How To Reset Honeywell Thermostats: A Guide for All Models

Matthew Mountain
by Matthew Mountain

Honeywell has been manufacturing thermostats for decades, and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the older models are different from the ones that are being made today. Despite their differences, every Honeywell thermostat can be reset, it’s just a matter of how.

Use this guide when you need to reset your Honeywell thermostat; the model you have is surely addressed here! Some other important information on thermostats is also included.

Every Honeywell thermostat has a reset function, but reset methods vary from model to model. In general, all you need to reset a thermostat is the system itself, but some systems do require additional technology or a small, pointed item, i.e. a needle.

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Why Thermostat Resetting Is Necessary Sometimes

Most of the time, a digital thermostat will work well and not give you any trouble. The problem is that, over time, a digital thermostat, like all digital devices, will become less efficient. An indication that a system has lost some of its efficiency is when the thermostat keeps having trouble properly determining and regulating the temperature in the home.

When this happens, pressing the Reset button will be necessary, as doing so will refresh your system and get it back working as it should.

If pressing the Reset button does not deliver the desired result, then you might need a thermostat replacement. If you’re using a small digital device, then this won’t be a big deal. But if you’re using a more high-tech, and therefore expensive, system then you may want to think twice or get a professional to look over your system before you pursue a replacement.

Resetting Honeywell Thermostats

A Honeywell thermostat will generally do a good job keeping a home at a comfortable temperature. Therefore, the majority of interactions between you and your thermostat will involve you clicking either the up or down arrows to adjust the temperature.

But the time may come when adjusting the system via reset is necessary, and performing this task, no matter what kind of system you have, isn’t that difficult. I’ve dug through all the manuals of popular Honeywell thermostats, and now I can let you know how all these systems can be reset.

Types of Resets

On some systems, resetting is just as simple as pressing a button that’s indicated on the thermostat. But other systems, mainly the high-tech ones that are new, utilize different reset methods. Below the common reset methods are briefly explained.

Factory Reset: this is the simplest and most common type of reset. When you do a factory reset, you put the device back to its original settings, those that it had when it came from the factory.

Wi-Fi Reset: If your system utilizes Wi-Fi, then you can reset it this way. The system will forget the Wi-Fi network it’s using and then you’ll have to manually enter this in again.

Schedule Reset: If your thermostat runs on a schedule, then erasing the schedule and setting a new one will be a version of reset.

If your model has specific resetting instructions, then you should follow these. You’ll be able to know what kind of model you have by looking at its front. Or, of course, you can check the system’s manual.

Word of Caution

Before you start tinkering with your home’s thermostat, you should make sure that it’s not the kind of system which is supposed to connect directly to your home’s electric current. If you don’t know whether or not your system is connected in this way, you should get in touch with an HVAC technician or an electrician; either professional will know what to do.

If you make a mistake while working with the kind of system addressed above, you could be exposed to an electric shock, and electrocution can cause serious injury as well as death. Most of the systems discussed here, however, do not require direct connection to an electrical current, so you can reset these without fear of physical harm.

Honeywell 1000 and 2000 Series Thermostats

If you have either a Honeywell 1000 Series or a Honeywell 2000 Series, here’s what you need to do to reset either of these non-programmable thermostats.

  • The first thing you must do is turn the thermostat off.
  • Next, the circuit breaker which controls the circuit must be flipped.
  • Now it’s time to remove the thermostat from the mounting plate.
  • Once this is done, you must take the batteries out.
  • Reinsert them backwards, making sure that the positive battery pole is pointing to the ‘-‘ sign while the negative pole is pointing to the ‘+’ sign.
  • Once the batteries are in this position, you should wait five seconds.
  • After the time has passed, you should take the batteries out and then put them back in the correct way, i.e. positive to positive and negative to negative.
  • Once the batteries are in place, the thermostat is ready for reattachment.
  • Just flip the circuit back on and your system should be reset and working correctly again.

This method is a pretty basic system reset method, and it will work with non-Honeywell thermostats as well.

Honeywell 4000 Series Thermostats

Unlike the two systems discussed above, which are round and non-programmable, the 4000 Series is square, white, and programmable. Here’s how this thermostat is reset.

  • You must first turn on the thermostat.
  • Next you should press the Program button and hold it.
  • While you’re holding the Program button, use a slender object, such as the end of a paper clip, to press the Reset button.
  • Continue holding the Program button for a second and then release it.

After you release the Program button, the system should be reset and working correctly again.

Honeywell 6000WF Series Thermostats

The Honeywell 6000F series is a thermostat that’s Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control it from your phone, tablet, or computer. Here are the different kinds of resets you can perform with this system.

Factory Reset

  • Simultaneously press the up arrow button and the Fan button.
  • While you’re holding down these two buttons, changed the number on the left part of the screen to 90 and the number on the right side of the screen to one.
  • Now press Done. Once you press the Done button, your system should be reset.

Wi-Fi Reset

  • To reset the Wi-Fi on this system, you must press the up arrow and Fan button together just like you did when you did the factory reset.
  • This time, however, you have to change the number on the left to 39 and the number on the right to zero.
  • Press Done and the Wi-Fi should be reset.

Schedule Reset

  • To reset the schedule on a 6000WF Series, press the up arrow and the Fan button together.
  • This time the number on the left should be 85 and the number on the right should be one. Press Done and the schedule should be reset.

The numbers indicate specific functions, and to see what all your system’s functions are, consult the manual.

Honeywell 7000 Series Thermostats

Honeywell 7000 Series thermostats are programmable, battery-operated, and hardwired. They aren’t that much different from the 1000 and 2000 Series, and resetting these thermostats is done in the following way.

  • You must first make sure the thermostat is off. Next, turn off the power from the circuit breaker.
  • Now you should dismount the thermostat from the wall plate.
  • Next you must take the two AA batteries out of the thermostat. Now put them back in, except they should be inserted opposite to the correct placement; negative-positive and positive to negative.
  • Then, after you wait 5 to 10 seconds, you take the batteries out and then put them in the correct way. This will make the system turn on.
  • Once this is done, you place the thermostat back on the wall and mount it.
  • Now turn your power back on at the breaker box. Your system will be reset at this point.

Honeywell 8320WF and 8580WF Thermostats

These thermostats, like the one addressed above, are Wi-Fi enabled. Systems that utilize Wi-Fi are more convenient than those that don’t, and adjusting these is simpler once you know what you’re doing. Here’s how you execute factor reset, Wi-Fi reset, and schedule reset.

Factory Reset

  • To factory reset this thermostat, first press the System button.
  • Now you must press and hold the blank box that’s in the center of the screen. When the number panel is displayed, set the number on the left to 0710 and the number on the right to one.
  • Once this is done, press the Done button. Your system should be reset at this point.

Wi-Fi Reset

  • To reset the system’s Wi-Fi, first press the System button.
  • Then press the blank box in the center of the display. This time, the number on the left should be 0900 and the number on the right should just be zero.
  • Press Done and the Wi-Fi should be working correctly again.

Schedule Reset

  • To reset the system’s schedule, press the System button.
  • Next, hold the blank box that’s in the center of the screen.
  • When the numbers panel comes up, enter 0165 on the left and the number one on the right. Now press Done and your thermostat should have a reset schedule.

Honeywell 8321WF Thermostats

The Honeywell 8321FR is Wi-Fi enabled as well, so this system can be reset in three different ways just like systems previously mentioned. One thing that’s different here, however, is that the factory reset process is a little more involved; it’s not complicated but it takes longer to execute.

Factory Reset

  • First you must press the Menu button.
  • Next, go to the Dealer Information screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this until you see the Date Code.
  • Write down the code number, as you’ll need this later.
  • Now press Done.
  • Next, scroll down the Installer Options window and find where the Date Code needs to be entered.
  • Select Reset Defaults and then click ‘Yes’. Your system should be factory reset at this point.

Wi-Fi Reset

Resetting the Wi-Fi is a lot simpler.

  • First you press the Menu button and then scroll down until you see the Wi-Fi setup window.
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup and then the Default Restore option.

Schedule Reset

Rescheduling on this system isn’t difficult either.

  • First press the Menu button and then press the down arrow until you see the Preferences option.
  • Select Preferences and then scroll down until you see the Default Schedule option.
  • Click the Default Schedule option and then your system will be adjustable again.

Honeywell 9000 Series Thermostats

Factory Reset

To reset this system for factory default, first press the menu button and then choose the Preferences section. Next press restore factory defaults. When prompted to do so, select yes and then your system should be all set.

Wi-Fi Reset

Resetting the Wi-Fi on this thermostat is even simpler. All you have to do is go to the Menu button and then select Wi-Fi Setup; the rest is self-explanatory.

Schedule Reset

To execute a schedule reset, first go to the Menu window and then select Preferences. Once there, click Restore Default Schedule. When you do this, you’ll be able to adjust your thermostat’s schedule again.

Honeywell T5, T5+, and T6 Thermostats

These thermostats are square, compact, Wi-Fi-enabled, and programmable. Immediately, you’ll notice they don’t look like most of Honeywell’s other thermostats, especially the older ones. Here’s how you execute factory, Wi-Fi, and schedule resets.

Factory Reset

  • First, you must hold down the Menu button.
  • Scroll through the choices you have until you find the Reset button.
  • Click Reset and then, when you’re asked, “Are you sure?” select Yes.

Wi-Fi Reset

Resetting the Wi-Fi on a T5, T5+, or T6 thermostat can be done using a smartphone or tablet that has access to the Honeywell app. But executing resets on the thermostat directly is a lot easier.

  • First, press the Menu button and then hold it.
  • Scroll to the left until you see the Reset option.
  • Select Reset and then scroll until you see Wi-Fi.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button and then your Wi-Fi should be reset.

If you want to reset your system using your app-accessible phone or tablet, then you’ll need to be near the thermostat to do this. That’s because a four-digit pin number will be displayed on the thermostat, and you’ll need to enter this in the app for the reset process to work correctly. You’ll also need your Wi-Fi password.

Schedule Reset

  • To reset the schedule on these systems, press the Menu button and then hold it down.
  • Scroll until you see the Reset option.
  • Click Reset and then another window will appear.
  • Scroll through this window until you see Schedule. Click this.

Once you select Schedule you’ll be able to adjust your system’s schedule.

Honeywell Smart and Lyric Round Thermostats

Factory Reset

To factory reset this thermostat, you need to follow the three step process thats explained below.

  • First you must press the cloud icon and then hold it.
  • When a new screen appears, you press the down arrow until you see the Reset button.
  • Select Reset and then the factory reset will be complete.

Wi-Fi Reset

  • To reset the Wi-Fi on these systems, press the cloud icon and hold it.
  • Now press the down arrow on the screen which appears and this time look for the Wi-Fi button.
  • When you select Wi-Fi, again begin pressing the down arrow until you see the Setup button.
  • Once you select the setup button, you’ll be able to reset your system’s Wi-Fi.

Schedule Reset

These systems utilize a schedule feature, and the reset process is as simple as clicking the Schedule button and then clicking Reset. If this isn’t the case for your system, you should consult the system’s manual to see how this can be done.

When a Professional Should Be Called for Thermostat Reset

If you’ve tried to reset your system on your own, but you’re not having any success, then you should get in touch with a professional. You should also seek professional help if your system is malfunctioning severely.

A thermostat issue may not just involve the thermostat. Remember that some thermostats are hooked up directly to a home’s HVAC system, so something wrong with the thermostat can indicate a problem somewhere else in the HVAC system.

An HVAC professional will have the tools, experience, know-how, and training necessary to diagnose and fix the problem, and if you hire a professional you’ll also get valuable peace of mind.

Additional Benefits

Getting professional assistance is also ideal because a professional will most likely give you useful advice if you politely ask for it. They’ll also be able to tell you things about your thermostat that you may not have known, and they might even point you to things in your system’s manual so you can diagnose and fix minor problems on your own.

You may have forgotten the advice given to you by the professionals who installed your system, but if you have reliable maintenance/repair experts on speed dial, you’ll never be without access to high-quality assistance.

Related Questions

Thermostats are found in virtually every standing building these days, and therefore it should come as no surprise that homeowners and business owners alike often have questions about how thermostats work. Some of the frequently asked questions are answered in the section below.

What should a thermostat’s default temperature be?

A lot of homeowners wonder what the ideal thermostat temperature is. HVAC systems are supposed to be set to a certain default temperature, but what this temperature is largely depends on the type of system you have. You should consult your system’s manual, as here the best temperature will probably be given.

In general, you should try to keep the system +/- 20°F the outside temperature. Here are some additional recommendations from the Department of Energy and Energy Star.

Will using a specific kind of thermostat help save money?

Generally speaking, thermostats are reliable. But when they start to not work properly, it’s here when they can present costly problems. One problem is that your system may be wasting energy because it’s not heating at the right time; it could also be heating too much.

This is why you should consider a thermostat upgrade when there’s a problem with your system. The high-tech, new models are better at regulating temperature than the older ones, and you can operate these new models easily. Just get in touch with a professional when you need a new system, as they will know which one is best for you.

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Final Note

In the end, you should know how to reset your thermostat, as this is the first thing you’ll need to do when your system isn’t working correctly. If you can’t figure out how to reset your system, you don’t have one that’s listed here, or you just want someone to reset your system for you, get in touch with an HVAC expert or an electrician, as either professional will gladly inspect your system and fix it if this is necessary.

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