Intex Pool Pump Will Not Turn On? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

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Intex pool pumps work hard to keep your swimming pool clean and safe, but sometimes simply won’t turn on. An Intex pool pump may malfunction and fail to work properly for several reasons, including debris in the motor and a blown fuse. Follow along as we explore how you can troubleshoot and fix your Intex pool pump if it won’t turn on and run properly.

A pool pump is the swimming pool’s lifeblood that keeps the water circulating, filtered, and safe to swim in. If it were not for this machine, the swimming pool would be a breeding ground for bacteria. Other contaminants would take over the crystal clear water that the whole family enjoys.

Imagine how much time is wasted if you had to clean the pool without this miraculous machine. You would be spending more time in maintenance than swimming and having fun. So what do you do when the pool pump does not want to start?

Troubleshooting with the owner’s manual, starting with the switch, breaker, fan motor, and other issues, is where you begin. Other problems can be the weather, how long the pump was off, or if debris is inside the motor. Some signs may appear that it will take a professional to repair the Intex pool pump.

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Troubleshooting the Issues with the Intex Pool Pump

When it comes to machine repairs, it is essential to go down a checklist of the problems. The owner’s manual has a good idea of where to begin checking why the pump is not starting. Below is a list of issues that could be the culprit.

  • Something as minor as checking the switch on the machine to make sure the power is turned on seems trivial. This has been a common issue for those not familiar with a pool pump. Some may not know where to find the switch.
  • If the switch is on and the pump does not respond, try checking the breaker next. Sometimes, the breaker will kick off if the circuit is overloaded. There is a lot of amps coming from a pool pump.
  • While you are checking the breaker, look at the fuse next. It is possible it could have blown a fuse.
  • There may be a problem with the motor being frozen from sitting too long without running. The fan inside will often get stuck, and power is going to the component, but there is only humming. Turn the breaker off and try turning the fan counterclockwise.
  • Dirt gobblers and other critters love to make a nest inside motors. Removing the dirt and other debris from the fan will free it up to run. If the fan still turns, there is hope for starting the machine.
  • Other issues can cause the motor to freeze up. On those scorching days, the pump can get overheated. When this happens, it shuts down and needs to cool off before it restarts.
  • Also, the pump can overheat if the air intakes are clogged by debris. This problem will cause the pump to shut down in mid-cycle. It is a safety device that protects from fire hazards and protects the pump.
  • It is rare, but sometimes the power company may go through a power drop. If you feel it is a power issue, check your appliances first to see if they are running. Then check with the power company if there is a power supply issue.
  • Another power issue is that if you do not have a designated circuit for the pump. If your pump is on a circuit with other appliances, there is not enough power to operate it.
  • Last you may have a timer issue or need to reset the pump. Most pumps have a timer that shuts the pump off. If it is set to the cycle for the off period, your pump will not start.

How Do I Know If I Need a Professional?

If you try all of the troubleshooting steps above and nothing seems to work, a professional is required. If there is nothing further in the owner’s manual that sheds light on the problem, contact the manufacturer. They can assist you with further instructions over the phone or direct you to the nearest repair service.

There are signs on the motor that may hint you need further assistance, such as corroded bearings. Other signs would be a bad start capacitor where an oily substance is discharged from the motor area. It can also leave a white powdery residue.

Anything that leaves no other option but to take apart the motor or the electrical system apart calls for professionals. If the pump is under warranty, call the professionals. They will void the warranty if you mess with the mechanics or electrical system.

There is one more technique you can try that deals with the motor. If you have a clogged pump impeller, follow these steps.

How to Clear a Clogged Pump Impeller (Before Calling a Professional)

Step 1: Turn the power switch to the pump OFF from the breaker box.

Step 2: Remove the basket lid to the pump and pull the basket out, setting it out the way.

Step 3: Take out any visible debris from the impeller. If you can do this until it spins freely, you are good to go. If not, then you will need to call a professional.

Step 4: A technician will perform this step by taking the motor apart to remove the debris. Hopefully, it does not get to this step, and you can remove the debris yourself.

What Does a Pool Pump Do?

A pool pump does more than circulate the water. It brings the water to a central area as it circulates, filtering out debris inside the pool. All the algae, leaves, and other small pieces of trash are sucked into the system.

There are options to make your life easier and even attach a vacuum to the pump to clean the pool. All you need are the hoses, debris net, cleaner tops and bases, brushes, exhaust ring plate, and gear module. The pump works by filtering out the trash and puts the clean water back in the pool.

Maintenance on the Pool Pump and Backwashing

If you want to keep the life expectancy up on the pool pump, maintenance is the key. Once you clean the basket and the filter, there is a process called backwashing that needs to be done. Backwashing is a reverse flow of water that flushes out the contaminants inside the filter.

It takes only a few moments to do and is very easy. Take the switch and put it from filter to backwash. The water will flow, pushing out the trash in the filter.

The water will turn clear when the process is complete. Take the switch and put it back to the filter, and that is it. You are done with the maintenance.

Contacting the Intex Manufacturers

There has been nothing but great things to say about people who have contacted Intex. They have products they stand by, and if a pump is faulty, they have no problems sticking to the warranty. Also, if they cannot repair the pump, you will get a brand-new one.

People have reported Intex has excellent customer service and always makes good on their word. Any information they deliver is helpful, and they can get you the most reliable service people you can trust. They will not try to rip your eyeballs out with the prices either.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Pool Pump?

Like every machine, it can last forever if you take reasonable maintenance steps and treat it with TLC. It can break tomorrow. On average, the pool pumps last from eight to ten years.

Some have lasted longer but have a history of repairs. The longest reported was over 20 years. You can expect issues as it ages because the quality does lessen over time.

If you average out the years, you can expect to replace the pool pump for around ten years. The pressure going out is the first sign of getting the pocketbook ready.

What Is the Cost of Replacing and Repairing an Intex Pool Pump?

An Intex pool pump ranges from $60 to $1,250, depending on the size, brand, and power. If the motor needs replacement, you are looking at around $150 to $800. When it comes to a professional’s labor, the average price range is between $700 and $1,500 for installations or replacements.

Some custom design pools that are considered extravagant may have a high-end pool pump. These pumps cap off at a maximum of $2,400. Only those with unique pool systems would go that high in price, such as a public pool.

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Related Questions

Should I run the pool pump at night since it is cooler temperatures?

Studies show the best time to clean the pool is 11 am and 4 pm. It is best to clean it when the algae forms. There is no evidence running it at night is more effective.

Do I need to run the pool pump continuously?

It has its benefits, but all you need to run it is for a minimum of eight hours per day.

Does a pool pump burn a lot of electricity?

The most watts used is 2,000. The average can count for half of the electric bill. It also depends on if you are running it all day and night.

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