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Macarons are a delicate and delicious dessert. Their bite-sized nature and creamy filling are delightful any time of year. If you go through the hard work of making macarons you will want to be able to store the cookies in the best way possible in order to increase the shelf life and prolong their delicious flavor and texture.

The best way to store macarons is by putting them into an airtight container and set them in the pantry or on the counter. However, make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight as this will ruin them. To make them last longer, store your macarons in the refrigerator in the same airtight container.

When storing macarons, the trick is to be able to store the cookie with minimum moisture. Too much moisture in the storage device can lead to soggy shells and cookies. Adding parchment paper, rather than waxed paper, between macarons can also prevent the cookies from sticking to one another, making this an ideal storage method.

Should Macarons Be Stored In Plastic Wrap?

As much as it would make sense to wrap macarons in plastic wrap to help keep them as fresh as possible, plastic wrap is not the best option to store macarons. Unfortunately, plastic wrap pulls too tightly to the macarons which can break the fragile cookie. To help keep the cookies fresh, but also intact, the best way to store macarons is in an air-tight plastic container stored either in the refrigerator or the freezer.

How To Refrigerate Macarons

Refrigerating your macarons is the best way to keep them soft, intact, and preserved. To best refrigerate your macarons, follow the below steps:

  • Use a plastic container to store your macarons. You will want to find a relatively shallow container that will fit the macarons well.
  • Line the container with parchment paper. This will help prevent the macarons from sticking to the bottom of the container.
  • Line the macarons in a single layer across the bottom of the air-tight container. Do not let the macarons touch because they could stick together.
  • Place in the refrigerator on the middle shelf of the fridge. This shelf has the least amount of temperature fluctuation from opening the door.
  • Macarons will store for about three days in the refrigerator with the consistency and texture still intact. Macarons will last for a week in the refrigerator and taste just fine, but they may become soggy.
  • Macarons are best eaten at room temperature, so allow the cookies about 20 minutes to warm up after pulling them out of the refrigerator.

Can I Store Macarons at Room Temperature?

Storing macarons at room temperature is safe, but your macarons will have a limited lifespan. To store macarons at room temperature it is best to put the macarons on the counter in an air-tight plastic container. Line the container with parchment paper, and layer the macarons in a single layer across the bottom of the container. It is important to not let the macarons touch because this will make them stick together.

If left on the counter at room temperature your macarons will last 24 hours. If you live in a particularly hot or humid location you may want to relocate your macarons to a cool and dry area. The kitchen pantry or cupboard will help to protect the macarons from high temperatures which could make the shells soggy.

How To Freeze Macarons

Freezing your macarons will give you the option to thaw and eat your macarons for months to come. This is a great way to preserve this delicious cookie for an extended period of time. To freeze your macarons you should:

  • Find an air-tight container that will fit the macarons stacked on their side. Staking the macarons tipped on their side, rather than flat, reduces the amount of air in the container that can damage and spoil the macarons over time.
  • Place parchment paper along the bottom of the container, as well as several layers of parchment paper on top of the stacked macarons. Never use waxed paper  as a substitute. The waxed paper will not prevent sticking like the parchment paper is designed to do.
  • Place a layer of aluminum foil on top of the parchment paper, under the container lid. This will help prevent freezer burn which can impact the flavor and taste of the macarons.
  • If possible, store your macarons in a deep freezer. This will reduce the temperature fluctuations caused form people repeatedly opening the freezer door. If this is not possible, try to place the macarons on a lower shelf in the freezer.
  • Macarons will last three to four months when frozen this way. Before eating, allow about thirty minutes for the macaron to thaw and reach room temperature.

Can I Freeze Macarons Unfilled?

It is always recommended to store your macarons filled. This will allow the cookie to set and the flavors to blend together. If you plan on making a large batch of shells it is possible to freeze the shells alone, without the filling. To freeze the shells, find an air-tight container that can fit the shells standing on edge. Line the plastic container with parchment paper to help prevent them from sticking to one another. Place the shells in the freezer, preferably on a lower shelf.

Frozen macarons are a great way to store a large batch of shells that can be assembled using different filling flavors. Be sure to defrost your shells about 3o to 45 minutes before you plan to fill them. When stored in the freezer this way shells will last about three to four months.

What Is The Best Way to Thaw Frozen Macarons?

The macaron is a very delicate cookie with a very specific texture and taste. While this cookie is able to survive being refrigerated and frozen, you must take special care to ensure the integrity of the cookie remains intact. Once you remove the macaron from the freezer, you will first want to carefully remove the cookies you plan to eat. Although the parchment paper is designed to prevent sticking, there is a chance your macarons have shifted.

Next, simply leave your macarons on the counter to thaw. You want them to reach room temperature gradually. Usually, it will take between twenty and thirty minutes for your macarons to thaw. If you are defrosting just the shell, expect thirty to forty-five minutes to pass until your cookies are ready to fill.

Are Macaron Boxes Available?

Because macarons are such a specialty cookie there are special macaron storage boxes available for purchase. These are specially designed boxes that are sturdy enough to hold your macarons. These boxes can be made of plastic or cardboard, and are designed to hold between two and 12 macarons at a time.

Not only is this a convenient way to transport your macarons from place to place, but it is also a great way to give macarons as a gift. These boxes are usually available for purchase from specialty cooking or baking stores.

Can I Store Macarons in a Plastic Bag?

Although it may seem like macarons would be a great fit inside a plastic bag, resist the urge to store your macarons this way. Adding macarons to a plastic bag will trap unwanted moisture with the macaron. Putting this bag into the refrigerator or freezer will only condense the moisture further. Added moisture to your macaron cookies will make them too moist and soggy.

Related Questions

Can I Store Macaron Batter in the Fridge?

Macarons are an incredibly temperamental and delicate cookie to bake, and much of the outcome depends on having fresh ingredients. While the sugar and flour that make up the macaron batter does not need to be refrigerated, the raw eggs in the batter do require refrigeration. Placing leftover batter in the refrigerator will keep the ingredients safe to eat, but may not produce the best macarons.Many people who use batter that has been in the refrigerator report crumbly macarons, or macarons that do not form the proper “feet”. If you have leftover patter it is best to bake it immediately for the best shaped and formed macaron shells.

Are Macarons Hard To Make?

There is a great deal of discussion regarding the difficulty level of baking macarons. When examining the preparation and the ingredients this is a very straightforward cookie to make, with very simple ingredients such as water, flour, sugar, butter, cream of tartar, and powdered sugar. Even a beginner baker will be able to prepare and bake macarons.The difficulty however comes with making macarons appear nice. The macaron is a very temperamental and difficult cookie to make appear presentable, with the right texture and appearance. A beginner baker make be able to reproduce the flavor of the cookie perfectly, but may struggle to recreate the appearance and texture of a professionally baked macaron, made to perfection.

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