How Much Does a Brick or Stone Wall Cost?

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how much does a brick or stone wall cost

Brick or stone walls can be terrific additions to just about any type of outdoor landscape. Once installed, those walls can be used to enhance the landscape, organize your yard, or even provide more privacy. You can also use those brick or stone walls to complete new structures you’re building outside like a kitchen.

The area surrounding your home can benefit greatly from the introduction of those outdoor barriers. Of course, building those brick or stone walls will not come cheap. You must be willing to make a significant investment if you want to see them in your yard.

The average cost of building a new brick wall for your yard is $26 per square foot. Homeowners who want to install a stone wall will have to pay $37 per square foot. Professionals charge $70 per hour to build those walls. You’ll also have to pay an additional $3,850 for permits, additional drainage, and land surveyor fees.

Investing in new brick or stone walls for your yard is a great idea because they are functional and beautiful additions. Those new walls cost a lot of money, but they are worth it considering what they can do for your property. Find out how much building those brick or stone walls will cost by reading on.

Cost of Brick or Stone Wall by Type

Brick or Stone Wall TypeCost Per Square Foot
Brick Veneer$20
Miniature Brick Veneer Strips$10
Hollow Brick$35
Stone Veneer$18

Building walls around and throughout your property is a great way to define the area. Those walls can keep certain parts of your yard distinct. That should help keep that outdoor space better organized.

Brick and natural stone are among the materials commonly used to build those outdoor walls. Even while focusing on just those two materials, there are still several sub-types to consider. Detailed below are the different brick or stone walls you can build as well as their distinguishing characteristics.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are classic outdoor barriers for many households. Although a brick wall is a classic option, it doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to pay $37 per square foot if you want a brick wall built on your property.

You can easily argue that brick walls are worth that high price tag. Brick walls are remarkably durable so they will last for a long time on your property. The rustic look they present also suits outdoor settings very well.

Homeowners can also choose from different brick options as they seek to beautify their yard. Find the exact type that fits your outdoor landscape and create something spectacular in the process.

Brick Veneer Walls

Brick veneer walls are considerably cheaper than the solid brick options we discussed above. You’ll only have to pay $20 per square foot if you’re content with constructing brick veneer walls.

To build brick veneer walls, the professionals will start by setting the wood or steel frame in place. The bricks will comprise the outermost layer and create the desired look for the wall. Usually, the layer of brick only measures about four inches thick.

Building a brick veneer wall is a good move if you want to save some money. You can expect it to last for a long time as long as it was constructed properly.

Miniature Brick Veneer Strip Walls

If your budget’s tight but you still want an outdoor wall, you can build one that uses miniature brick veneer strips. Miniature brick veneer strip walls are the clear budget option as they only cost $10 per square foot.

Brick veneer and miniature brick veneer strip walls are very similar. The main difference between the two is the thickness of the brick layer. In miniature brick veneer strip walls, the layer of brick is only an inch thick.

You have to be wary of the brick layer chipping off due to how thin it is. Diligent care will be required to keep this kind of outdoor wall intact.

Hollow Brick Walls

Some homeowners may want to feature something different in their yard. Instead of going with the typical brick wall, they can go for the hollow brick variety. You have to love the appearance of hollow brick walls because they aren’t cheap at $35 per square foot.

Hollow brick walls can also be positive additions to your yard because they accommodate fixtures and connections. You can run wires and pipes through the hollow spaces in the bricks if needed.

The downside to hollow brick is that it is weaker than the solid variety. Don’t build a hollow brick wall if you need it to support a lot of weight.

Stone Walls

Of the options highlighted in this article, stone walls are the most expensive to build. Stone walls cost $55 per square foot which makes them way more expensive than even the solid brick walls.

Natural stone walls are expensive because acquiring the materials needed is not easy. Add to that the difficulty of delivering the raw materials and you can understand why the cost is so high.

Homeowners must be willing to make a major investment if they want a natural stone wall. It’s easy to argue that the cost is worth it once you see the finished stone wall in person.

Stone Veneer Walls

Last up, we have the stone veneer walls. Like the other veneer options, these walls are on the cheaper side. You can build a stone veneer wall on your property for the price of $18 per square foot.

Stone veneer walls are a lot like their brick counterparts. The workers first build the frame then they add the layer of stone to finish off the wall. You’re getting the appearance of the natural stone, but not its durability.

Labor Cost to Build Brick or Stone Walls

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$45
Mid-Range Estimate$70
High-End Estimate$110

Labor costs will also factor into your spending if you want a new brick or stone wall on your property. Most professionals who handle this type of job charge by the hour. The average hourly rate they charge is $70.

For this particular project, you want to hire either a contractor or a professional mason. Hiring a contractor will be easier if you don’t know any professional masons in your area. Labor costs often end up in the same spot whether you hire a contractor or professional masons.

Don’t attempt to build the brick or stone wall solo. It’s easy to compromise the quality of the wall by making silly mistakes. Entrust this job to the professionals if you want to make sure that the walls will end up beautiful and durable.

Cost Factors for Building Brick or Stone Walls

Other factors beyond the materials used and labor will affect the final bill for your brick or stone walls. We’ve highlighted those additional cost factors in this section of the article.

Land Surveyor Fees

Where do you intend to build the brick or stone walls? If you want them lining the perimeter of your property, you should hire a land surveyor. Land surveyors typically charge a fee of $550.

Hiring a land surveyor is important because they will note the boundaries of your property. By following those boundaries, you will avoid potential legal disputes with the local government or your neighbors.

Drainage Features

Building drainage features into the brick or stone walls is often necessary. You will have to pay an average of $3,000 for that additional service.

Failing to add drainage features to the wall can lead to the surrounding soil being weakened. If you have plans for the patches of soil near those walls, you must ask the professionals to add drainage features.


Whenever you’re building a large structure like a wall, you usually have to secure a permit first. For building outdoor brick or stone walls, the necessary permits often cost $300.

Tacking $300 to the bill for this project is not ideal, but it’s a requirement. Fines and legal fees could end up costing more than those permits as well.

The Layout of Your Property

One more factor that will impact the cost of building those brick or stone walls is the layout of your property. The professionals will evaluate your property before they give you a price.

If you have a hilly yard or your yard is uneven, the professionals will charge more. They will do so because building on that kind of terrain is more challenging.

The professionals will also check to see if a foundation needs to be added to support the wall. That new foundation could end up costing hundreds of dollars.

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