and ironing. The appliances are stackable, which saves a lot of space in the room, and shelving units have been installed to hold towels and washcloths. The natural dark-stained hardwood flooring is beautiful with a small area rug for design.

4. Neutral Farmhouse

I am in love with the design of this laundry room. The theme here is a neutral farmhouse. The colors are light and inviting. Here we have a light shade of beige for the cabinets that can store cleaning supplies with a gorgeous white farmhouse sink. The backsplash used is just a shade darker to make the room stand out against the natural light. There’s also extra storage space with wall cabinets and functioning counter space above the appliances.

5. Shiplap

If you like a farmhouse without going too overboard, here is a beautifully designed room with a ship-lapped wall. All of their organization is hung in order on the wall saving a lot of counter space. The laundry bins are held up by modern black hooks along with toilet paper. This laundry room comes with a farmhouse sink and even a seating area.

6. Ocean Vibes

These light shades remind me of being at the ocean when you’re staying in a rental. This room is basic and to the point, but still has everything you need in a laundry room. There are enough shelving and wicker baskets to hold towels. There’s also plenty of functional countertop space for folding, and a container to hold soap and detergents.

7. Dark Stain

If you’re opting for wooden counter space, try a dark stain. Dark stains look beautiful against white furnishings and appliances.

8. Modern

Here we have a large, modern-gray laundry room with beautiful marble countertop space. The natural hardwood flooring complements the white appliances and countertops. There is also plenty of cabinet space on the walls and below that makes everything easier to access without needing to leave the room.

9. Boho

This small space reminds me of a boho-themed setting. Whenever you want to achieve a boho look, you can never go wrong with wood furnishings and wicker baskets.

10. Wooden Beams

If your space allows, try adding wooden beams to your ceiling to add more appeal to your room. This homeowner kept natural wood beams against a white ceiling, then added baby blue cabinets for color.

11. Pipe Shelving

Another great addition to include if you’re trying to achieve a farmhouse look is to install pipe shelving. Pipe shelving started to take off over the last few years and can bring so much aesthetic appeal to space. This can be purchased or a great DIY option.

12. Shades of Brown

In this small laundry corner, we have shades of brown used from the floor cabinets, countertops, and the framing along with the windows.

13. Stainless Steel Appliances

If you’re renovating your laundry room, new stainless steel appliances can instantly improve a room. Stainless steel pairs well against almost any color, but takes off around a white setting.

14. Combination

This laundry room is a combination of a laundry and craft room. For those of you who have plenty of space, this is a great way to get a lot of use out of one area. There’s plenty of shelving to store both your laundry items and craft items, and a perfect workspace for crafting and folding laundry.

15. Farmhouse

Here we have your standard farmhouse-themed laundry room. There’s a white sink with a mirror installed on the backspace, stained counter space above the appliances, and white shelving with clear containers that keep it clean and simple.

16. Iron Board Hack

If you’re running out of space to store your laundry items, behind the door goes overlooked all the time. Consider hanging your ironing board on the back of your door to save up space.

17. Stackable Appliances

Having stackable appliances are a great way to save space. As you can see here, this homeowner installed cabinets to work around their stackable. They even included a cute little dog area for their pet to relax in if they’re in there doing laundry.

18. Cubby Shelves

If you’re working with smaller areas, cubby shelving is a great space-saving and budget-friendly alternative to cabinets. You can choose to leave your cubbies open as shown here, or even get cubed organizers to conceal your laundry items.

19. Floral

If you live in a spring-like setting all year round, this is a great theme to have. This space is designed for all-around sunshine and florals. The blues and floral decor keep it very bright and welcoming.

20. Laundry Bin Storage

Here we have a great way to store your laundry bins right in your laundry room. For most owners, laundry bigs can end up all over the home in different rooms. Here we have three areas that allow for your family to sort their clothes with no excuses. You can use one for whites, another for towels, and the last for dark-colored clothing items.

21. Pattern Floors

While upgrading a laundry room, many homeowners leave out the design of their floor. Most probably keep their carpets or hardwood flooring, but very little may add a patterned tile to their floor.

22. Hanging Rod

Another way to save space is to install a hanging rod on the bottom of your shelves. This is a great addition to have and will save you a lot of time from needing to iron, as you can easily remove your clothes and hang them up immediately.

23. Cabinet Lights

To make your cabinets and counters the focal point of your laundry room, try installing LED lighting underneath. This will also help brighten your room if you don’t have a lot of natural lighting already coming in.

24. Blue and Green

If you want to get your laundry room to pop, try installing this Blue and Green chevron floor to add an appealing design.

25. Yellows

Doing laundry is such a repetitive task that most of us dread when laundry day approaches. To try and lift yourself out of the blues, try painting your walls in a bright shade of yellow to lift your mood.

26. Beige

Here we have a large, gorgeous laundry with white appliances and beige cabinets throughout with modern handles. The floors are also the same shade, but it’s not overwhelming since the countertops are dark and the knobs are modern black.

27. Linens

The majority of homeowners tend to forget about the storage of their linens. This is a great way to organize your linens by hanging and organizing them by colors.

28. Green

Here we have a beautiful shade of green with a small red backsplash and white, stackable appliances.

29. Country

This laundry is a great country-style area just from the shade of walls alone and a chair. It always gives plenty of natural light to enhance the white appliances and wall cabinets.

30. Wicker Baskets

This room has plenty of wicker basket storage in all areas to bring an aesthetically pleasing vibe to the room.

31. White and Gold

I love the combinations of white and gold used in this laundry room. The appliances are white and stackable with a black inside. The cabinets are white with gold handles and a neutral countertop to match. There’s also plenty of storage space for towels, soaps, and wash clothes. The laundry bins underneath can easily be slid out when you want to throw dirty clothes in, as opposed to taking the entire bin out.

32. Window and Drying Rack

We’re so used to seeing standard-sized windows, that this circular window makes this room very appealing. I also love how they designed this space in all white and included a drying rack right above the appliances.

33. Checkered Walls

This laundry room has a lot of modern touches. We have dark stainless steel appliances with wooden counter space above and a gorgeous checkered-styled wall. I love the decorated ladder they added to hang linens and the red area rug to add pops of color.

34. Purple, Purple, Purple!

When you first see this room, I bet your reaction is, “wow!” This room is designed using different shades of purple throughout. Believe it or not, people love to design their rooms all in one color. This purple room is done beautifully for those who love the shade of purple. You can add the stainless steel appliances as shown here or white appliances if you want to brighten the space up more.

35. Green Appliances

This laundry room has a very unique, but space-saving design. The appliances are green, which many don’t choose to go with, but this color fits beautifully in this space. Underneath this space, we have white storage that can hold items such as towels, shoes, or other laundry items. There’s storage space above the appliances and a place to hang shirts on the side when you’re finished drying.

36. Spa-Like

This laundry room gives off a very spa-like feel. To the left, we have a little tub for rinsing off items. There are white appliances with counter space above and a hanging rod to hang clothes items. My favorite part about this space is the stained ceiling with recessed lighting.

Tips For Organization

These organization tips will make the most out of your laundry room and have you feeling like a new person. You can discover organization for things like dryer sheets, wool balls, and other essentials that are key for making laundry day go smoother.

  1. Shelves behind your door – there are times when homeowners often tend to forget about the space used behind doors. You can get a shelving unit and have it mounted on the wall behind your door. This would be a cheaper and budget-friendly storage option.
  2. Shelves and clothing rods – having proper shelving and clothing rods will save you so much time on having to iron clothes. Having a rod will allow you to hang up clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer to prevent wrinkles. You’ll also be provided extra shelving storage to store other small items.
  3. Sponge holders – if you have a utility sink in your laundry room, you’ll know that wet sponges always end up on the end. They never fully become dry and often can become moldy and smelly. You can install a sieve into the side or front to dry your sponges.
  4. Ironing space – if you’re the type that likes to iron their clothes and doesn’t want to hang a rod, you can install an ironing board that stores right on your wall and can easily be folded down for use.
  5. Holders for clothes hangers – do you ever become frustrated from having so many clothes hangers laying all over your house? If you have cabinets, you can install a clothes hanger holder. This can be done by easily installing a simple towel bar to the bottom of your cabinets.
  6. Wall cabinet – if you have a nice amount of space above your washer and dryer, you can install a wall cabinet. I love wall cabinets because it minimizes the amount of storage and clutter you see.
  7. Laundry chute – if the layout of your home allows, consider installing a laundry chute. You can save a lot of space by having hampers all over by tossing your clothes right down the chute. You’ll love the convenience and the kids will enjoy it, too!

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

When creating your laundry room, having the right decor that goes with the aesthetic of your room is very important. It can make or break your space. Here are some laundry room decor ideas to help you along the way!

  1. Choose the right shade for your cabinets – painted cabinets that are outdated can improve an area. Painting your cabinets a bright color or a shade that flows with the rest of your room, while adding modern handles can drastically improve a space. With just a touch of paint, you can take your laundry room to a whole other level!
  2. Use wallpaper – you can use wallpaper to create texture in a space. Wallpaper can make a room seem more interesting, while still preventing it from seeming overwhelming.
  3. Appliance upgrade – if you’re working with older appliances, considered upgraded your washer and dryer. Appliances can come in a variety of colors so pick one that will go along with the color scheme of your room. We have an energy-efficient washer and dryer that have a steam and wrinkle setting, which saves a lot of time on ironing.
  4. Add counters – add some beauty to your laundry room by adding counters. Counters in your laundry room should be functional and not just for show, considering how much laundry will be cleaned there.
  5. Install shelves – one of my favorite additions to have in my laundry room aside from wall cabinets are floating shelves.
  6. Add a touch of style – consider adding artwork around your room to throw in pops of color. Adding artwork or canvas’ can keep your space more inviting.
  7. Flooring – in my opinion, it’s best to choose natural flooring when designing your laundry room. Wood-like tile would be a great addition to a laundry room and would give warmth.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you design your laundry room, remember you want your room to be functional more than ever. Making it aesthetically appealing is great, but you also want to make sure that it’s comfortable and will allow you to get the job done easily.

Don’t create harder problems for yourself by adding too much just to have a good photo. Set a budget, pick your theme, pick a color scheme, then you can focus on the really fun part of decorating. I hope you’ve received enough inspiration that will help you design your dream space. Enjoy washing!

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