How To Fix An Igniter On A Propane Torch

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Propane torches serve many practical uses and are generally easy to repair, even when there is a problem with the igniter. All that you need to do is replace the tip if your manual ignition isn’t working. Whether it be identifying the problem or cleaning the unit, let’s take a look at what you should do when your propane torch’s igniter isn’t working.

To any welders in the world, having your igniter fail can be a pretty major headache. Because of this, we have a quick guide that will help you with steps on figuring out how to fix your igniter on your propane torch. With this guide, you will be able to handle this situation should it come up again.

Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Check to see if the igniter has a spark
  • Try a manual ignition to see if the fuel source is working
  • Check to see if your unit is clean
  • Replace the tip
  • Top off the fuel
  • Clean Your Unit

Below, we will get into this step-by-step process to ensure that your propane torch will be working.

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Step One: Check To See If Your Igniter Has A Spark

The first step to fixing any igniter is to find the source of the issue. The first step will be to check if the igniter has any spark to it. This step is only applicable to those who have a self-igniting torch. But you will want to press on the button that typically ignites your gas line.

If this button is not producing any results, you will need to purchase a replacement igniter from your company. You can typically do so by contacting their customer service line. They may also have replacement parts available on their website.

Step Two: Try A Manual Ignition To See If The Fuel Source Is Working?

An issue that may seem to originate with the igniter may be coming from other sources. As a result, you will want to ensure other pieces of your propane torch are functioning.

If you have a separate igniter, you will want to apply that to the front of the propane torch while the gas line is on. If it is still not working at this point, your issue is not limited to the igniter.

You can also use a lighter if you have one available. Just be sure to move the lighter out of the way if the flame is working. Otherwise, you could end up with melted plastic or worse.

Step Three: Check To See If Your Unit Is Clean

Your last step in checking over your propane torch would be to be sure that it is clean. Small debris can get caught in the gas line, or otherwise, that can cause your torch to be unable to ignite.

If the unit went through a cleaning recently, you never know when some small bit can fly in at the worst time. It is never a bad thing to double-check your work.

Step Four: Replace The Tip (If You Found That The Igniter Is Not Working)

Most self-lighting propane torches have the igniter built into the tip. If the igniter isn’t working, you typically have to replace the end of the device. Many of these are on your company’s associated website. If your company has discontinued the product, you may have to invest in a manual igniter.

Step Five: Check And Fill The Fuel

While it may seem obvious, your propane torch will not work if it doesn’t have any fuel. Be sure that the fuel levels in your propane torch are at acceptable levels. If the fuel levels are full and the torch is still not functioning, that brings us to our last step.

Step Six: Clean Your Unit

The last step in any repair project is to clean up after yourself. When you check your tip, you expose it to the potential of getting additional debris in it. Be sure to thoroughly clean any port of your unit, ensuring that you won’t have a clog in your gas line.

Once you finish all six steps, your unit should be working fine. If you are still experiencing issues, you will need to contact your customer care line. If your torch is still under warranty, you should get it replaced with no issues.

What If They Have Discontinued My Torch?

If you have an older propane torch, there is a fair chance that your model is no longer available. If this is the case, you will need to come to terms with a couple of different options.

First, you could choose to get a manual striker. If the issue is related to your igniter not working, a manual striker will allow you to produce the spark your unit needs. Typically, this is the easiest option.

Second, you could choose to upgrade to the latest model. While this can be a significant upfront investment, new features may give you a good reason to replace your current propane torch. More modern torches also tend to have higher safety standards.

Finally, you could choose to search for your part on secondhand sites like eBay. Depending on your torch, this could be the most expensive option of the three. Also, you may have to purchase a set of associated items to get what you need.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional Welder?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Related Questions

How To Fix An Igniter On A Butane Torch?

Follow all the same steps we listed above to fix the igniter on your butane torch. To avoid the need to scroll below is a quick reminder:

  • Check to see if the igniter has a spark
  • Try a manual ignition to see if the fuel source is working
  • Check to see if your unit is clean
  • Replace the tip
  • Top off the fuel
  • Clean Your Unit

The same rules apply if your butane torch is no longer available.

How To Fix Clogged Propane Torch?

If your nozzle has a clog in it that is impossible to get out, you can boil your nozzle. Placing your nozzle in boiling water is a quick way to remove any difficult-to-reach gunk.

After boiling, do not use your nozzle for some time afterward. Getting moisture in your igniter may nullify the sparking element.

What If The Propane Torch Has No Gas Flow?

If your propane torch is still clogged regardless of you cleaning the nozzle, your issue is deeper in the hose. If this is an issue, try and see if you cannot turn off the unit and disconnect the hose.

Peer into the hose and see if you can find any potential clogs. If you can, try and use a small wire to plunge into the hose. Careful not to be too rough with the edges, as that will puncture your hose.

What If My Propane Torch Has A Yellow Flame?

If the fuel to air ratio is off, a yellow flame may occur. Yellow in your fire is a sign of the fire, not getting enough air or fuel. For example, you can’t use most propane torches upside down, but some will try and push it anyway.

In this case, be sure that you follow the instruction manual on proper ways to use your torch. If it doesn’t mention a way you’ve to consider on how to use it, don’t stretch the rules.

If you bought the torch for a specific purpose, check the company’s website to be sure your torch is fit for that. You would have to spend a good chunk of money, only to find out you can’t use it how you want.

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