Is Fort Mill, SC A Good Place To Live? (Find Out Now!)

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

Do you want to find a nice and welcoming locale where you can settle down with your family? There are more than a few options for you to choose from across the United States. In this article though, we want to discuss Fort Mill, South Carolina as an option for you to consider.

Fort Mill is probably not the first place you thought of when listing potential new homes for your growing family. See if the aforementioned Southern town makes sense for your family based on its current characteristics.

A low crime rate and easy access to quality education are the qualities that make Fort Mill appealing to most families. You’re presented with a good number of reputable schools to choose from especially if you have younger kids. As for the cons, summers tend to get very hot in Fort Mill and the worsening traffic is not helping matters.

Fort Mill has a solid case in terms of being a good spot for young families in particular. Find out if Fort Mill makes sense as a place to live in for you by reading on.

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Why Is Fort Mill a Good Place to Live?

Think of South Carolina and the places that come to mind first are probably Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and Columbia. Fort Mill isn’t exactly on the level of those other cities in terms of fame.

However, Fort Mill does deserve recognition if you’re looking for a great spot to live in together with your family. Listed below are the top reasons why moving to Fort Mill, South Carolina could turn out to be a good move.

Low Crime Rates

Fort Mill has a reputation for being one of the safest places to live in throughout all of South Carolina. It’s a reputation that is well deserved too. Saying that crime is a non-existent issue in Fort Mill would obviously be an exaggeration. Even so, the crime rate for the town is remarkably low.

Most recent statistics have the crime rate for the town at about 0.02 percent. The rate of violent crime rate in Fort Mill is so low that it barely even registers a percentage.

We noted previously that Fort Mill is a terrific spot for families and safety is a big part of that. Neither you nor your kids have to worry about being out on the town. Walk home if you want to and know that you can do so safely.

Access to Education

Safety is probably the top reason why many families move to Fort Mill, South Carolina. The other top reason is that the town is known for its schools.

We’re not just talking about private schools here. The public school system in Fort Mill is one of the best in the state. It can even hang with some of the top towns throughout the country.

Fort Mill’s public schools have routinely received high marks from both parents and students. The town can also take care of your children from an early age all the way until they’re ready for college. There are several middle school and high school options inside the town. Find the one closest to your home and send your kids there. You can count on them receiving a quality education no matter where they go.

Options for elementary school-aged kids are even more plentiful. It won’t take long for you to find a good place for your children.

Fort Mill’s attitude towards maintaining a safe community is also reflected in its public schools. The schools do a great job of helping the kids feel safe all throughout the day.

Outdoor Activities

People have varying levels of excitement towards outdoor activities. If you’re among those who enjoy spending time outdoors, you’re probably going to enjoy having downtime in Fort Mill.

In all honesty, Fort Mill doesn’t have the most impressive collection of tourist spots. What it does feature though are great spots for activities.

Anne Springs Close Greenway is one of the town’s most popular outdoor destinations. You can exercise there, go camping, or hike through the woods nearby. Fort Mill has more to offer in terms of water-based activities. Go kayaking along one of the town’s four lakes. It’s nice to have those different options because it prevents the lakes from getting too crowded.

Rapidly Growing Economy

We cannot talk about Fort Mill as a great place to live without mentioning its rapidly growing economy. Fort Mill has posted some very promising job figures in recent years. What’s even more notable is that those job numbers don’t appear to be fluky.

Fort Mill has definitely undergone more commercial development in recent years. It’s also serving as the home for more companies.

No one can say with complete confidence that Fort Mill will soon turn into an essential economic hub in South Carolina. Still, it is clear that the town is on the upswing from an economic standpoint.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in Fort Mill?

We talked about the main reasons why you should consider moving to Fort Mill, South Carolina. Now, let’s touch on the potential pitfalls of living there long-term.


Fort Mill is a rapidly developing town and while that has mostly been a good thing, there are still some downsides. Probably the biggest downside for Fort Mill residents is the worsening traffic.

This town is already on the small side, relatively speaking. With the influx of more companies and people, the streets have become more crowded. Expect to spend a lot of time in your vehicle if you’re heading to one of the busier spots in town.

It doesn’t help that Fort Mill is lacking in terms of roads. Traffic could become a serious issue for Fort Mill as it continues to grow.

Very Hot Summers

Compounding the growing traffic issue in Fort Mill is the weather. Most of the year, the weather in Fort Mill is pretty comfortable. Summertime is different though.

Temperatures routinely hit around 90 degrees during the summer. When the sun is bearing down on you like that, the last place you want to be is inside your vehicle. Try to take care of your chores earlier in the day so you don’t have to deal with the oppressive heat.

The warm weather can also be an issue because it could affect your energy usage. You may have to keep your air conditioner on full blast throughout the day. That will likely cause your monthly bills to spike.

What Is the Cost of Living in Fort Mill?

Are you thinking about making the move to Fort Mill? Before making a decision one way or another, you should be aware of the cost of living there.

We’ll break down the cost of living in Fort Mill in this section. Examine the bullet points below to learn more:

  • Housing: The median price for a new home in Fort Mill is right around $292,000. That is significantly higher than the median home price for the rest of South Carolina and the United States in general. Make sure you have some money saved up before moving here and having a good real estate agent also helps.
  • Healthcare: The cost of healthcare in Fort Mill is surprisingly high. South Carolina in general has expensive healthcare compared to the rest of the country, but Fort Mill really stands out. Just like with housing, it would help to have a good agent if you want reasonably priced healthcare in Fort Mill.
  • Utilities: Paying for monthly bills isn’t so bad if you’re a Fort Mill resident. They may actually be slightly cheaper compared to the rest of the country. If you can avoid using the air conditioner all the time, you can pocket even more savings.
  • Groceries: Securing your basic necessities is fairly easy in Fort Mill. The prices are very fair and you should be able to keep your pantry well-stocked.

The overall cost of living in Fort Mill is a few ticks more expensive relative to the country. Housing and healthcare are the two things that will make the biggest dents in your bank account. The daily living expenses are more than manageable though.

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What Are the Unique Tourist Destinations in Fort Mill?

Fort Mill does not have a lot to offer in terms of tourist destinations, but the architecture downtown is pretty interesting.You will find a number of buildings downtown that were built back in the 19th century. That’s a fact you’ll be able to tell as soon as you see those buildings. Fort Mill has done a great job of preserving those establishments and they remain as prominent elements of the town.If you want to learn more about the history of the area, you can also visit the Fort Mill History Museum. The establishment is home to many remarkable artifacts as well as old photographs. Some creations of local artists are also put on display inside the museum regularly.

What Are Some of the Specialty Dishes in Fort Mill?

Good southern food is featured throughout Fort Mill. You can eat to your heart’s content if that’s your preferred cuisine.Chow down on southern specialties like chicken and waffles, grits, and pulled pork. You can also find great restaurants in the area that present their own unique takes on southern food. They are well worth trying during a weekend out with your family.

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