Is Pahrump A Good Place To Live? (Find Out Now!)

Is Pahrump a Good Place to Live

Nevada in general, not just Las Vegas, is becoming a destination for new residents. Reno is one of the one-the-rise cities in the state as people look for an alternative to the ever-rising housing costs of the Sin City.

Pahrump is looking like one of the best-kept secrets of Nevada. Just 60 miles away from Las Vegas, it offers a chance to live close to the bright lights of the big city without having to take on the inflated costs involved. The lower cost of living, combined with the warmer weather and proximity to Las Vegas make Pahrump an attractive alternative.

Why Pahrump Is A Good Place To Live

One of the Best Retirement Cities

Perhaps one of the largest selling points for Pahrump is its senior population. Over 30 percent of the population are seniors, up nearly 2 percent from 2018. There are plenty of reasons why residents choose Pahrump (and Nevada in general), more of which we will cover further down.

That said, a study ranked Pahrump as the 4th best place to retire in Nevada. SmartAsset, a financial tech company, ran the study and showed that many factors played into the ranking. Among them are the number of seniors in the population, the state and local taxes, the number of recreation and retirement centers, and the number of services like doctors’ offices.

Cost of Living

Maybe the biggest selling point to Pahrump is the cost of living. The average cost of living in the United States is about $5,100, though that is somewhat skewed by major cities like New York or San Francisco where the costs of living are astronomical.

Compared to the rest of Nevada, Las Vegas in particular, Pahrump has a much lower than average cost of living.  Pahrump is below the average cost of living on groceries, healthcare, transportation, and miscellaneous by quite a large margin.

Perhaps the biggest disparity is in the median home cost. The median cost of a home in Nevada is about $294,000. In Pahrump, it is just $187,100. That means affordable housing in a town that is gaining steam as a retirement destination.

Job Market

If there is one major detriment to living in Pahrump, it may be the job market. That said, there has been positive growth with a 3 percent jump in the last year alone. There has also been an increase in the median salary as well.

That said, the Pahrump job market is still below average in terms of income per capita and household income. For the former, the national income per capita average is almost $9,000 higher while the median household income is over $14,000 higher.

While those are definitely detriments, the news is not all bad. National job growth is at about 1.59% right now; in Pahrump it is nearly 3% (2.96%). Future job growth is also above average, with the national being 33.51% while Pahrump’s future job growth is 35%.  So, while the current job market may not quite stack up to the national average, growth is happening both now and in the future.

Local Economy

There is one number in particular that jumps out and it seems scary: the unemployment rate. At 5.8%, it is more than 1.5 times that of the national average. That said, there has been a growth in the job market (as stated above) and projects to be higher levels of growth over the next 10 years.

The average income in Pahrump is $22,857 while the median household income is about $41,277. Those are still well below the averages nationwide.

There is a major growth in construction, with incremental growth in retail trade, transportation and warehousing, and utilities. The local economy continues to lag when it comes to wholesale trade, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Growth and Development

While the stats may not show it, there has been major growth in Pahrump throughout the decades. Ask residents who have been there for the long-haul. Time was when there was little more than a single major road and not much else.

Now, Pahrump has a wide array of restaurants, attractions, and more. It may not quite match up to the bright lights of Las Vegas, but what can, really? For a nice, out-of-the-way place, Pahrump checks off many boxes that the best small cities check off.

What is There to Do In Pahrump?

First and foremost, Pahrump knows what it is and what it is compared to. There is an understanding that it will not match up to all that Las Vegas has to offer and that is okay. That said, there is far more to do in Pahrump than one would think.

For one, there is no shortage of casinos in the area. There is the Saddle West Hotel and Casino, The Pahrump Nugget Casino, the Lakeside Casino, and more. You don’t have to travel the 60 miles to Las Vegas to get a good gambling experience.

Gambling is not the only destination, either. There are a wide array of vineyards and wineries to see, the science museums, specialty museums, and even Red Apple Fireworks. Tourists and residents alike will find that there is plenty to do in Pahrump.

The Great Outdoors

Another major attraction to Pahrump is the various adventures that can be experienced in the Mojave Desert. There is plenty of golf to partake in, geocaching, and a ton of different OHV/ATV trails and sand dunes.

Guests and residents can also hike the Spring Mountain National Recreation area. There re also high-performance driving courses where drivers can race on blind drops, banked corners, and so much more. Something for everyone.

Beautiful Scenery

Though it is located in the Mojave Desert, that does not mean that there is not much to see in Pahrump. It is in close proximity to Mount Charleston, Spring Mountains, and Death Valley National Park. That means Pahrump delivers when it comes to outdoor adventures.

Pahrump Valley is home to Mountain Motorsports Ranch and Lake Spring Mountain. Rent watercraft, private cabanas, paddleboards, and more to have fun in the beautiful waters. The beauty of Nevada is something that is underrated in general.

Ideal Weather

The Mojave Desert can get quite hot – as Las Vegas – but Pahrump comes in quite a bit cooler. On average, Pahrump is anywhere from 3-5 degrees cooler than Las Vegas. And even though it is situated high in the desert, Pahrump gets all four seasons. It is common to see falling leaves and, on a more rare occasion, falling wintertime snow.

Whether you like to take a few trips a year or find yourself in the RV more often than not, Pahrump is a great place to make use of your recreational vehicle due to the moderate weather and the abundance of sunshine available.

Annual Festivals and Events

Despite being a small town, Pahrump has an array of annual events. The Wild West Extravaganza, for instance, looks like the 1880s west come to life. The Sanders Winery Concert Series provides live entertainment while patrons sip on a wide variety of wine that is made right there on the property.

The POWWOW is a Native American celebration, complete with tribal dancers. The Pahrump Fall Festival has been run annually for over 50 years, becoming tradition in the city. There are more and more events each year, featuring more concerts, vendors, and fun to partake in for residents.

Small Town Living

Another major selling point of Pahrump is that it provides a small-town atmosphere. People looking to escape the outrageous housing prices, as well as the hustle and bustle, of Las Vegas are escaping to the smaller towns.

Despite humble beginnings, Pahrump is not the average small town. That said, it enjoys the same quiet, friendly atmosphere that many other small towns share. People looking for a nice, quiet place to settle down need to look no further.

The Las Vegas Factor

Given their proximity, it would be remiss if Las Vegas was not mentioned. Simply put it is one of the premier tourist destinations not just in the United States but the world at large. Being just 60 miles away, Pahrump residents can be in Sin City within an hour if they so choose.

Being so close to Las Vegas also means having access to world-class entertainment whenever it is desired. Vegas is home to some of the biggest musical acts in the world, garnering the likes of Celine Dion and Britney Spears to play their venues.

There are theatrical shows like Cirque Du Solei to be enjoyed as well. There is also the growing professional sports scene. The Raiders of the NFL moved from Oakland last season and the NHL’s Golden Knights are in their 3rd season.

There is nothing quite like being so close to one of the largest cities in the world. Entertainment, dining, and gambling destinations are just an hour away and that is tough to match.

Is Pahrump a Good Place to Live?

It is safe to say that Pahrump has gotten something of a bad rap throughout the years. Though it came from very humble beginnings – the stereotypical small town with one stoplight – it has evolved exponentially throughout the years.

Despite being below-average in the job market, it is on the rise and projects that way for the next decade. The cost of real estate is well below even the state average, making it one of the most affordable places in the state to live.

The temperate climate and higher elderly population make it a popular choice for retirement. Coupled with the cheaper cost of living, it will be no shock to see Pahrump continue to climb the rankings for retirement destinations.

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