Is Parkland, Florida A Good Place To Live?

Is Parkland Florida A Good Place To Live?

Many of us have heard of Parkland, Florida, due to the vicious shooting in 2018. Though this event may make you wary about moving to Parkland, you should know that it is actually a lovely neighborhood to live in. Most of the community is happy, comfortable, and safe. You should not let past events dictate whether or not you should move to this area. 

Parkland, Florida, is an excellent place to live. It is in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale and has a smaller population than other places. Believe it or not, Parkland has a total crime rate that is 77% lower than the national average. Most people love living in this part of Florida. 

If you are looking for a tight-knit community with each other’s back during times of need, this is the area for you. There are events throughout the year to draw each other together and a very responsive police department that helps ensure safety. Parkland, Florida, offers schools rated above average and homes that provide a great family feel. This is one of the best places to settle down or to start growing a family. 

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Why Is Parkland A Good Place To Live?

You will notice tons of coffee shops, bars, and restaurants in this area and a rural feeling when you move into your home. There is a diverse mix of people and only around 31,454 residents making it smaller than other areas. There are so many activities and events throughout the year; this helps make it a great place to live.

Reasonable Cost To Live

The median home value of Parkland, Florida, is $611,800. This price is way above the national average, which rests at around $217,500, but the homes in Parkland are one of a kind, and you are sure to find something you love. 

The median rent in Parkland, Florida, is $2,439 per month, and it covers most of the expenses like utilities and water. This price is also above the national average, which rests at $1,062. There are many condos, townhouses, and apartments for rent in Parkland, yet people still choose to buy when they can afford it. 

The cost of living is still considered reasonable for this area because people tend to earn a lot more in this place. They have good jobs and can afford this area. Though it may seem high, don’t worry, you can find a job that will help support you well enough to be able to afford this area. 

A Scenic Experience

Parkland is one of the most beautiful places you could choose to live and there are tons of places to stop and take pictures. Though this is part of a city and a bustling state, Parkland is known to have some amazing outdoor parks with amazing views. These scenic parks allow everyone to have a chance to escape home and get out in nature.

There are beaches close by and you can take day trips to other parts of Florida very easily. Parkland is a convenient location to other cities with even more beautiful views. Try out Pine Trails Park if you need a pretty view, barbecues, and a fun outside space for your kids. 

Lower Crime Rates

Based on reports released by the FBI in 2019, there were 536 crimes reported per 100k people. This is well below the national average, making it safer to own a home than other parts of Florida. The total crime rate is 77% below the national average though you may have heard different things. The truth is this is an incredibly secure area where very little crime happens. Your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 179 which is an extraordinary chance. This area is 90% safer than other cities in the United States. 

Loads Of Recreation

During a typical year, you can expect a lot of things going on. There are mini-golf courses, escape rooms, indoor playgrounds, and of course, many movie theaters to choose from. There is a wide range of activities to choose from. This helps entertain the locals but also draws in more people. 

Every year, you can enjoy some fun events like the renaissance festival and every week there is a parkland farmers market. There is also a good golf course nearby where you can take your friends and enjoy the bright green grass. 

Lower Unemployment Rates

One of the best reasons why people move to Parkland versus other areas in Florida is because of the incredible job opportunities. The unemployment rate is 15% below the national average and many people never need to get unemployment in this area. The income per capita is 82% above the national average. Many people make enough to live exceptionally comfortably. 

Living in Parkland costs 30% more than the neighboring towns. To live comfortably in Parkland, you will need a large amount. However, many homes earn on average $154,844 per year. This yearly income is much more than what you can earn in neighboring towns.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Parkland?

There is no city that is perfect, but Parkland is as close as it gets. It is safe, reasonably priced, and has a close community. There are only a few downfalls of living in this area but not as many as the benefits of living here. 

  • Weather: One of the major downfalls of this area is that this area can get exceptionally warm in the summer. You will want to ensure your house has proper cooling systems in place or you have access to a pool. 
  • Price: For most people who live in Parkland, the price is affordable because they make more than average. However, if you make less than what’s needed to live in Parkland, the houses may be out of your budget. It can take time to save up and move here. 

Honestly, there are no massive downfalls of living in this area. Parkland, Florida, is one of the best places you could move to if you get the chance. You won’t regret the decisions to make this area your forever home. 

What Is The Actual Cost Of Living In Parkland?

Honestly, Parkland is more expensive than other areas, but you have to keep in mind that most people make a decent living in this area. Every score is based out of 100, which is the national average. Overall, Parkland has a rate that is 158.4 out of 100. Most other places in Florida score 104 out of 100. Here are other scores to keep in mind when moving to Parkland. 

  • Groceries: This is lower than some of the other things in Parkland but still scores 111.6 out of 100. 
  • Health:  This is one area where the score is actually below the national average resting at 96.8.
  • Utilities: This is another area where it is below the national average. Out of 100 utilities is 97.2.
  • Transportation: You may have to be focused on transportation because it can increase your cost of living in Parkland. The score is 132.7 out of 100.

The more you make in this area, the less you will have to worry about the cost of living, and many people experience this. They can live comfortably and not worry too much about the budget. Still, it will be something to think about before moving to this area. 

Related Questions

Is Parkland, Florida, a rich area?

The cost of homes is higher than average in this area, and many people make more money than the national average. Due to these reasons, this area is more affluent than other areas. Some people may consider this a rich area. 

Is Parkland close to the beach?

Parkland is in the suburb of Fort Lauderdale, and about 9 miles are from the nearest beach called Deerfield beach. If you are looking to go to Miami beach from Parkland, you should expect it to take about one hour without traffic. Miami Beach is about 49 miles away from the center of Parkland. 

How far is Parkland from Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is known for some pretty historical sites and fantastic shopping experiences. If you live in Parkland, chances are you may work in Fort Lauderdale or want to visit often. Fort Lauderdale is about 30 miles away from Parkland and an effortless drive. You can expect it to take about 30 to 35 minutes to get there. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Parkland, Florida, is a wonderful place to live, and if you can afford it, you should absolutely move there. It is a good place to settle down and raise the family and one of the best areas to look for a close community. If you are wondering about places to avoid near Parkland, you should know that this is a very safe neighborhood with less crime than you can imagine. In almost all communities in Parkland, you can rest assured that you will be safe and out of harm’s way.

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