How To Use The Hoover Power Scrub (Quickly & Easily)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Hoover is one of the most well-known manufacturers of vacuum and carpet cleaners out there. They have been behind some of the most innovative solutions and have since become a trusted name in the cleaning industry.

The Hover Power Scrub is just one of their latest offerings. It has the capability of a truly deep clean thanks to 360-degree brushes. But with so many different features, how does one go about using it for the first time? This is your guide for how to fill the tank, to properly clean the dirty area, and what to do when you are finished.

How to Use the Hoover Power Scrub

There are more than a few features that come with the Hoover Power Scrub. Stains and spots can be quite tricky to remove properly, so it is imperative to know how to use this device properly. Otherwise, you may be putting in a lot of effort for little reward.

Keep in mind that the sooner you can get to the stain, the better. If you let the stain sit for more than a few hours, you run the risk of it setting and becoming that much more difficult to remove. And that’s if it comes out at all.

Step 1: Remove the Clean Water Tank

To get started, you need to remove the clean water tank from the top half of the machine. The clean water take comes in two compartments: the part where the water goes in and the part where the cleaning solution goes.

To remove the clean water tank, press down on the red release button. You should hear a clicking noise indicating that the lock has been released. You can then tilt the clean water tank back and remove it entirely.

Step 2: The Measuring System

Now comes perhaps the most important part: filling up the automix solution tank. Each of the components are labeled accordingly so there is no mixing up what goes where. It is also imperative that you follow the measuring system for the best possible results.

Put the water in the clean water department, filling up to the recommended line. Next, you need to add your cleaning solution into the soap compartment. What you use is entirely up to you; there are some manufacturer-specific cleaners that will do the job just fine.

Step 3: Return the Tank and Set to “Wash”

With a full automix solution tank, you can now return the tank to the device. You will have to tilt the tank at an angle before it seats back onto the device. Listen for the click to ensure that the tank is properly seated back on the device.

This next part is important. Before you turn anything on, set the knob on the machine to “wash”. There is a chance that it will clean but it likely will not do as effective a job. It is important that you set the knob to “wash” first.

Step 4: Releasing the Hinge and Turning the Machine On

As is the case with just about any carpet cleaner or vacuum, there is a release at the base of the machine so that you can use it. It is a release hinge that allows you to tilt the handle hack and use it without issue.

After stepping on the release, all that is left is to turn the machine on. The hinge release is on the left side of the base, the “on/off” button is on the right.

Step 5: Releasing the Solution

Now that the device is on and running, it is time to go over the stain. If you haven’t done so already, treat the stain in any way that you can. That might mean dabbing the stain to remove excess moisture before you begin. It may also mean pre-treating the stain using some other cleaning solution. It all depends on the severity of the stain.

On the initial pass, hold down the squeeze trigger. Holding the trigger down will release the water and cleaning solution mixture, dispersing it over the carpet as you make your pass. Generally speaking, you really only want to make a handful of passes. Keep going until the entirety of the spot has been fully saturated with the water and soap solution.

Step 6: Treating the Stain

Proper saturation is key to getting total cleaning coverage. But there is an important part to remember for each pass. While you would hold down the trigger as you roll over the stain each time, you want to release the trigger while reversing back over the stain.

By releasing the spray trigger and backing over the stain, you give the suction a chance to pull up both the stain and the moisture from your mixture. You do not want to simply let the solution sit in the carpet as it won’t do much good that way.

Step 7: Multiple Passes

Depending on the age and severity of the stain, you may have to make more than one pass. That is okay and probably recommended for tougher stains to ensure complete removal. Follow the same steps as above by holding down the trigger while going over the stain and releasing when pulling back.

For best results, you may want to allow for some time for the spot to dry. When the spot is wet, it can appear as though the stain has been removed only to find that it remains in some way after drying. The good news is that you can just go back over the spot once again.

Step 8: Cleaning the Tank

When you are satisfied that the stain has been properly treated, it is time to empty the dirty water tank. The great thing about the Hoover Power Scrub is that it separates the dirty water into a completely separate component.

Remove the dirty water tank, emptying its contents into the sink. You should also give the tank a rinse to ensure that there is no residue leftover from the dirty water. When the tank is clean, return it back into its position and return the Power Scrub to storage.

What are the Features of the Hoover Power Scrub?

Carpet cleaners have become a necessity for families in particular, especially those who have pets or children. Stains become seemingly never-ending and having a powerful stain remover becomes just as essential as anything else.

That said, the Hoover Power Scrub comes with a number of different features that enhance the cleaning experience. From heat force to the SpinScrub brush system and more, here are all of the pertinent features of this unit.

SpinScrub Brush System

At the heart of the Hoover Power Scrub is the 360-degree SpinScrub system. Part of getting out the toughest stains means having enough power to pull them up. These brushes are safe for deep-cleaning any carpet and working through even the toughest of stains.

Dual V Nozzle

One of the problems with lesser carpet cleaners is uneven coverage. Instead of cleaning the stain, you wind up with patches of carpet that are completely soaked with others that barely have any coverage at all.

The dual V nozzle provides the most even cleaning regardless of the carpet. It also provides even suction so you can get a more consistent, thorough clean than ever before.

Heat Force

For just about any other carpet cleaner, one of the major downsides is the wet spot in your carpet. There is nothing worse than cleaning a spot, going off to do something else, and stepping right into that wet spot. Now you have a wet spot and a wet sock.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Hoover Power Scrub is that it comes with a heat force feature. The machine produces heat on its suction pass to help dry those spots. That means no more having to deal with soaked spots after you are done cleaning them.

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How Do You Use Hoover Power Scrub on Stairs?

When cleaning, stairs propose a whole different set of cleaning circumstances than a normal room. You have to carry the machine up the stairs and try to get into the tight spaces that are the corners and seams where parts of the stair meet.The good news is that there is a detachable handle and nozzle that you can use for stairs. You simply detached the wand with the click of a button and guide the nozzle brushes over the areas that you want to clean.They also have a trigger built into the handle so that you can spray your solution over the dirty areas. This brush is meant for tighter and more accurate coverage on much smaller stains. Whether the stain is in one of the main rooms of your home or located in the crook of the stairs, you can get to it with no problem.

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