How To Keep Dog Poop From Smelling Up The Garage (Do This!)

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

Dogs are incredibly loyal and loving. You won’t regret your decision to become a parent to a canine of your own. Still, there are unpleasant aspects of being a dog owner and dealing with their poop stands out as a sore point.

The problem with dog poop is its smell. Many homeowners keep the collected dog poop inside containers located in the garage. Before long, the smell coming from that container is going to wreak havoc inside that part of your home.

To eliminate the smell of dog poop inside your garage, consider flushing what you pick up down the toilet instead. If you cannot commit to that, you should at least take the time to clean the containers and use deodorizing products. You can also install a mini septic system in your yard that can be used for dog poop disposal.

Dog poop can stink up your garage in a hurry. Do something about that unpleasant problem by following the tips in this article.

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Why Does Your Dog’s Poop Stink So Badly?

We know, it’s poop, obviously it won’t smell like a bouquet of roses. However, you should know that there’s a difference between normal smelly poop and really stinky excrement. Most of the time, your dog’s droppings will have an unpleasant smell, but the odor is not something unbearable. If your pet’s poop has become way too stinky all of a sudden, there may be a problem.

The issue could be related to what your dog is eating. Changes to the diet can also alter the characteristics of their droppings. Their poop may also turn out especially unpleasant if they ate something they shouldn’t have. An illness could also explain the sudden change in your dog’s poop. Infections and inflammatory diseases are particularly notorious for making dog feces smell worse than it normally does.

Getting your pet examined could help with the odor issue in your garage. Go ahead and pay that visit to the veterinarian if you suspect something is wrong with your dog.

Why Does Dog Poop Smell Worse in the Garage?

You may have tried placing the container with the dog waste in other parts of your home before. Back then, the smell may not have been too bad.

So, why does the container with the dog poop produce a more unpleasant odor inside your garage? It could have something to do with the design of your garage and the items you have in there. Using a space heater inside your garage will cause the smell to get worse. Poorly ventilated garages will also smell worse. As you’ve probably guessed, the heat is amplifying the intensity of the odor.

The heat inside your garage leads to more odor-causing molecules escaping into the air. Heat and humidity may also lead to odor-causing bacteria growing faster. Basically, higher temperatures cause odor-causing molecules and bacteria to become more active.

The garage is not the only warm part of your home, but the smell is more noticeable there because it’s enclosed. It also doesn’t help that you’re almost always in close proximity to the container because of the size of your garage.

The Different Ways to Minimize or Eliminate the Smell of Dog Poop in Your Garage

Now that we understand why dog poop stinks and why it smells awful in the garage, we can take action better. We’ve detailed different methods for managing the dog poop odors inside your garage below. Choose the methods you like the most and see how they work for your household.

Method 1: Flush the Dog Poop You Pick Up

Probably the most effective way to keep your garage free from poop odors is to dispose of the waste via flushing. Pick up the dog poop, slide it into the toilet, and then flush it down. You may even be able to save on containers if you get a reusable poop scooper.

Of course, the problem here is that a lot of people struggle with picking up dog poop. It’s worth giving a try at the very least though.

Method 2: Install a Mini Septic System in Your Yard

Installing a mini septic system is another way to free your garage from the odors produced by dog waste. You can now find miniature septic systems that are specifically designed to handle dog poop. They can also be installed underneath your yard.

Opting for this solution is going to cost you a bit of money. Even so, the price tag is worth it if you don’t want to consistently deal with poop smells in your garage.

Method 3: Use Deodorizing Products

There are other things you can try if your goal is to weaken the smell of dog pop inside your garage. Using deodorizing products is definitely something you should consider. You don’t even have to go to a pet store to purchase a special item because plain baking soda will do.

You can sprinkle the baking soda inside the container before you line it with a trash bag. The baking soda should trap the odors from the garbage and prevent the poop from stinking up your garage.

Method 4: Purchase Better Garbage Bags

The garbage bags you’re using may be prone to leaking or tearing. The odors will be able to move around your garage faster if the garbage bags you’re using are damaged. Invest in higher quality garbage bags if you want to control the odors lingering inside your garage better.

Method 5: Get Better Garbage Containers

Aside from purchasing more durable garbage bags, you should also consider investing in new garbage containers. The garbage container you’re looking for is one with a secure lid. The tighter lid will prevent the odors from escaping.

You should also think about using two different garbage containers. Reserve one for just dog poop while the other can be used to hold the waste produced by your household. Separating the garbage keeps the dog poop odors contained.

Method 6: Clean the Garbage Containers Regularly

Cleaning your garbage containers regularly is a must if you want to keep the air inside your garage odor-free. Failing to accomplish that maintenance task will lead to the odors clinging to the inside of the container. You’ll never be rid of the smell because the container itself is the culprit.

At a minimum, you should clean your garbage container once every two months. Clean it up using disinfectants to eliminate the unpleasant odors entirely. You may even warm up to the idea of cleaning the containers more often after you notice the difference that makes.

Method 7: Improve the Ventilation inside Your Garage

The awful smells coming from the dog poop may pester you constantly if you have poor ventilation inside your garage. With nowhere for the rancid gases to go, you’ll be left stewing in that awful mess.

Open up your garage to weaken the intensity of the dog poop smells. Crack open the windows and even the garage door to let some air circulate inside the garage.

Installing a ceiling fan is another idea worth considering. Ceiling fans excel at moving air and they will keep the odors from growing stagnant. You don’t even have to switch them to full power to enjoy their ventilating benefits.

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