How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet (5 Ways To Do It!)

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by Benjamin Wright

While carpets are typically easy to clean, wax stains on them can prove a little stubborn. However, there are ways to get that wax off. With the appropriate use of a few household items, you can get rid of every trace of wax on your carpet.

There are several tricks you can use to remove wax from your carpet. The heat from an iron or blow dryer can remove wax. Even without heat, an ice pack, knife, and vacuum cleaner can go a long way in wiping off the wax from a carpet. A combination of heat and cold also effectively does the work.

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Method 1: Remove Wax From A Carpet With An Iron

This method requires a brown paper bag, towel, and iron.

First, place a single layer of the paper at the edge of the stain. Always put a towel under the part of the bag that is not on the stain. This way, you can avoid spreading the wax onto unaffected areas as you move the bag.

Then, iron over the paper slowly. As the wax melts, the paper will absorb it. As more wax melts place a fresh part of the paper bag onto the spot. Do this until the wax stains stop soaking into the paper.

Ironing works well to get wax out of your carpet, but you must be careful. You do not want to burn the paper or the carpet. Do not place the iron directly on the carpet. Also, make sure the iron is kept at a medium temperature setting.

With a warm temperature setting, the iron will not get too hot. At the same time, it will produce enough heat to melt the wax without causing any burns.

Method 2: Remove Wax From My Carpet Using a Blow Dryer

To do away with wax on your carpet with a blow dryer, you need a paper towel and hairdryer. You can use a clean paper bag too – as long as there is no printing on it. Set the hairdryer to the highest temperature and run it over the towel or bag.

The bag or towel should absorb the melted wax. If the paper bag or towel absorbs too much wax, simply use fresh paper until wax no longer soaks into the paper. Repeat the heating process till you have removed all the wax. Then, vacuum the floor to retain its normal texture.

Method 3: Use Heat and Ice to Remove Wax From My Carpet

To remove wax from your carpet using this method, you need a bag of ice, a hairdryer or iron, a brown paper bag, a butter knife, rubbing alcohol, and a vacuum. Once you have gotten the materials ready, follow these steps:

Step One: Place the paper bag over the affected area. You can use a paper towel too. Soak up the wax with the paper bag or towel. Do this while it is still fresh and warm, or it will not work. Push down on the wet spot without wiping or spreading the spill.

Once the bag or towel gets soaked up, add new ones. Repeat this process till they no longer get wet by the wax.

Step Two: Put ice cubes inside of a Ziploc bag and place the bag on the wax. Do this for a few minutes to harden or freeze the wax – this will make it easy to scrape off.

Step Three: Using a butter knife, scrape off what you can of the frozen wax from your carpet. You must scuff carefully at this point so as not to damage the carpet.

Step Four: Now, place another paper towel over what is left of the spilled wax. Put your hairdryer on full heat and run it over the paper towel. If you are using an iron, it is safer to use a paper bag at this point. Place it on the stained area, put the iron on a medium-low temperature, and run over the paper.

As the wax softens and melts, it will transfer to the paper towel. Once a paper gets soaked up, use another one. Repeat this blotting process until the paper does not get greasy stains on them anymore.

Step Fix: By now, all the wax stains should have been cleaned out thoroughly. Clean with rubbing alcohol to get the remnants of wax out. Vacuum clean after this to get your carpet back on track.

Method 4: Get Rid Of Stains From Colored Wax Out of My Carpet

If colored wax gets on your floor, using heat to get it out will transfer the color to the carpet. So, you are going to have to do some extra work. Once the wax is gone, spray the stained part with rubbing alcohol or any other effective cleaning solution. A carpet spray works too.

Whatever solution you use, let it sit for a few minutes. Then, blot the spot with a clean, non-fibrous cloth until the stain vanishes. Alternatively, you can place the cloth over the stain and steam-iron over it. The dye will transfer from the carpet onto the cloth. Vacuum clean to get the carpet’s texture back.

Method 5: Remove Wax From My Carpet Without Heat

If the wax on your carpet is small, it is possible to get it off without the use of heat. You will need the following simple household materials:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • A plastic bag filled with ice cubes
  • A butter knife
  • Two lint-free cloths (White preferably)
  • Rubbing alcohol

To get the wax out, put the bag of ice over the stained part of the carpet. Press the ice hard on the spot – the more pressure you use, the more hardened the wax will get. And the more hardened the wax, the easier it is to get off.

When the wax gets stone-hard, scuff off the wax with the butter knife. While scraping, be careful not to tear the fibers of your carpet. Once you have scraped the wax off of the carpet satisfactorily, clear out the remaining pieces of wax with a vacuum cleaner.

After the cleaning, dip a cloth in rubbing alcohol and apply it onto the spot in pats. Dry off with the second cloth and let the cleaned carpet dry.

Is It Possible to Remove Wax From My Carpet With Vinegar?

Vinegar is not effective at removing wax from carpet. However, it can make it easier to clean up leftover wax after using heat or scraping with a knife. Dip a paper towel in a mixture of white vinegar and water and wipe off the leftover wax.

When combined with other solutions, vinegar can go a long way in cleaning stains made from the wax. To clean wax dye from your carpet using vinegar, follow these steps:

  • Dip a plain white cloth into a mix of detergent and warm water. Blot the spot repeatedly. Then, place the wet cloth over the spot for a while to break down the stain. After 10 minutes, clean up the moisture with a dry white cloth.
  • Blend one-part white vinegar with two parts water, or for a tougher stain, equal parts vinegar, and water. Then, dip a plain white cloth into the solution and dab on the affected part. Let the substance sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Blot off the solutions with a cloth soaked in warm water and let the carpet dry.

This method might not work with just one application of these steps. When the carpet dries, and you see that the wax remains have not been erased, repeat the steps until you cannot see any traces of wax dye.

How Do I Prevent My Carpet From Getting Wax Stains?

You can avoid the hassle of getting stubborn wax out of your carpet by placing your candles on a tray. The drip tray will collect all the wax spills, and you do not have to worry about your carpet getting wax on it.

You can also make things easier by keeping tough wax off your candles. Before you light up a candlestick, rub some oil around it. This way, any drips on your carpet will not form into tough wax that will be exceedingly difficult to remove.

You can also rub Vaseline on the candles before lighting them up. Doing this will also make dripped wax peel off your carpet quickly and with much less damage.

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How Can I Get Candle Wax Off a Wood Floor?

The first step to removing candle wax drips from wood is to make sure it is dry. No matter how dry it is, harden it further with an ice pack. Then, gently scrape at the wax with a ruler. You can use any other plastic item, like a plastic spoon, or a credit card.Do not scrape into the floor’s surface – just gently chip at the wax so it can loosen and slide off the wood. When all the wax is out, wipe off with a clean cloth. To enhance the cleaning, vacuum the whole floor and polish with wooden floor wax.

How Do I Remove Wax From My Sink?

When wax clogs your sink, you can get it out with extreme heat. Pour lots of boiling water down the sink and let the heat melt all the wax. Then, remove the stopper with a long-handled spoon to sweep the wax down the drain.If you do not like handling hot water, cold also works. Pour crushed ice down the drain to harden the wax. Then, run the garbage disposal to break it into tiny pieces. If this does not work, remove the trap, and clear out the wax manually.

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