How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The Garage (Quickly & Easily!)

How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The Garage

There’s a reason why so many people are familiar with the term arachnophobia. It turns out that being fearful of spiders is something many people can sympathize with.

As a homeowner, you should still be mindful of spiders even if you’re not afraid of them. They can cause a mess inside your home and your garage in particular is a prime habitat for those eight-legged arthropods. Keeping them out of your garage is a must and there are things you can do to make that happen.

Begin by cleaning in and around your garage thoroughly and eliminate any potential living areas for the spiders. Sealing any leaks and small openings also lowers the chances of spiders gaining entry into your garage. If the spiders have already infested your garage, consider using special sprays or calling for professional extermination.

Spiders are not the most destructive pests, but they are unwanted guests nonetheless. See how you can deal with them better and discourage them from entering your home by reading on.

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Why Do Spiders Live in Your Garage?

If you want to solve your spider-related problems for good, you first have to understand what’s causing them. In this case, we need to determine why spiders like living inside the garage.

There are a few reasons why spiders like that particular part of your home. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Spiders Like Living in Undisturbed Areas

The first reason why spiders flock to your garage could be because they see it as a safe living space. If you only use your garage to house your vehicles, that means it remains largely undisturbed most of the time. Spiders thrive in that kind of solitude. They feel free to move around and explore more when they don’t have to be afraid of anyone spotting them.

Spiders are also comfortable hiding around in boxes and stacks of materials that haven’t been moved in a long time. They can get set up there and find a way to survive without you ever noticing them. Even if you use your garage often, spiders may still reside there if they find some suitable hiding spots.

Spiders Are Looking for Food inside Your Garage

The spider’s diet consists mainly of insects. If you have an insect problem inside your garage, you’re probably going to have a spider problem too.

Just like other living creatures, spiders will stay wherever they can find a reliable source of food. A garage that’s overrun with insects is going to look like a buffet to them.

Spiders Can Access Your Garage Easily

One more reason why so many spiders live in your garage is because they can access it easily. They can get inside your garage through small openings and stay there in search of a place to live or food.

How to Keep the Spiders Out of Your Garage

Now that we better understand why spiders like infiltrating home garages, we’re now better equipped to deal with a potential infestation. Try out the tips below and see how effective they are at discouraging arachnids from entering your home.

Step 1: Make Cleaning Your Garage a Habit

How often do you clean your garage? Because it’s a part of the home many of us don’t stay in often, we tend to forget about cleaning it. You cannot allow that to happen if you want a spider-free garage.

Moving forward, you should make cleaning your garage a habit. Clean it once a month at the very least. Take the time to clean thoroughly as well. Get into the nooks and crannies of your garage because those are among the preferred living spots for spiders.

While you’re at it, you should also remove any boxes and containers that remain unused. You’re just giving the spiders additional hiding spots if you keep those items inside your garage.

Step 2: Clear the Area outside Your Garage

Cleaning only your garage is not enough if you want to get rid of the spiders for good. You also have to clear out the surrounding areas.

Look outside and see if there are any potted plants situated close to the garage. Move them away because the spiders can use them to get inside your home. Stacks of firewood and piles of leaves should also be removed from the perimeter of the garage.

Step 3: Seal Any Small Openings Leading into Your Garage

Spiders will take advantage of opportunities to enter your home if they are available. You need to seal your openings properly to keep the spiders at bay. Patch up any small openings along the walls if they are present. You should also consider sealing the garage door. Use insulation or garage door seals to close the openings and deny the spiders entry into your home.

Step 4: Don’t Leave Food or Food Crumbs in Your Kitchen

Remember that spiders eat insects. Meanwhile, many of the insects that enter homes like to dine on human food.

To keep the insects and the spiders away, you should remember to clean up if you eat inside your garage. Take the time to sweep the floor after eating to make sure there are no crumbs that will attract insects.

Step 5: Fix Any Leaks in Your Garage

Aside from food, spiders also need a source of water to survive. If they can find a reliable source of water in your garage, you’ll have a harder time keeping them out.

What you need to do is fix any leaks that emerge. Seal any openings where water can flow through and prevent the spiders from using them. They’re more likely to stay away if they don’t have easy access to water.

Step 6: Use Specially Formulated Products to Get Rid of Spiders

Your garage may already be dealing with a significant spider infestation. Before you can turn your garage into a hostile environment for spiders, you first have to remove the ones already there.

Look online and you should be able to find specially formulated sprays that are meant to repel spiders. Some sprays are meant to be used on webs and they will quickly kill spiders that make contact with them. You can also find sprays that will prevent spiders from spinning webs inside your garage.

Step 7: Enlist Professional Help

If you’re dealing with a particularly bad spider infestation, eliminating them on your own may be difficult. Go ahead and look up exterminators in your area and ask them to take care of the spider problem for you. They can also give you tips for preventing spider infestations in the future.

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Related Questions

Can You Use Lights to Keep Spiders away from Your Garage?

Yes, installing some new lights can be helpful in the fight against spider infestations. The lights you’ll need are sodium vapor lights.

The sodium vapor lights aren’t going to impact the spiders directly. The reason why you’re using them is because you don’t want to attract more insects to your garage. Conventional light fixtures draw insects in, but that’s not the case with the sodium vapor variants.

What you’ll want to do is install the sodium vapor lights along the entryways to your garage. Now that the insects are less likely to approach your garage, the spiders have one fewer reason to drop by too.

Can You Use Natural Items to Repel Spiders?

Not everyone is onboard with using chemical repellents even if they want to get rid of spiders. That’s perfectly understandable and the good news is that you can still turn to natural alternatives.

Citrus juice works as a natural spider repellent because it can burn them. Squeeze out some citrus juice, mix it with some water, then use that combo to spray different parts of your garage. Even hanging the citrus peels from doors and windows of your garage should discourage spiders from approaching.

Aside from citrus, you can also hang bundles of mint or cinnamon around your garage to keep the spiders away. Consider bruising the mint leaves so they produce a stronger aroma that repels the spiders.

What Are Other Parts of the Home That Spiders Like to Inhabit?

Apart from your garage, spiders may also live in your attic, basement, or even one of your closets. Periodically check out those spots as well and make sure that they aren’t being used by spiders.

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