12 Indoor Home Playground Ideas (Your Kids Will Absolutely Love)

Indoor Home Playground Ideas

In this day and age, technology has had significant impacts on every aspect of our society. Undoubtedly, obesity is a severe problem for kids across America, and their access to technology has directly contributed to their inactivity. Today’s children do not spend as much time outside being active as our parents or grandparents did. Instead, they’re inside glued to a video game, iPad, or television screen.

Nowadays, with the number of access kids have to technology, fewer children are physically active, which can ultimately harm their overall development. If kids do not stay involved in various activities that stimulate their gross motor skills, this could result in a lifetime of limited brain power.

Nevertheless, there’s a surprising new option that can help uphold the fight to keep kids healthy. Indoor playgrounds bring the great outdoors inside while helping your children to stay safe and active. Instead of occupying their time with the use of technology, installing an indoor home playground will keep your kids entertained and physically fit.

Although we recognize the importance of outdoor play and encourage this with children, the outdoors aren’t always accessible for various reasons. Also, few cities offer acceptable and safe play environments for kids. Thankfully, these indoor playgrounds can be enjoyed all year round and give children the security and freedom to learn and grow.

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Benefits of Indoor Home Playgrounds

Improving your children’s health and bringing the outside in aren’t the only benefits of indoor playgrounds. Parents in need of child care can significantly benefit from these play structures too.

Conventional child care can be incredibly expensive, and caring for your children yourself is a considerable time and emotional commitment. Some parents may be unable to provide this level of care because of their work situation. However, indoor play structures can keep your kids entertained and serve as a safe, affordable child care option.

Especially when you consider the current state of the world; the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the family dynamic. Families spend much more time indoors as homes have become the office for parents and school for their kids. Indoor playgrounds can keep your kids occupied and allow them to play safely while you take care of any chores, work, or other tasks around the home.

Things to Consider

When selecting the type of indoor playground you’d like to purchase, or build, for your children, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Space in your home – Ensure that you select a location in your home that has an ample amount of space. Check your ceiling height and measure all your area’s dimensions to make sure that your desired playground will fit properly.
  • Age of your children – The type of equipment you choose will largely depend on your kids’ age. Take a look at the age range of the playground you’re considering to confirm that it’s safe and will be stimulating enough for all the kids who will use it. Also, spend some time researching what types of play equipment will be beneficial for your child’s age.
  • Develop a plan – If you decide to go the DIY route instead of purchasing a pre-built structure, you’ll need to draw up a plan. Consider sketching out your design and possibly even creating a detailed blueprint.
  • Price – Establish your budget before you begin shopping or planning. This will help narrow down the type of playgrounds you can install and how much equipment you’ll be able to buy.
  • Hiring a professional – If your chosen indoor playground plan is too complicated to build yourself, you might consider hiring a professional for the job.
  • Personal preferences for yourself and/or kids – Do you prefer wooden pieces over soft materials? Is your child afraid of slides or not a fan of monkey bars? Keep all of these preferences in mind when you’re shopping for your indoor playground.

Make sure that you’ve considered all of these items before deciding what kind of indoor playground to construct in your house. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve scoured the internet and collected 12 of the best indoor home playground ideas to help motivate your next project!

1. DIY Basement Indoor Playground with Monkey Bars

Using 2x4s, scrap wood, and plywood, this homeowner was able to construct an indoor play masterpiece. This was entirely built by hand and fills a previously open area in their basement.

Complete with monkey bars, a bridge with a secret tunnel underneath, and multiple levels, this playground has the opportunity to provide so much joy. The options are endless for imaginative, healthy, indoor playtime.

2. Floor to Ceiling Indoor Climbing Structure

This structure was very simply constructed by using black industrial pipes. The family created a stimulating climbing course with monkey bars, a ladder, and a climbing rope. All of the materials for this build can be found at your local hardware store and will not require much time to install.

3. DIY Monkey Bar Ceiling and Climbing Wall

This climbing wall and monkey bar structure makes the perfect unique bedroom for older kids. The holds on the climbing wall go from wall to ceiling, and the curved monkey bar layout stretches across the room. When planning your materials for something like this, keep in mind that you’ll need to use something that is made to support a swinging person’s weight.

4. Realistic Indoor Climbing Trees

Installing indoor climbing trees can help bring the outdoors inside your home. After all, tree climbing is a quintessential childhood activity, and this can be the perfect way to experience nature for kids who live in more urban areas. These parents took on a very artistic approach and even made the trees appear very realistic.

5. Modern Indoor Climbing Tree

If the above project seems a little out of reach, this one might be easier to install. This is another example of a great indoor climbing play structure. All you need is a saw to cut the pieces to your desired shapes, wood, and strong hardware to affix the pieces to the wall.

6. Indoor Playground by EZPlay

EZPlay Indoor Playgrounds are incredibly versatile, easy to assemble, and can be folded up for instant storage. This particular playground features a rope ladder, wooden ladder, slide, gymnastics rings, and indoor swing. Recommended for toddlers 18 months and up, it’s also sturdy enough to carry up to 100 lbs. of weight.

7. DIY Climbing Wall, Monkey Bars, and Palette Ladder

Indoor playgrounds don’t have to be reserved for children. In this case, the homeowner built a climbing wall, palette ladder, and set of monkey bars above their bed. This type of playset can be easily assembled with wood from any local hardware store.

8. Indoor Lofted Play Set

With a slide, lofted bed, inclined climbing structure, and ball pit, this indoor playground is every little kid’s dream. Transform your child’s bedroom by lofting their bed and using the space underneath as a ball pit. This will provide endless amounts of indoor fun and physical activity.

9. Indoor Wooden Slide

This is a beautiful example of adding playful architecture to your home. A more modern approach to the indoor playground, this homeowner designed their indoor slide and swing to match their house’s overall interior design.

10. Indoor Adventure Playground

With this indoor playground, your kids can have limitless imaginative play, rain, or shine. This set has almost all of the features you might find on a traditional outdoor playground. Additionally, it can fit easily in your home with some assembly required.

11. Loft Market Climber

The Loft Market Climber is perfect for use in your home or even a classroom. Clear panels installed on the loft and stairs allow an extra element of safety and are great to be able to keep an eye on your children. The structure itself is also incredibly sturdy and will even hold the weight of an adult.

This beautiful playground can be used as a source of DIY inspiration, or you can purchase the full set for convenient delivery from Wayfair.

12. Summer Loft Play Set

This structure’s lofted design is an excellent way to install an indoor playground when you are limited on space. It’s also a straightforward, affordable DIY project that can be easily installed on the weekend. The only required materials are the slide, swings, handles, and wood. This whole structure can be built for roughly around $200.

Price To Install An Indoor Playground

The awesome thing about building your indoor playground for your children is that the project can quite literally fit any budget. You can pay $50 to $3,000 depending on what exactly it is that you want to do. If you have a large indoor atrium that you want to fully convert into an indoor playground, then, of course, that’s going to cost you $3,000 to $40,000.

However, in this article, we cover the smaller indoor playgrounds. You could install a little slide with a ladder for $25. You could also create a little jungle gym, a teeter-totter, and a slide for $50. Or, if you have older kids, then maybe adding in some monkey bars and wall climbing steps with a safety mat for a couple hundred would be a great idea.

Always Include Safety Equipment For Indoor Playgrounds

We all know that children are accident-prone. Mix children with jungle gyms, and you’re likely to have a fall or two. This is why it’s a good idea to install some safety mats below, so it prevents serious injury if they do fall. Something else you can consider is screwing down the playground, so it doesn’t slide on the foundation.

Should You Purchase Playground Insurance?

Playground insurance is not necessary when it’s in your own home. However, if you expect your child’s friends to play on it too, you might want to have the parent sign a waiver and include different clauses such as:

  • The parent should be present when the child is playing
  • You are not at fault for any injuries or deaths
  • The parent lets their child play at their own risk

You could still purchase some insurance, though. This shouldn’t cost too much if your playground is relatively small. Look into your local laws to clarify whether insurance is required by your state or county, though.

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Wrapping It Up

With the recent stay at home orders causing families to spend more time indoors, constructing an indoor playground can help keep your children entertained and allow you to get some work done. Indoor playgrounds provide a safe and stimulating environment for your children that allow for endless hours of creative play.

Additionally, there’s no doubting the obesity problems that have plagued the children in the United States. Indoor play structures can help prevent this issue from occurring in your family to create more physical activity opportunities.

Whether it’s an elaborate climbing course, indoor slide, or colorful ball pit, the options are endless. You’ll have no trouble finding your next DIY project or simply purchasing an amazing pre-built indoor playground.

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