Is Holiday, Florida A Good Place To Live?

Is Holiday Florida A Good Place To Live

In Pasco County, you may have heard of a small town called Holiday Florida. It is the suburb of Tampa and St. Petersburg Clearwater. Holiday Florida is known for beautiful weather, nice beaches, and scenic views. It is a bustling place with new job opportunities and a lot of development happening within this specific area.

Holiday Florida is a census-designated place, and that means it has a concentrated population. Is this a good place to live? Absolutely! There are lower taxes here than in other parts of Florida, and overall pretty safe. A few sketchy areas should be avoided, but other than that, this is a fun and good place to live. 

The population of Holiday Florida is 20,816, and tons of the population are retired folks who want to live out their days in peace. If you have yet to take a trip to this part of Florida, it is about time you go check it out. The houses are affordable, and the people are friendly. If you are looking for a warm and welcoming small city, you’ve found it!

Why Holiday, Florida Is A Good Place To Live

If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to live that is also a convenient place to live, Holiday Florida is the best option. It is 15 minutes away from some of the main beaches in and around Tampa, and you can easily fish on the Gulf Of Mexico. There are lower taxes in this area which makes it a number one choice for some people. Here are some of the best things to keep in mind when looking at Holiday Florida.

Reasonable Cost Of Living

Over 61% of the people in this area choose to buy their homes because it is one of the best prices you can find in Florida. On average, the median value for homes in Holiday Florida is $76,300. This is well below the national average. You will find that rent can be just as affordable in this area. 39% of the community choose to rent their homes because the average rental is $1,020, which is still under the national average. The cost to find a home is drastically cheaper and impacts the total cost of living.

A Scenic Experience

Holiday Florida is in the suburbs of Tampa. You will find a lot of scenic views just outside of the communities. You can walk or drive, but you must head towards the water no matter what you do. Watching the sunrise on your nearest beach will be breathtaking and something that a lot of people will never be able to do. You can head towards Safety Harbour Pier for the best sunrise date. 

If you’re looking for something more interactive than just sitting on the beach, you can head to Tampa’s Riverwalk. If you go during the evening, you will see the boardwalk light up and reflect along the water. Almost everything you do in this area will be noteworthy and beautiful. 

Lower Crime Rates

Like any city and any suburb, there is crime you need to watch out for. Some areas are more violent than others, and you will quickly understand which places to avoid for the safest outcome. The best thing you can do is ask your neighbors and realtors about the specific location you are looking at moving to.

In Holiday Florida, the crime rate is 54% above the national average. Your chance of becoming a victim is 1 in 27.  Believe it or not, this area is still 12% safer than other cities around the United States. 

Loads Of Recreational Activities

There is pretty much always nice weather in Florida, and you will want to get outside. There are tons of things to do in this neighborhood because it is in a convenient location. If you are worried about not having enough activities nearby for you and your kids, think again! This is a town that is brimming full of activity. 

If you want to explore the nature that is local and native to Florida, you can head to Key Vista Nature Park. You can learn about animal welfare, the plants that are native or invasive, and explore the grounds. This is the perfect mini-getaway for you and the whole family. 

There are so many other activities to choose from. There are escape rooms, fishing trips, museums, and more to choose from. You can find malls to do some retail therapy when it is too hot outside, or you can find go-karts nearby! Anything you want this area has. 

Lower Unemployment

In Holiday Florida, the unemployment rate is 9% lower than the national average, which is fantastic news for the community! More people are actively working, but there are still tons of jobs available in the area. You can easily advance your career or switch to a new dream job.

However, something to be aware of is that the poverty level is 43% higher than the national average. So many people have jobs, but some people don’t make enough to live comfortably. The median home income in this area is $36,032, about half of the national average. You should keep in mind that the cost of living is much lower in this area. 

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In Holiday, Florida?

Many of the pros of Holiday Florida outweigh the cons. Honestly, there are not many negative traits in this area, but it is still essential for you to know. This is an incredibly convenient location that can get you from place to place really quickly. Take a look at these pitfalls before making any decisions. 

  • Declining Population: Over the last several years, people have stopped moving to this area, which has still contributed to economic growth. Sometimes population decline can happen during troublesome times like a pandemic or natural disasters. It is something to watch for and consider before moving to an area. 
  • Small Community: With just over 20k people, this is considered a small community. You may not meet as many people as you want or have access to events that involve a larger number of people. If you are looking for a big city vibe, this is not the town for you. 
  • Crime: We talked about crime, but it is genuinely something to note. There are dangerous areas. Your chance of being a victim is higher in this area over other areas in Florida. It is not the worst, but it’s also not the best. 
  • Education: The schools in this area are rated below average and are severely underfunded. 

Overall, these are not super serious downfalls to living in Holiday, Florida, but they may impact how you feel about the community. If you can get past these few things, the community as a whole is beautiful and will give you access to beautiful beaches. 

What Is The Cost Of Living In Holiday, Florida?

After reading so much about this fantastic place, you may be wondering what the real cost of living in this area is. It is much lower than other places in Florida and can easily be comfortable while still on a budget. The average national score is 100, and overall, Holiday Florida is ranked 84. Take a look at some of the other expenses before you make a decision. 

  • Groceries: This category is as close to the national average as you can get. Ranked out of 100 in Holiday Florida grocery expenses rank 100.9
  • Health: This is an area that is slightly below average and may be beneficial for some people. Out of 100 health has ranked 98.4 in this part of Florida. 
  • Utilities: This is actually one of the higher expenses you will have to pay for in Florida. It ranked 102.3 out of 100. 
  • Transportation:  Out of 100 transportation ranked 102.6. It will cost you a little bit more than the national average to get around. 

Overall, this is not the most expensive place to live. A lot of your expenses for living will be close to the national average or just above it. 

Related Questions

What is the violent crime rate in Holiday, Florida?

Unfortunately in Holiday, Florida violent crimes are 51% above the national average and you will need to protect yourself. It is best to walk around with someone else late at night or get home before dark. 

Has Holiday, Florida’s crime rate decreased or increased?

Over the last few years, the crime rate has dropped by 5% each year. It is slowly becoming a safer place to live. 

What are the biggest industries in Holiday, Florida?

Right now the biggest industries are retail, health care, social workers, and construction. If you are in one of these fields this may be the best way to earn a living in the area. 

Final Thoughts

Holiday Florida is one of the most fun places to live right next to the beach and with loads of activities for the family. If you have been looking to move to Tampa, this may be a more affordable solution for you.

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