How To Keep Birds Out Of Gutters (In A Few Easy Steps!)

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

Birds are beautiful. But that doesn’t mean you want them nesting in the gutters hanging from your roof. Letting birds make nests in your gutters can spell trouble. So, what are you supposed to do?

You can keep birds out of your garage and away from your gutters in several ways. First, clean your gutter system to remove all of the debris. Then, consider installing gutter guards. Next, try to repel the birds in your yard without injuring or killing them. And call a pro if you need some help.

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How Do You Know If You Have a Birds Nest in Your Gutters?

It’s relatively easy to tell whether or not you have birds nesting in your gutter system. That’s because birds usually make nests near where they gather. So, if you see a large flock in your yard, watch your roof and gutters closely. There could be a feathered friend inside.

Wild birds often flock together around porches as well. You’ll sometimes see their droppings, feathers, and other signs of wildlife activity where they congregate. And you might even spot nesting materials around your gutters if you haven’t cleaned them in a while.

FACT: Birds like to hang out around houses with dirty gutters because it gives them more nesting materials to use.

Why Do Birds Get in My Gutters?

There are several different types of gutters and wild birds like them all. The reason is that water channels give birds a safe place to make their nests and take baths. Plus, the birds conveniently find nesting materials lodged inside your system. So, they could stay put until you make them leave.

Birds also climb inside gutters to look for food. Then the tiny insects and small edibles make your clogged drains even more appetizing. And that means you end up with only three choices:

  • Tolerate the bird flocks that come and go. Then, pay for any damages they cause.
  • Get rid of the birds in your gutters with a safe, non-lethal method. Then, hope they don’t come back.
  • Install gutter guards so birds can’t climb inside to make nests. Then, maintain your gutters more easily.

Option number three may require the largest investment, but there’s a dual benefit. Gutter guards can help keep leaves and debris out of your system while preventing damage to your home. But not all insurance companies like guards on gutters. So, be sure to read your policy first.

Is It Bad To Have a Birds Nest in Your Gutters?

In general, having a bird’s nest in your gutter isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, it may cause some safety concerns for the people in your house. Falling debris, animal waste, and bird attacks are more common than you think.

Also, animal nests in gutters may clog the drain and prevent water from escaping the system. Then over time, standing water can damage your home. That’s another reason why it’s essential to keep your gutters clean. The same thing can happen with or without a bird’s nest in there.

Moreover, birds nesting in your gutter system might invite other animals to join. That’s especially true if there are predators nearby. Predatory animals may then cause bird flocks to seek shelter elsewhere on your property. So, intimidation could drive birds in your chimney for safety.

DID YOU KNOW: The weight of a nest can make your gutter system sag or fall off entirely.

How Do I Get Rid of Birds in My Gutters?

Do you have pesky pigeons on your roof and in your gutters? The species doesn’t matter. They’re all pests when you don’t want them camping nearby. What’s crucial is how you get rid of birds before they damage your home. So, how do you repel birds from your gutters? Here are five surefire tactics:

  • Set Up Some Decoys: Birds hate rubber snakes, aggressive-looking spiders, and objects with large eyes. You can find most of those things at your local hardware store.
  • Trap and Transfer: Try to capture the birds in your gutters without hurting them. Then, take them somewhere else to make a new nest.
  • Use Bird Repellents: You can buy all-natural bird repellents or make your own. Either way, try to focus on the areas where birds gather the most.
  • Install Gutter Guards: Guard your gutters with a gutter helmet. That way, birds and squirrels can’t claw through the material to get inside.
  • Harness Sound Waves: Certain frequencies naturally repel birds, just like specific sounds attract them. You can find more information on how sound repels birds by following the latest science.

NOTE: Hire a professional if you can’t repel birds safely. That’s because some states make it illegal to trap or harm local bird species without a license. So, you could get arrested or face fines if you handle the situation without help.

Can I Keep Birds From Nesting in Gutters?

You can keep birds from nesting in your gutters if you take the appropriate measures. In most cases, the situation calls for consistent maintenance. Thus, many homeowners call an expert to help clear the air. That way, they don’t break any conservation laws or deal with “repeat offenders.”

What’s the Safest Way to Stop Birds in Gutters?

The best way to stop birds from nesting in your gutters is to keep your gutters clean. If there’s nothing in your system, you won’t attract flocks to it as much. So, even if your gutters are too high for you to reach, find a way to clean them anyway.

Dirty or clogged gutter systems can be dangerous and costly. If something breaks, it could injure a loved one or damage your home. Meanwhile, it’s not cheap to fix broken gutters. And some insurance companies may even penalize you for negligence.

The second best way to get rid of birds is with natural repellents. Most birds are scared of lifelike decoys, and they usually hate specific smells. And fortunately, those smells are typically the ones that humans love. For example, fowl don’t like the scent of cayenne pepper, most essential oils, strong perfume.

Related Questions

What Happens If You Disturb a Birds Nest?

Be extra careful when removing a bird’s nest from your property. Birds often abandon their nests if they sense disruption or foul play. And if that happens, their helpless hatchlings may not reach full maturity. Plus, your scent could lead other predators to the area.

Which Smells do Birds Hate?

Birds don’t like many of the smells that humans enjoy. For instance, they hate the stench of chili peppers, cayenne peppers, vinegar, and alcohol. So, that means you can repel birds with heavy cologne, essential oils, or intense cleaning supplies.

What Is a Good Bird Repellent?

Besides decoys and property maintenance, the best bird repellent is all-natural. It’s a mixture of chili peppers, vinegar, and water. Use it by making a spray with dried pepper flakes. Then, spritz the liquid anywhere you think birds might gather or nest.

What Birds Nest in Gutters?

Some birds make nests in the nooks and crannies of your roof. Usually, you’ll find sparrows and starlings the most. However, other bird species might find your house appealing as well. So, keep your gutters clean and watch for signs of nesting.

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Take Back Control of Your Home

You don’t have to share your home with a bunch of birds. Luckily, there are several ways to repel them and stop them from nesting in your gutters, chimney, and garage. But be sure to act fast because birds can damage your roof. And if that happens, you’ll be forced to pay for a professional roof inspection to find out what’s wrong.

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