Is Inkster, MI A Good Place to Live?

Is Inkster, MI A Good Place to Live

Inkster, Michigan may not place highest on the list of places to research, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer. On the contrary, the name itself sparks an interest in learning more about the town.

The City of Inkster offers a reasonable cost of living, diverse recreation, picturesque scenery and outdoor activities, high racial diversity, and a small-town feel. Unfortunately, the City of Inkster also has higher crime rates, and unemployment compared to the national average.

This thorough guide will provide a more thorough picture of what Inkster, Michigan offers. It’s there to help make the decision to move to this suburb of Detroit in Michigan.

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Why Inkster, MI is a Good Place to Live

Cost of Living in Inkster, MI

In recent years, the median household income for those residing in Inkster, MI is around $32,000 (household of two working individuals). The median home value of a little more than $48,000. Compared to the national average, the dollar amount signifies a much lower cost of living in the city.

Though some of the homes in the area are selling at a higher price, they are affordable. This makes raising a family in Inkster, MI  possible for the average household. The lower cost of living expenses also means a lower cost in other aspects. Providing food and having money left for recreational activities is possible in Inkster, Michigan.

Home Rental Costs in Inkster

One of the biggest benefits of moving to Inkster, MI is the overall cost. Purchasing or renting a home is significantly cheaper in Inkster than in the rest of the State, or compared to the national average.

The price of a rental in Inkster will depend on the type of home or apartment. The average cost of renting is $757 compared to the national average of $949. Of course, most of those prices will be for a smaller area and fewer bedrooms. This means rent can cost as much as $1,800 for something with four bedrooms.

Within the city limits, purchasing a home costs on average $45,000 which is much lower than the national average of $184,700. Homes can range in price up to $150,000 for a much larger property. Fortunately, prices don’t get any higher unless they are outside of the city limits.

Best Neighborhoods in Inkster

Some of the best neighborhoods in Inkster are located around the parks provided for the population. An area that is described as desirable, especially for families with children, is close to Inkster Park. As a park in good condition in Inkster, it gives children something to do when they want to play outside.

It’s also been described as somewhere quiet with a lower amount of crime than the rest of the city. Areas close to the Dearborn border are cited as being nice and quiet for families to settle down. It is the area close to Robichaud High School.

The three expensive neighborhoods in Inkster, MI are located at Middlebelt Rd and Andover St, S Beech Daly St and Dartmouth St, and S Beech Daly St and Michigan Ave. These are areas with a lower reported crime rate, providing peace and quiet for families to live and thrive.

Many have stated that Inkster as a whole will hold a special area in their heart from their childhood years. Though children have to get bused to schools in other cities for now, many reviewers wouldn’t give up their childhood memories. For them, growing up all over the city of Inkster, Michigan meant joy and a good upbringing.


Many of the recreation activities within Inkster, MI moves outside of the city limits, but they are still within driving distance. Various businesses provide families with things to do in the area, such as haunted tours and golfing.

Though many restaurants have moved to surrounding areas, there are still some within the city that cater to the population. Some of these restaurants are sporting amazing reviews at almost 5 stars. This shows how well they take care of the families that enjoy their food on a regular basis.

Scenery and Outdoor Activities

The City of Inkster, MI provides different parks for its citizens, which appeal to a wider demographic. Surrounding areas of Inkster offer biking and hiking trails, canoeing, and fishing, which make for great family outings. The beautiful, picturesque area of the land surrounding Inkster is a huge bonus to living within the city.

Great Diversity

Diversity is one of the biggest bonuses of the city of Inkster. The last census revealed that citizens of Inkster disclose themselves as belonging to a wide range of racial or ethnic groups. The majority of the population, however, discloses as belonging to the African-American racial group.

The city is also diverse in the ages of its citizens. According to some of the latest statistics, the median age of the citizens of Inkster is 34.2 years. Despite this, there is a healthy range of those below 18 to individuals over 65. The gender makeup of the community is split roughly down the middle with around 47% male and 53% female residents.

Small-Town Feel

Inkster, MI will appeal to those who prefer to live in a smaller town. It is unlike the bustling populations of larger cities such as Chicago or New York. At the last census, the city has a population of a little under 25,000, which has only been decreasing with time. During the 2000 census, the city boasted a population of more than 30,000 people who have partially relocated since then.

Of course, a decline in population also means a more tight-knit community is left behind.  Many stores and opportunities are not far away from the citizens remaining behind. Even though the population is declining, there are plenty of families left in Inkster. Having this community makes it easier to raise children and for the elderly to get assistance.

Pitfalls Of Living in Inkster, MI

Job Opportunities

Unfortunately, the City of Inkster has been sporting a rather high unemployment rate at 9.6%. The only industries within Inkster that have a potential for providing job is manufacturing, healthcare, accommodation, and retail.

Though there are others, many have moved onto other areas surrounding Inkster and Detroit. The residents of Inkster are forced to look for jobs in other areas. Specifically, this means that over 30% of the population of Inkster are left to live at or below the national poverty line. For them, it is making it difficult to thrive.

Crime Rates in Inkster, MI

The crime rates in Inkster and the surrounding areas bring the overall appeal of the area down. According to published statistics, an individual has a 1 in 100 chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime during their time in Inkster, Michigan. Compared to the national average, the total reported number of violent crimes is more than double the national average.

Should I Relocate to Inkster, MI?

Though Inkster, MI can offer lower costs of living, outdoor activities, and even close recreational activities, there are pitfalls. Crime throughout the city has been steadily climbing, and the children have no schools of their own, but get bused to the nearest townships.

With the cities declining population, from census to census, the indicators show that many families leave in search of better jobs and opportunities. A city with such a rich history may prove resilient if businesses decide to return and provide more for their citizens. For many families, it isn’t until that happens for a move to Inkster, MI to become a good investment.

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Related Questions

What is the Weather in Inkster, Michigan?

The climate of Inkster, Michigan is the same as it is in most Midwestern towns. Expect an average of 34 inches of rain and 35 inches of snow in the winter. On the other hand, the hottest month of the year is July.

The most pleasant months of the year are June, August, and September. Though weather fluctuates, the overall weather is much more pleasant and allows for time spent outside.

Is Inkster, Michigan Safe?

The crime rate of Inkster, Michigan has been declining rapidly. In 2018, there was a 26.02% decline in violent crime from 2017, but unfortunately, the rate is still double compared to the national average.

As with many other cities, some areas of the city are considered safer than others. In Inkster, most of the shopping is located at the north portion of the city, with more crime drawn to those parts of the area. Michigan Ave in Inkster, MI is a central location for many retail shops making it the hub of most of the crime located in the city.

How Big Is Inkster Michigan?

Inkster, Michigan is a city that is a little over 6 square miles. On the map, it’s a relatively small town, especially when compared to Detroit, which has over 142 square miles. Inkster’s interesting history caused the city to become a square in Wayne County, Michigan.

The population, though not tiny, is not large by comparison either. With a population of 24,520 as of 2019, and a density of 3,883 per square mile, it may have to start giving up its small-town vibe.

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