How To Build Lattice Panels For A Porch (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Improving your home can be done in a variety of ways. You can invest in a new room, make some long-overdue repairs, or work on your backyard. Even a minor home addition can make a real difference.

Consider the porch skirt for example. This seemingly minor addition can add a new dimension to your home and offer other benefits. The process of adding a lattice porch skirt to your home is also relatively easy.

After taking the needed measurements, you can start working on building the lattice panels themselves. From there, you should be able to hang the lattice panels to your home’s porch with no issue.

Let’s take this opportunity to talk more about lattice porch skirts. To be more specific, we’ll discuss how they can be beneficial to your home and how you can build one yourself.

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Why Adding a Lattice Porch Skirt to Your Home Is a Good Idea

Building and then adding a lattice porch skirt to your home will likely take up a good chunk of your weekend. It can be a labor-intensive undertaking. That said, it’s still worth the investment of your time considering all the benefits it provides.

It Conceals Any Unpleasant Views

You can only do so much to beautify your home. Inevitably, there will be parts of your home that you won’t be able to work on as much during construction. Over time, they may look like afterthoughts.

The area under your porch or deck is probably not the prettiest view your home can provide and that’s fine. You just have to get creative in terms of concealing its appearance.

This is where the lattice porch skirt can prove very useful. The lattice pattern can easily hide whatever it is you don’t want people to see. Whether you want to hide something like a heater or want to conceal negative space, a lattice skirt will help.

It Boosts the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

There are different ways to elevate the appearance of your home exterior. A new paint job can work wonders when it comes to livening up the appearance of your home. You can also consider redesigning your front door or perhaps add more plants to your garden.

Don’t discount how helpful a lattice porch skirt can be in that regard as well. This type of ornate pattern can work well against the façade of your home. It adds visual intrigue where there was previously none.

The lattice pattern also works well as a complementary addition. It doesn’t overwhelm your overall home décor. Instead, it blends well into its surroundings and creates a cohesive look that is easy on the eyes.

It Improves Home Security

The space underneath your porch is dark and makes for a great hiding place. If someone is planning to break into your home, they may try to hide under your porch first. While under there, they can bide their time and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

A lattice porch skirt can potentially discourage nefarious individuals from breaking into your home. Damage to your home’s lattice skirt can also alert you to the presence of an intruder on your property.

It Keeps Your Children and Pets Safe

Kids and pets like to explore. If there’s a spot on your property they can get into, you can bet on them trying to squeeze in there.

Obviously, the space under your porch is not exactly the safest place for both children and animals. You need to seal it off properly and you can do so with the help of a lattice porch skirt. Install one over your wrap around porch and create a safer home in the process.

How to Build a Lattice Porch Skirt

Now that you know why lattice porch skirts are important, it’s time to consider building one yourself. Included in this section are the steps you need to follow when creating a lattice porch skirt.

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions of the Space under Your Porch

To get things started, you will first have to measure the space underneath your porch. You’ll want to measure the spaces between the posts.

According to This Old House, you’ll want the lattice panels you’re making to be 1/2 inch narrower than the overall width measurement. The lattice panels should also be one inch shorter than the measured height.

Step 2: Purchase the Lattice Panels You’ll Be Using

You can certainly make the lattice panels yourself but doing so will consume even more of your weekend. The savings aren’t all that great either.

Save your time and energy by shopping for the lattice panels instead. You can easily find lattice panels to choose from. Here are some options for you to consider courtesy of Amazon, Lowe’s, and Menard’s.

Just remember that the size of the panels you’re purchasing should be in line with the measurements you took earlier.

Step 3: Get Your Equipment Ready

Aside from the lattice panels, you’ll need to prepare some other items to finish the construction project.

The tools needed include:

  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • 3 1/2-inch flat corner brace (one for each corner)
  • 6-inch mending plate (one for each corner)
  • Two 4-inch T-plates
  • 4-inch T-hinges
  • 1-inch panhead screws
  • Flathead screws
  • Sheets of hardwood
  • Electric drill
  • Crowbar
  • Tarp
  • Paint of your choosing

Step 4: Prepare the Panel Frames

Lay down the tarp first so that you don’t end up scattering wood shavings all over your yard. Grab the hardwood sheets next and place them on the tarp.

Take your lattice panels next and set them on top of the hardwood. Use your measuring tape to indicate where you need to make the cuts to accommodate the panels. Get your saw and cut the panels until they reach the right size.

Reinforce the corner portions of the panel frames with help from the corner braces and mending plates. Use flathead screws to secure those braces and plates. You’ll also want to connect the center stile to the T-plates. Make sure that the leg of the T-plate is lined up on the center of the stile.

Step 5: Prepare the Lattice Panels

It’s time to work on the lattice panels now and you can start by cutting them down with the saw. Cut them down so that they fit inside the frames easily.

Step 6: Attach the Lattice Panels to the Frames

Place the frames face down on the tarp and then arrange the lattice panels on top of them. Grab some panhead screws and start drilling through the washers. Remember to make the holes for the screws slightly bigger to account for expansion.

Double the amount of screws you’re using when connecting the panel to a center stile. This will keep the lattice panel nice and secure. This is also a good time to start painting the panels if you so desire.

Step 7: Arrange the Panels around Your Porch

Get the T-hinges you prepared and use them to hang the lattice panels from your porch. Go ahead and use three T-hinges if you want to make sure the panels stay in place. After determining how the T-hinges should be lined up, screw them into the frames.

You can now start hanging the completed lattice panels. If you’re having a hard time finding a spot for the panel, try using a crowbar to open up some space. Use your drill to screw the panels in tightly.

With the panels locked into position, your construction project has officially been completed!

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Related Questions

What Material Should I Choose for My Lattice Panels?

While shopping for the lattice panels, you may have a choice of buying wood, plastic, or vinyl.Plastic panels are not very durable due to how thin they often are and it’s better to look past them. Vinyl options feature more durability compared to plastic panels but they lack some aesthetic value. If possible, stick to the wooden panels because they can hold up well and they also look fantastic.

How Much Time Will I Need to Finish the Lattice Porch Skirt?

For homeowners working alone, a project such as this may take around 10 hours to complete. Reserve a weekend for it so that you don’t have to rush through any of the steps.

How Much Money Will a Project Like This Cost?

The final cost of the lattice porch skirt will depend on how big the space you’re covering is. If you have a lot of space to cover, expect to spend around $500.

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