How To Change The Drive Belt On A Troy-Bilt Horse Riding Mower

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Riding mowers make maintaining your lawn and outdoor areas much easier. They enable us to cut through large sections of tough grass without wearing ourselves out. One of the top

Riding mowers make maintaining your lawn and outdoor areas much easier. They enable us to cut through large sections of tough grass without wearing ourselves out.

One of the top brands in this space is Troy-Bilt. Their Horse Riding Mower manages to stand out among a field of similar options. If you own one, you’re going to need to change its drive belt from time to time.

To change the drive belt on a Troy-Bilt Horse Riding Mower, you will first need to unscrew and detach the mower deck belt guards. Then, unscrew the engine pulley belt keeper and loosen the mower deck drive belt tension. Take the belt off and place the new one around the engine pulley. Finish by tightening the engine pulley built and reassembling it all.

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How Often Should You Change Your Drive Belt?

As you operate your riding mower, you put stress on its engine parts and other components. Troy-Bilt Horse Riding Mowers can handle much of this stress. However, they will start to wear down after a while.

Experts recommend that people replace their belt every one to two mowing seasons. Doing this will help to prevent premature mower deck pulley bearing wear, which requires a more costly fix.

The good news is that the belt can be accessed without having to remove the mower deck. This makes changing your drive belt much easier than many other types of riding mower repairs.

Tools Needed

If you’re ready to swap out your old drive belt for a new one, the first step in that process is gathering the tools and materials needed. There are just a few things you’ll want to have on hand before getting started with this product.

  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • 3/8-inch ratchet square
  • New drive belt

How to Change the Drive Belt on a Troy-Bilt Horse Riding Mower

Once you’ve gathered the needed tools, you’re ready to get started with the project. Start by parking your mower on level ground with the parking brake engaged.

Then, unplug the spark plug wire and disengage the power take-off lever to keep yourself safe. After that, you’re ready to begin.

  • Move the mower deck lift lever to its lowest setting. Once you have, push the lever to the right to lock that position in place. You’ll find this near your riding mower’s right rear fender.
  • Use a socket wrench to unscrew the mower deck belt guard retaining bolts. These are located on the top of both the left and right side of the mower deck, between the mower deck assembly and the riding mower frame.
  • Use a socket wrench to unscrew the engine pulley belt keeper. After, slide the belt keeper rod from the lawnmower frame. This will allow the mower deck belt to be removed from the engine pulley. You’ll find the engine pulley belt keeper rod beneath the engine.
  • Find the mower deck idler pulley on the top left side of the mower deck. Once you have, insert the 3/8-inch ratchet square into the pulley bracket square hole. Then, move the ratchet to the “loosen” position. Finish this step by pulling the ratchet handle backward to relieve the mower deck drive belt tension.
  • Slip the mower deck drive belt from the left side spindle pulley and remove it from the idler pulley bracket. You’ll need to hold the ratchet with one hand while doing this.
  • Route the new drive belt around the engine pulley. The belt should fit perfectly. Once you’ve got it set, reinsert the engine pulley belt keeper rod into the mower’s frame. Tighten it with your socket wrench to keep it secure.
  • Pull the mower deck drive belt toward the rear of the riding mower. Then, you need to guide the flat side of the drive belt around the right side idler pulley. You’ll finish this step by routing the V-shaped side of the belt into the right side of the spindle pulley groove.
  • Pull the V-shaped side of the drive belt around the left side spindle pulley. Next, insert the ratchet into the left side pulley bracket and pull it backward. This will relieve the idler pulley tension. Once you’ve done that, slip the flat side of the drive belt around the left side idler pulley.
  • Reattach the left and right side drive belt guards with your socket wrench. Remember, these go just over the left and right spindle pulleys.
  • Start the riding mower, let it idle for a few minutes, then test drive it around your yard. Try engaging and disengaging the blades while you do. You should learn pretty quickly whether your drive belt replacement process was a successful one or not.

Are Troy-Bilt Horse Riding Mowers Worth Purchasing?

If you’re in the market for a new riding mower, you have many different brands to consider. However, Troy-Bilt could be just what you’ve been looking for.

One of the best ways to assess the quality of a brand is to hear what real customers are saying about it. According to Consumer Reports, Troy-Bilt earned “good” ratings for both reliability and satisfaction. This is just below the optimal response (“very good”).

However, Troy-Bilt did earn top response for owner satisfaction. It was one of two riding mower brands that earned this rating in this category.

Consumer reports like these seem to indicate that purchasing from Troy-Bilt is a smart decision. If most people who bought a Troy-Bilt riding mower are satisfied with their purchase, then chances are you will be too.

Is Maintaining a Riding Mower Difficult?

At first glance, Troy-Bilt riding mower maintenance can feel fairly involved. There are many parts you need to be aware of and give attention to throughout the mowing season. However, once you’ve established a solid maintenance routine, the process isn’t really that difficult.

One important thing you need to do a few times each season is lubricating and inspecting the motor. This gives you the chance to spot looming issues that you might not have noticed otherwise. Lubrication will keep your engine in proper working order for years to come.

You will also want to change your mower’s engine oil and filter from time to time. Experts recommend doing this approximately every 50 hours of operation time. If you don’t get to that amount of riding time in a single mowing season, make sure to get in the habit of doing this once every spring or summer.

Your maintenance schedule won’t end when mowing season does. Instead, you’ll want to take some time to perform general maintenance and inspection before placing your mower into storage. This may involve replacing the fuel filter and maintaining the mower blades.

Once get into the habit of doing these maintenance tasks, you’ll find that they aren’t all that challenging. The benefits of utilizing a riding mower certainly make them worth doing.

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Related Questions

How long do Troy-Bilt riding mowers last?

Your individual results may vary. However, the company estimates that its riding mowers should last most owners about 10 years. This number could go up or down based on how often you utilize the mower.

How much do Troy-Bilt riding mowers cost?

The amount you pay for a Troy-Bilt riding mower will depend on the specific model you purchase. Home Depot has them available for as little as approximately $1,300. That number could go up to just over $3,000 if you want the highest-end mower available.

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