How To Hang A Window Box Without Drilling

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Window boxes fit in perfectly in any home and can liven up your exterior when you fill them with plants. Some window boxes don’t require drilling, but you can get around it with others if you use vinyl siding hangers. Whether it be using vinyl siding hangers or purchasing a special window box, let’s take a look at how you can hang a window box without drilling holes.

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Is there anything more old school, charming, and city-friendly than having a window box filled with fresh flowers? We think not, and so do others. Window box gardening is back in style and is not showing any signs of stopping. Unfortunately, landlords don’t like to see window boxes that require drilling into the walls of an apartment. Using a drill to lock the box in place is the traditional way to install window boxes. So, what’s a person to do?

The easiest way to hang a window box without drilling is to purchase vinyl siding hangers for a window box, or to get a no-drill window box. If you cannot do that, another option to consider is to plant your garden on a balcony or near a window ledge rather than stick to an outdoor window box.

Fans of gardening who want to get a chic window box of their own don’t have to worry too much. This guide will make it easy to get the drill-free window box you need for your garden.

How Do You Hang A Window Box Without Drilling?

There are three main options that you can choose from if you want to get a window box but don’t want to drill holes into your wall. These are:

  • Getting A No-Drill Window Box.
  • Getting Vinyl Siding Hangers.
  • Planting Your Garden On A Balcony Instead.

Each of these options has its own benefits and pitfalls that can impact which one would work best for you. Let’s talk about them, shall we?

Getting A No-Drill Window Box

One of the newest inventions to hit the gardening world is the advent of the no-drill window box. These window boxes, available on Etsy, are the quickest and cheapest way to get the window boxes you want without upsetting your landlord. According to users, they’re cheap, easy to install, and look pretty good.

The issue with these boxes is their maximum weight. Since these are not as well-secured as other options, these boxes have a three-liter maximum load capacity. So, they may not be as large as your typical window box but they still offer the perk of giving you a drill-free mini garden that looks adorable.

Using Vinyl Siding Hangers

Having vinyl siding is one of the biggest reasons that people tend to nix the idea of getting a window box. Drilling through vinyl siding will break the siding and leave unsightly cracks. Vinyl siding hangers work by tucking themselves into the cracks of the siding, using the strength of the siding to support the planters.

Each vinyl siding hanger is capable of supporting around 12 pounds on average. So, a window box supported by two hangers can support 24 pounds–a fair amount of weight for a typical window planter. The obvious drawback, though, is that you need vinyl siding to make this option work in most cases.

Growing Flowers On Your Balcony

Let’s say that you are not feeling bold enough to try a no-drill window box or to use vinyl siding hangers to hold up your box. It’s okay. It happens! That’s why balcony gardens remain one of the most popular ways to get your gardening on while you’re renting an apartment in a high-rise. Balcony gardens can be made through a wide range of different methods, including:

  • Boxes installed on the ledge of the balcony. Since many fences, rails, and ledges on balconies have holes or slats, it’s possible to use balcony flower boxes as an alternative. These can be secured using screws or through having long hanging hooks that are designed for wire rails or thinner walls.
  • Having a planter garden on the floor of the balcony. If you have extra space, putting a small shelf with the planters of your choice might be a better option. While this doesn’t have the same aesthetic as a window box and can eat up space in your balcony, it still gives you a place to let your garden grow.
  • Getting hanging baskets. Hanging baskets, when hung off the rails of a balcony, can prove to be a great
  • Have mini planters. If you’re looking for a happy medium between hanging flower baskets and a balcony garden, try mini planters. They can be hung from balcony shelving and are easy to make. All you need to do is find a tutorial on Pinterest to do it.

Are Hanging Window Boxes Always Doable?

Though they are considered to be an elegant way to display flowers, the truth is that there are some homes that just aren’t going to be capable of hanging window baskets. This is especially true when you’re dealing with homes that have a unique siding setup, poured concrete, or glass-based homes. That is why you may need to have a backup plan if you want to make the most of your square footage.

There are plenty of other ways to get your gardening area set up, including indoor gardening, growing air plants, and also putting together a hydroponic urban garden. So, don’t stress the lack of window boxes too much.

Our Final Take

If you want to have a hanging basket filled with flowers outside your window, you have a lot of options available to you. Hanging window boxes doesn’t always require the drills and screws that once were considered to be a mandatory part of their installation. You can choose no-drill boxes, vinyl siding hangers, or just set up your own balcony garden instead.

Of course, there is always a chance that you just might not have a good setup for window boxes. If you find yourself in a bind that deals with trying to get those boxes installed, you might have to come up with a “Plan B,” or even a “Plan C.” The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to get your gardening on, even if window boxes aren’t always going to be a part of the program.

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