Is Bradington Young Furniture Good Quality? (Find Out Now!)

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by Jennifer Eggerton
Buying quality leather furniture on a budget is challenging, but not impossible. One brand that attracts frugal home decorators is Bradington Young. Yes, Bradington Young is good quality. The company

Buying quality leather furniture on a budget is challenging, but not impossible. One brand that attracts frugal home decorators is Bradington Young.

Yes, Bradington Young is good quality. The company offers several types of easy-to-maintain leather. Some leathers are treated to resist stains and sun exposure. Furniture is made with 7/8” multi-ply laminated hardwoods and an 8-way hand-tied coil spring suspension for exceptional comfort. Leathers are sourced from around the world, and pieces are made in North Carolina. Customer service is excellent.

Let’s take a closer look at Bradington Young furniture and why it is a good option for your budget, decorating style, and comfort.

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History of Bradington Young Furniture

Bradington Young was started in 1978 in Cherryville, North Carolina, a small town in the Great Smoky Mountains. The founders began their operations in a closed textile factory to build furniture that is high quality and sold for a fair price.

Today, Bradington Young operates out of Hickory, North Carolina. The brand is one of the best-known, mid-range leather furniture manufacturers in the United States. Each piece is handcrafted by a team of 200 men and women.

Bradington Young is a division of Hooker® Furnishings Corporation. Divisions within the corporation include furniture manufacturers, upholstery companies, and leather makers.

Types of Furniture by Bradington Young

Bradington Young handcrafts chairs, recliners, sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and ottomans, as well as pillows and accent pieces. There are several options for each type of furniture.

  • 175 types of leather
  • 12 finishes
  • 6 styles of decorative nails
  • More than 225 fabrics
  • 40 “married leather” options

Types of Leather from Bradington Young

The leather that you choose for your Bradington Young furniture affects the look, durability, and cost.

“Married Leather”

Furniture manufacturers often source leather from sources that are outside the United States, such as China, Mexico, and Vietnam. Bradington Young furniture is built in North Carolina, and the leather is sourced from international locations. “Married leather” is an option when you order Bradington Young furniture directly from the company. If you are purchasing from a furniture store, check the type of leather that is used for the pieces.

Finished Leather

Finished leather from Bradington Young is good if you use your furniture on a daily basis. The leather is stain-resistant, and color is consistent across the piece. Graded leather requires less maintenance than other leather options from Bradington Young.

Aniline Plus Leather

Aniline Plus leather from Bradington Young has a clear, protective finish that may affect color. The leather may fade with temperature changes and exposure to sunlight.

Aniline Leather

Bradington Young’s aniline leather is the most high-end option. Colors are rich, and you will see natural markings and grain. The color and texture of the leather changes with use, exposure to sunlight, and changes in temperature.

Nubuck Leather

For a more rugged look to your leather furniture from Bradington Young, Nubuck leather has the features and style that you need. The surface has a nap that is similar to suede. The natural oils in your skin stain the leather and change the texture.

Frame Design

Leather furniture is constructed of solid hardwoods or plywood. Solid hardwood frames are the most durable, but also the most expensive. Bradington Young furniture is made with 7/8” laminated multi-ply hardwoods. This provides a moderate amount of durability.

Suspension Design

The coils and suspension of recliners, sofas, and sectionals determine how comfortable it is to use on a daily basis. Fabricators use four techniques to make leather furniture – true 8-way hand-tied spring suspension, drop in springs, zigzag springs, and webbing. True 8-way hand-tied spring suspension is the most comfortable and expensive. Bradington Young uses this technique for their furniture.


Bradington Young uses several different styles of cushions for their furniture. Spring Down cushions are made with 4 1/2” coils, premium foam, fiber filling, down, and feathers. Premier Down cushions are made with three layers. The bottom layer is made with a firmer foam for support, and the second layer is a softer foam for comfort. The top layer is a combination of feathers, down, and synthetic fibers. Back cushions are filled with polyester fiber blend and semi-attached or attached with Velcro.

Recliner Mechanisms

Bradington Young offers manual and motorized recliners, including lift chairs. The company uses high-quality mechanisms in their recliners that are tested before an item is shipped. Upgrade manual models with a plug-in or battery pack motor and power button.


Bradington Young warranties cover manufacturing defects. Contact the company directly for details, limitations, and claim service.

  • Frames and Cushion Cores: Lifetime
  • Reclining Mechanisms and Springs: Five years
  • Power Recline: Three years
  • Filling Materials and Battery Packs: One year

Customer Service

The customer service experience with Bradington Young is excellent. The company is very responsive and helpful to inquiries and issues with their furniture.

Quality Issues with Bradington Young Furniture

Inconsistency of the color and texture of the leather is the most common quality issue with Bradington Young furniture. Pieces are returned to the company for repairs. Some customers report that the new leather does not match the original leather in color, grain, or texture.

Construction of the product is another quality issue with Bradington Young furniture. Some of the issues include poor nail placement, leather application, and coil installation. The company responds well to these concerns from customer.

Care and Upkeep

Taking care of your Bradington Young furniture keeps it looking great for many years. Here are some tips to follow with leather furniture.

  • Sunlight: Leather fades in sunlight, with the exception of finished leather. Avoid placing your leather furniture close to windows and doors.
  • Heat: Keep your leather furniture at least 24” away from any sources of heat, including furnace vents and fireplaces.
  • Conditioning: Use a high-quality leather conditioner on your Bradington Young furniture to keep it supple and clean.
  • Cleaning: Vacuum your leather furniture every week to remove dust.
  • Spot Cleaning: If you notice discoloration from the natural oil in your skin, put a small amount of baking soda on the stain. Leave it overnight, and wipe the area with a clean, moist cloth.

Related Questions

Is Bradington Young furniture made in China?

Bradington Young furniture is built in North Carolina. The company sources some of its leathers from overseas, including Vietnam, Mexico, and China. Check with the company directly to find out which leathers are from the United States and which are from overseas.

How do I fix a tear in my leather furniture?

Contact Bradington Young directly to find out the best way to repair a tear in your leather. Each type of leather is different, and some DIY repairs don’t hold and others damage the leather.

What is the best way to clean my leather furniture?

You can make your own leather cleaning solution at home. Mix one tablespoon of baby shampoo (not regular shampoo) and a bit of vinegar into two cups of warm water. Use a soft, clean microfiber cloth to gently rub the solution into the leather. Do not soak the leather. The leather should be damp, and not wet. Wipe off any excess water as you work. Follow the cleaning with treatment using a high-quality leather conditioner.

What can I do about dry, rough leather?

A good leather conditioner brings back the supple texture of leather. Another way to condition leather is with coconut oil. Work in small sections. Heat the leather with a hairdryer, and apply a small amount of coconut oil. Work the oil into the leather. Coconut oil softens the leather and darkens the color by one or two shades. Do a test patch first.

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Bradington Young is a good brand for home decorators who want a good balance between quality and price. Frames are made with 7/8” multi-ply hardwoods that are more affordable than solid hardwood frames. The coil and suspension design is top-notch, using the “gold standard” of true 8-way hand-tied spring suspension.

The design of the cushions is thoughtful and practical, using a combination of premium foams and polyester fibers for durability and support, combined with down and feathers for comfort. The company tests recliner mechanisms before shipment.

Care and upkeep of Bradington Young furniture is easy. Some leathers should not be placed in direct sunlight. Weekly vacuuming and conditioning every one to three months maintain the supple feel of the leathers. Some leathers are treated to resist stains and stand up to daily use.

The company stands behind their products. The company handles customer concerns quickly and efficiently. Pieces with construction flaws or inconsistencies with the leather are returned to the manufacturing plant for repairs.

Even at the lowest price point for Bradington Young furniture, you are getting a good quality piece of furniture for your home. Work directly with the company for any quality issues.

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