How Much Does A Sunroom Cost?

Xiao Faria Da Cunha
by Xiao Faria Da Cunha

Sunrooms are one of the most popular home additions nowadays. They allow the pure joy of chilling, whether with your family or by yourself. They protect you from insects, weather, humidity… you name it.

The average sunroom costs $45,000 to install between labor, permits, and materials. Homeowners spend an average of $15,000 to build a screened-in sunroom, and integrated sunrooms cost $18,500 to build. Permits cost $1,100, and it costs an average of $3,050 to prepare the site for construction before you add a sunroom.

Many factors affect the cost of a sunroom. Certain variations are cheaper than having a full addition. Your location, permit requirement, materials, and size of the sunroom can also significantly impact the final cost of building a sunroom.

Next, we will go through different aspects of building a sunroom and its relative costs so that you can find yourself the best deal for your dream project.

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What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a surrounded structure that allows you to enjoy the outdoor views without exposing yourself to weather conditions. When a homeowner speaks of a sunroom, they are typically speaking of one of the followings:

  • Florida rooms
  • Patio rooms
  • Solariums
  • Outdoor enclosures

Each style differs in cost and benefits. Make sure you research these subcategories before asking for a bid.

Does a Sunroom Worth It?

For any home improvement project, the first question you should always ask yourself is, “is it worth it?” In other words, no matter how excited you are for the upgrade, look into its pros and cons first.

Pros of Sunrooms

In the case of building a Florida room or a sunroom, the advantages ultimately outweigh the disadvantages. First of all, there are many proven benefits of a sunroom, especially if you are also an avid gardener.

These benefits include:

  • An increase in your home value. A sunroom brings at least a 49% Return-On-Investment, or half of the additional cost.
  • Weather-proof entertainment. Sunrooms can give you a space unaffected by weather, insects, and other external environmental issues. It’s a greenhouse for your mind, body, and soul.
  • Allows you to build an indoor garden to grow herbs, flowers, or even vegetables.

Cons of Sunroom

The worst disadvantage or pain point of building a sunroom is the building part. More precisely, the cost of the project. Sunroom additions are one of the more expensive home improvement projects, and it takes some time to complete.

A few other concerns you should look into before starting the project include:

  • Energy efficiency. Sunrooms usually have more windows than wall surfaces for optimal viewing. We all know windows are a pain when it comes to the HVAC matter. How to keep your sunroom temperature controlled without turning into a gigantic energy waste is one of the biggest challenges homeowners face.
  • 50% ROI maximum. While sunrooms do add value to your home, you only get 50 cents back on every dollar you spend. Suppose you are adding a sunroom purely for investment and home value purposes. In that case, you may want to look into more efficient investments.
  • A lack of privacy. If you can see everyone, then everyone can see you too. One of the biggest concerns of having a sunroom is a lack of privacy. Do you want to spend more and build a privacy fence around it?

Sunroom Costs by Size

The two most significant cost factors when it comes to sunrooms are the size and type of project. For an average 14’x14’ three-season sunroom, expect to pay an average of $45,000.

Typically, the following aspects go into sunroom construction:

  • Frame
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Doors and Windows
  • Foundation
  • Paint
  • Labor

The minimum cost of building a sunroom, assuming you are DIYing the project, is $8,000, and the maximum could go up to $90,000. On average, a sunroom costs $150 to $300 per square foot to build. This includes site preparation and post-construction cleanup labor.

As a general rule, the larger your sunroom, the more it will cost. This chart will give you an idea of the average costs to build a sunroom.

Sunroom Cost by Size

SizeAverage Cost
8” x 10”$18,000
10’ x 10’$22,500
12’ x 10’$27,000
12’ x 20’$54,000

Now that you know how much it will cost for the most standard model, you can look into accessories and upgrades depending on your budget.

Sunroom Costs by Type

You will need to decide which type of sunroom your budget allows. Each type has different features and serves other purposes. Thus, some research would be a good idea during the planning stage.

The most common sunroom types include:

  • Screen Rooms
  • Integrated Sunroom
  • Three-Season Sunroom
  • Four-Season Sunroom
  • Conservatories
  • Solariums or Florida rooms
  • Curved Eave Sunroom

The table below shows you the high and low-end costs for each type.

Sunroom Costs by Type

TypeCost Range
Screen Rooms$5,000 – $25,000
Integrated Sunroom$12,000 – $25,000
Three-Season Sunroom$12,500 – $50,000
Four-Season Sunroom$25,000 – $90,000
Conservatories$18,000 – $95,000
Solariums or Florida rooms$40,000 – $90,000
Curved Eave Sunroom$40,000 – $80,000

How Much Does a Screened-In Room Cost

A screened-in room or a screened-in porch is the most affordable sunroom option. These rooms usually use black aluminum screens for maximum visibility and strength. Any room, patio, or balcony can be screened-in. You can also upgrade by adding glass, windows, or doors.

Screen rooms go from $5,000 to $25,000.

Integrated Sunrooms

Integrated sunrooms look like an extension to your home instead of new construction. They use similar materials as your house based on an existing space. An average integrated sunroom costs $12,000 to $25,000.

Three-Season Sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms cost $12,500 to $50,000 and are the most popular type of sunroom. You can enjoy the outside through spring, summer, and fall, but not over the coldest months of the year. They usually use an aluminum frame and have minimum insulations. They are traditionally a stand-alone project with doors and windows, separated from your home.

Four-Season Sunrooms

As the name suggests, four-season sunrooms are more insulated and energy-efficient. Therefore, you can use them throughout the year, including harsh winter days.

They usually use a vinyl or aluminum frame with double-pane insulated windows to reduce utility costs. Naturally, four-season sunrooms cost a bit more, typically ranging from $25,000 to $90,000.


Conservatories or greenhouses begin at $18,000 but can go all the way up to $95,000. They feature glass walls and a glazed glass roof, whereas some may use a polycarbonate roof instead. The frame structure is usually wood or aluminum.


Solariums or Florida rooms cost $40,000 to $90,000 to build. A solarium sunroom speaks luxury and elegance. They are fully enclosed with glass all the way around, including the roof. The smooth, seamless structure will add both value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Most solariums use wood or aluminum frames. You can add an HVAC system as well.

Curved Eave Sunrooms

Curved Eave designs are a new addition to the sunroom market. They create a graceful, curvy, elegant look from the outside while providing sufficient insulation comparable to any four-season sunrooms. Since this is a specialty design, curved eave sunrooms range from $40,000 to $80,000.

Popular Sunroom Materials

Another major factor affecting sunroom costs is the materials you use. This includes the type of frame and glass both.

Popular Sunroom Frame Materials

The most common frames use vinyl (Vinyl 3), aluminum, or wood. Below is a comparison sheet for these three materials.

Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood Sunroom Frames

VinylEffective insulationMinimum maintenance requirementsDiffers in sizes, styles, and colorsThe most expensive option
AluminumSturdier, and thus can hold larger windows.Poor insulation
WoodExcellent insulationNatural, stylized visual appearanceExtremely temperature-resistant.Higher maintenance

Popular Sunroom Glass Types

Your sunroom is pretty much a glass-house. Therefore, finding the right glass is vital to meet your needs and desires. Depending on your region’s climate and environment, you have a few options.

  • Tempered glass is safer and denser, and therefore doesn’t shatter under pressure easily. It also enhances the overall strength of your sunroom. Tempered glass costs $25 per square foot on average.
  • Single Solex glass brings you the UV protection you need to enjoy sunlight to the fullest. It’s heat-resistant, so it’s a more efficient choice for those living in hotter regions. Single Solex glass costs $30 to $50 per square foot.
  • Triple pane glass is perfect for four-season sunrooms, especially if you experience harsh winters. They go from $500 to $1,000 each and are the most insulated option you have.
  • Double pane glass is the more common option for four-season sunrooms because it’s affordable. Depending on the size and style, expect to pay $350 to $850
  • Single pane glass is the most affordable option. However, it shatters easily and doesn’t offer much insulation. In general, single pane glass isn’t an appropriate choice. They only cost $5 to $8 per square foot.
  • Low-E glass or low-emission glass is eco-friendly and much thinner. It also has wellness benefits since it reflects infrared energy. Low-emission glass can cost $215 to $1,300 per standard panel and more expensive for custom sizes.

Other Cost Factors to Building a Sunroom

A few other factors also play into the sunroom cost calculation besides the size, type, and material you use. For example, permit fees, additional labor costs, accessories, and other upgrades and customizations could also drive your price higher.

Permit Cost

Suppose you are building a Florida room, conservatory, or any other standalone sunroom instead of screening in an existing space. In that case, you will need a building permit. They can cost $400 to $1,800, depending on your project.

Enclosing a Patio or Deck as a Sunroom

It cost as low as $2,000 to $2,800 to screen-in an existing porch, deck, or patio. Building a new deck from ground zero would naturally cost more.

How Much Does Site Preparation Cost

If you are building an addition, either in your back or front yard, you will begin with site preparation. Typical construction site preparation goes from $500 to $5,600. Landscaping will cost an additional $2,000 to $6,000 depending on your requirements.

There may also be additional costs for tree removal or land excavation.

Other Costs Associated with Sunrooms

Sunrooms are highly customizable. Therefore, they come with additional costs depending on how fancy you want them to be. In general, below are the prices you should consider when budgeting for sunrooms:

  • Roofing typically costs $8,500. For a cheaper alternative, use asphalt shingles instead of having a glass roof.
  • Windows cost $3,5800 to $15,000 tao install. Each sliding door costs $1,000 to $3,000 and regular patio doors go from $300 to $8,000 in total.
  • Running electricity costs an average of $350. If you need to add additional appliances and fixtures, then

    Each outlet costs $130 to $270Each ceiling fan goes from $150 to $350, fan not included.Each lighting fixture costs $150 to $800 in labor.Smart home systems cost $400 to $1,800 each, devices included

  • Similarly, running an HVAC system costs you $300 to $6,000 in total. Be sure to keep energy efficiency and long-term utility costs in mind when looking at HVAC options.
  • Additional interior design and accessories cost extra as well.

    Hiring a professional designer can cost you up to $9,000.Painting goes from $2 to $6 per square foot. You can also see our paint cost guide for more details.

  • Flooring goes from $1,500 to $4,300
  • Furniture and other accessories could cost you more.

How to Save on Sunroom Costs

One way to save on construction cost is to cover some of the work independently. For example, you can choose to clean up after the project if that saves you some hourly labor costs.

Another way to save is by providing materials to your contractor. However, always check with your contractor to see if they get a better deal on materials before you go out and do the shopping yourself.

Utilizing existing spaces is cheaper than building a sunroom from zero up. Finding a flat ground that doesn’t need additional landscaping can also save you big on-site preparation.

Additionally, you should always require quotes from different contractors before making a decision. Also, ask your contractors to show their proof of insurance and inquire about maintenance and warranty policies.

How Much Does it Cost to DIY a Sunroom?

For those of you who are handy, a DIY sunroom would be a much better option as long as you have the time to put in the work. It could also be a unique family project to involve your older kids.

The process doesn’t sound half as complicated, either. There are plenty of trustworthy sunroom DIY kits you can purchase online or from hardware stores. Building the structure with a prefabricated kit will only cost you $500 to $1,500. If you need to rent a dumpster, be ready to pay $300 to $525 per day.

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Related Questions

How much value does a sunroom add?

A sunroom can add a maximum of 50% of its building cost to your home value. In general, the ROI of any sunroom is 47%. This means expect to add 50 cents out of every dollar you spend.If you are remodeling purely for value purposes, you may want to research higher return projects first.

Do sunrooms have AC?

As a standard feature, no. Can you add an HVAC system? Absolutely.One of the biggest perks of sunrooms is that they are temperature-controlled and weather-proof. Therefore, adding an HVAC system would make your sunroom more comfortable.You can go as basic as using a window unit and a space heater or as complicated as a full HVAC system. Keep in mind that the goal is to save on long-term energy bills, not short-term installation costs.

What’s the right size for a sunroom?

If you are looking to build a living space, 18’ x 18’ would be a great size. It will hold a recliner or a large couch, a coffee table, a TV stand, and an armchair. Meanwhile, most sunrooms go from 14’ x 14’ to 10’ x 20’. Size and shape are also dependent on the site or existing structure you base the sunroom on.

What are the best windows for a sunroom?

Cost, safety, and insulation are the top three factors you must consider when choosing windows for your sunroom. Typically, contractors will recommend large windows with narrow frames for visibility and brightness.You may also find casement, stationary, or sliding windows in a sunroom. For a more luxurious effect, consider adding a French door or a large, glass sliding door.

How do you winterize a sunroom?

Follow these steps when it’s time to winterize your sunroom:

  • Install a space heater or even an electric fireplace to maintain the right temperature.
  • Replace older windows with insulated glass panels.
  • Replace any broken or deteriorated seals
  • Fill in the gaps between frames and the walls with paintable latex-silicone caulks.
  • Layer the floors.
  • Hang thermal-insulated draperies over your windows.
  • Change any cushions and pillows to warmer materials.
  • Add winter decors to make your space cozier!

While winterization might take some time and work, it brings immense savings on utility bills over the winter. It allows you to continue to enjoy the outdoors without being outside.

How much does it cost to turn an existing porch into a sunroom?

Do you already have a porch? Well, good for you. Because that means you can turn it into a sunroom at $300 to $400 per linear foot. That is only 30% more compared to enclosing the porch.

On the other hand, if you are converting a screened-in porch to a sunroom, that’s an even better deal. While it may only be suitable to be used as a three-season room, it’s still much more affordable than building an addition. All you need to do is switch the screens out for glass panels.

On average, how much does a sunroom cost?

Expect to pay somewhere around $45,000 for a standard 10’ x 18’ sunroom.

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