How To Empty A Shark Vacuum Canister (Quickly & Easily!)

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Shark vacuums have caught the attention of countless homeowners due to their quality and affordability. It’s a major convenience to be able to clean your floors meticulously with an affordable vacuum cleaner. However, sometimes the container gets full and won’t allow you to clean properly, so it needs to be emptied.

You must turn off and unplug your Shark vacuum before you can empty it. From there, you release the dust bin using the button on the handle. Once the dust bin is released, you can pull it out, empty it, and even wash it with water if you want to thoroughly clean it.

How To Empty A Shark Vacuum Dust Canister

You can’t expect your Shark vacuum to work properly if the dust bin is always full, but luckily, it’s easy. If your Shark vacuum is overheating, it could be due to the dust bin being full. Emptying your Shark vacuum won’t take more than 2 minutes, so let’s take a look at how you can do exactly that.

Step 1. Turn off the Vacuum

You can’t empty your Shark vacuum until you have powered it off. It would be unsafe and potentially damaging to empty the vacuum without turning it off first. Once it is off, unplug the vacuum so that it has no chance to start.

Some Shark vacuums are cordless, and in that case, you will simply need to remove the battery.

Step 2. Open the Bin

Now, you will be able to open the bin on your Shark vacuum so that you can empty it. Take a look at the handle that is adjacent to the bin and grab it. Press the button on the handle you will hear a click indicating that the bin can be released.

Simply pull the bin away from the shark vacuum once you’ve pressed the button. Be careful when you pull the bin out so that you don’t damage it and it can go back on easily.

Step 3. Remove the Dust Container

Pull the dust container out and be careful not to spill its contents. The best option is to do this step when you are near a trash can or bag as to not make a mess. Now, you can dump the contents of the dust container out into the trash can and give it a few taps for good measure.

If you have a hard time getting all of the dust, dirt, and debris out of the container, don’t worry. All that you need to do is carefully rinse it with water without fully soaking it.

Step 4. Pre-Motor Filter

If your Shark vacuum comes with a pre-motor filter, then you should clean that as well. If your filter becomes clogged, you will have a hard time vacuuming in general. You can brush the filter or wipe it out using paper towels.

The filter is integral to the functionality of your Shark vacuum, so you should try to be gentle with it. If your pre-motor filter is simply too clogged, it may need to be replaced.

Step 5. Put the Container Back On

If you used water when you cleaned the container, you need to thoroughly dry it before putting it back on. The container goes back in easily and you simply pop it into place. Move the container with your hand to make sure that it is tight and secure on the vacuum.

Assuming it is all dry and the dust container is on properly, you can reattach the battery or plug the vacuum back in. You will notice right away that it is working more effectively now that there is room in the container for you to collect dust. It’s a good idea to empty your Shark vacuum every week to keep it in prime shape.

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Hose

If emptying your Shark vacuum container didn’t do the trick, you might need to clean the house. The hose on your Shark vacuum can often become clogged, particularly if you have pets, messy children, or cluttered floors. A Shark vacuum can’t properly function without an unobstructed hose, so let’s see how you can clean it.

Step 1. Use Water

The easiest and most obvious way to clean your Shark vacuum hose is to run water through it. You can easily remove the hose by pressing the tabs on either side of it to release it. Hot water works like a charm, but you certainly want to avoid using anything near-boiling water.

Run water through the hose several times over and see if that does the trick. You could take a peek in the hose using a flashlight or your phone camera to see how it looks before you use it. It’s extremely important that you fully dry the hose before you reattach it to your Shark vacuum.

Consider clearing some counter space to lay your hose on while it dries. Place towels beneath it so that any water that drips out won’t do any damage.

Step 2. Laundry Detergent

The laundry detergent method follows the same basics as the method described above. Go through the process to remove the hose and gather some hot water. Run hot water through it once, and then add laundry detergent for a second go around.

You could either use water mixed with laundry detergent or simply put laundry detergent in the hose by itself. After you’ve used the laundry detergent, run plain old hot water through it again to get rid of any suds. Not only will your Shark vacuum hose be clean, but it will smell great too.

Step 3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are the secret tricks to many household remedies, and that includes your Shark vacuum hose. Using a measuring cup, pour yourself ½ of a cup of baking soda and carefully put it in the hose. Put a towel down on the ground in case you make a mess, and carefully shake the hose so that the baking soda works its way down.

After a minute of careful shaking, your hose is ready for the vinegar to be poured in. Keep your hand over the bottom of one end of the hose and lift the other end. Slowly pour the vinegar into the open end of the hose, and you will watch it quickly fizz up.

You won’t need more than 1-2 cups of vinegar to thoroughly clean the hose out. Gently shake the hose to make sure that you cover the inside completely. After 2-3 minutes of that, you can dump the baking soda and vinegar concoction into the sink, run water through the hose, and let it dry.

Related Questions

Do Shark vacuums have HEPA filters?

The Shark rotator bagless vacuum does have a HEPA filter that helps the vacuum collect debris. Cleaning your Shark vacuum’s HEPA filter is a great way to ensure that it is operating at prime functionality. Avoid washing them with water, however, as water can be quite damaging to felt and similar materials.

Why does my Shark vacuum stink?

If you have recently used your Shark vacuum on damp or wet surfaces, it may smell bad. When water and moisture become trapped in a confined space, such as the dust container, it creates a mildew smell. Either regularly clean the filter and container or avoid going over wet spots with your Shark vacuum.

Summing It Up

You can easily empty a Shark vacuum cleaner by simply releasing the container using a button and dumping it out. Water does not damage the dust container, so you may want to wash it while the container is detached. You should only ever empty the container when you know that the vacuum is fully powered off and unplugged.

While the container is out, you can take the opportunity to clean the filter as well. Avoid getting the filter wet as it can be damaged by water easily. Your hose can also get clogged, and if so, release it using the buttons on either side and clean it with hot water.

If you don’t empty your Shark vacuum, it won’t be able to thoroughly clean your floors. Empty the dust container once a week, or even more, depending on how often you use your Shark vacuum. Shark vacuums are a major convenience, and emptying the container takes less than 2 minutes.

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