How To Make A Lawn Mower Faster

How To Make A Lawn Mower Faster

If you use a riding lawnmower, you know that it is faster and more efficient than using a push model. However, while a riding mower is easy, what if you could make it work even faster? Most people don’t associate lawnmowers with speed, but we’re not exactly talking about racing around the track.

The first and most important step when asking how to make a lawn mower faster is proper maintenance. Next, increasing the airflow, replacing your mower’s muffler, removing the governor from the engine, or using high-octane gasoline are all ways to increase your lawn mower’s speed. Tire pressure can also impact how fast your mower goes.

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Tips and Tricks for Making Your Lawnmower Faster

Before we dive into the various methods for making your lawnmower faster, we should note that some people upgrade their machines for racing. If you want to turn your mower into a speed machine, then you’ll have to do some serious upgrades, including building new components for the engine. Since that process is highly involved and only designed for a single purpose, we won’t get into it here. Instead, we’ll be focusing on strategies that can help you get a little boost from your mower for the next time you cut the grass.

Increase Airflow

Riding lawnmowers have a similar engine to a car, meaning that it uses combustion to create forward momentum. If you know how a car’s engine works, you know that fuel mixes with air to make the pistons turn faster. So, if you increase the airflow into the motor, you can bump up the speed.

There are a couple of different ways to do this. The first is to make sure that the air filter is in pristine shape. As it collects and traps dirt and dust, it will reduce the amount of air that can get to the engine. The second method is to remove the hood. While doing this will expose the various mechanical elements, it will also ensure that you get as much air as possible. When not using the lawnmower, we recommend replacing the hood so that the engine can stay relatively clean.

Replace/Upgrade Your Mower’s Muffler

To help keep the noise level down from your lawnmower, the machine is equipped with a muffler, just like a car. However, while this component is meant to make the engine combustion quieter, it can affect your mower’s performance. While we don’t recommend removing the muffler, you can upgrade it with a straighter version. Typically, the less distance the air has to travel, the more momentum you can get while driving.

Also, be sure to inspect your muffler for cracks or rust. A faulty muffler can inhibit your speed, so you need to make sure that it’s in peak condition at all times.

Remove the Governor From the Engine

Lawnmower manufacturers will typically install a piece called a governor inside the engine. The purpose of this component is to cap the vehicle’s speed by restricting the flow of fuel and oxygen. For the most part, a governor is there to ensure that the engine doesn’t get overloaded. Also, there may be local regulations that stipulate the maximum speed for riding mowers and similar machinery.

So, if you can identify and remove the governor altogether, you can substantially increase your mower’s speed. However, if you do this, be sure that you know what you’re doing. Since this piece affects the fuel and air mixture, it might be challenging to take out. Also, if you drive your mower at higher speeds, you could wear down the engine much faster.

Use High-Octane Gasoline

Technically speaking, this tip won’t increase your lawnmower’s speed too much, since the engine isn’t built to use high-octane fuel. If you’re not familiar with octane ratings, it refers to the fuel’s ability to withstand pressure. A higher octane rating means that it won’t ignite prematurely when compressed. Usually, you only need this kind of gasoline if you’re driving something with a high-performance engine, as it will compress the fuel line more than a standard car.

That being said, using gas with a rating of 92 or higher can help the engine run smoother, which can give you a little speed boost.

Keep Your Mower’s Blades Sharp

Since your lawnmower is cutting the grass while moving, you want to make sure that it works as efficiently as possible. If you have dull blades, they will have to work harder to trim the grass. So, if you want to reach top speeds, we recommend sharpening your blades regularly. However, if you’re going to go faster without mowing, all you have to do is raise the cutting deck as high as possible. Just be sure to watch out for obstacles like rocks and sticks.

Inspect the Tires

Your tire pressure can affect both your fuel performance and speed. This is true for your car and your lawnmower. A reduction of just a few pounds can slow you down, so you should maintain air pressure as much as possible. We recommend keeping a tire gauge on the mower itself so that you can check the air before heading out. Also, you may want to invest in an air compressor so that you can fill the tires quickly as necessary.

Adjust Your Mowing Technique

Finally, if you want to get the most speed from your riding lawnmower, you can drive in straight lines and on flat terrain. Usually, it’s the ground that will slow you down the most, as well as turning and shifting. Depending on the shape and size of your lawn, this tip may be possible. However, if not, then there is only so much you can do. For example, if you have a steep grade on your lawn, your top speed will be far lower than if you were on a flat surface.

Benefits of Using a Faster Lawnmower

At first, improving your mower’s speed may seem unnecessary, but there are some tangible benefits to following these recommendations. Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Work More Efficiently – The faster your mower is, the sooner you can finish.
  • Less Wear and Tear – By inspecting and maintaining the engine and tires, you’re also keeping the mower in peak condition. Overall, you can extend the life of your machine by months or years.
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Related Questions

Can I put a new engine in my old lawnmower to make it faster?

As we mentioned, you can build a new motor if you want to turn your mower into a racing machine. However, be sure that you have the right components and that you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you could turn the vehicle into an expensive lawn ornament.

Does making my lawnmower faster void the warranty?

Depending on what methods you use to increase the speed, you may void any active warranty. As a rule, changing or replacing parts can often limit your warrant options. If you’re concerned about this, we suggest asking the manufacturer before doing anything.

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