How Many Square Feet Is A 2-Car Garage? (Find Out Now!)

How Many Square Feet Is A 2-Car Garage?

Knowing the square footage of your garage is important because it determines many things. For example, the size of your garage dictates what you can do in it. And smaller buildings may not house as many cars as you need. So, here’s what you need to know.

The average 2-car garage measures about 320 square feet. That means garages are usually around 14 to 20 feet wide by 18 to 22 feet long. However, sizes can vary widely depending on the structure’s design. Plus, there’s no rule on how big or small a garage can be.  

What Is the Best Size Garage?

Garages come in all shapes and sizes. However, most of them measure somewhere around 18×20 feet. Other 2-car garages may be slightly bigger, measuring about 22×22 feet instead. It all depends on how much room you have on the property. Also, the size of your garage matters if you plan to do projects there.

Larger buildings are better for movement, storage, and working. That’s because the average 2-car garage can’t fit much more than two mid-sized vehicles inside. After parking, you may not have enough room left for workbenches, tools, and gardening supplies.

TIP: Store some of your tools and supplies in a small shed to make more room in a small garage

What’s the Minimum Width for a 2-Car Garage?

You don’t want your garage to be too small. Even one foot can make a big difference inside that building. And if the space isn’t wide enough for two full-sized vehicles, you could do damage to your property.

It’s impossible to fit more than one car in a tiny garage, especially if you plan to open the doors. So, most 2-car garages measure at least 20 feet by 20 feet. This step helps homeowners store more than one vehicle without dinging their paint or standing sideways to get out.

Still, the size of your cars determines whether or not they’ll fit inside the garage you have. In other words, compact vehicles may fit nicely in the same space that large SUVs won’t. Measure the area of your existing garage to find out if it’s big enough for what you drive.

TIP: The average family sedan is around 15 feet long, but models like the Mini Cooper are only about 10 feet long. 

How Do You Measure the Square Footage of a 2-Car Garage?

It’s time to find out if your garage cuts it or not. And measuring the size of your garage in square feet isn’t as challenging as you think. So, let’s go back to high school for a minute to review the formula for finding areas:

Area = Length (L) x Width (W)

To find the total area of your 2-car garage, plug your measurements into that equation. For example, if your garage is 14 feet wide by 18 feet long, the formula would look like this:

Area = 18 feet x 14 feet

So, this means the area of your garage is 252 square feet. And the equation works no matter what numbers you use. However, you must measure from wall to wall regardless of how much junk is in your way.

TIP: Clear some space to measure and start at the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor. This step will give you more accurate numbers. 

How Big Is a 400 Square Foot Garage?

Many modern homes come with 400 square foot garages. So, how big is that, and what does it compare to in the real world? Better yet, can you fit both of your cars inside? The answers may surprise you.

A 400 square foot garage measures 20 feet wide by 20 feet long. Thus, the formula to find its area would look like this:

Area = 20 feet x 20 feet 

Meanwhile, 400 square is relatively average for a garage. Think of its size compared to a two-way street. Each car can reasonably fit into its slot. But you may not be able to swing the doors open without hitting another vehicle. Add in workbenches, shelving, or appliances, and the space gets even smaller.

What Is the Best Way to Park in a Small Garage?

If you have a small garage but need to park more than one vehicle at a time, don’t worry. You can make the most of your space by parking in a clever way. Widening your garage should be the last resort because it’s so expensive and time-consuming.

So, here are five clever parking tricks for small 2-car garages:

  1. Use a park and slide system.
  2. Park one car facing forward and back in the other one.
  3. Position your ride at an angle.
  4. Remove the debris from around your car’s doors.
  5. Build a tandem garage for the vehicles you drive the most.

You can also choose more compact automobiles. Or park your bigger cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs outside instead. Construct a carport on the outside to extend how much space you have for vehicles. Plus, that idea might give you back some storage space in your garage.

Good Garages Come in All Sizes

Just because your garage is small doesn’t mean you can’t still park two cars in it. Just be sure to carefully calculate the area by multiplying the length by the width. If you need help, ask a professional. And don’t expand your garage until you’re confident it’s too tiny.

Related Questions

What Does It Cost to Build a Two-Car Garage?

Garages can vary in size and thus vary in cost to build. But the average garage costs between $20,000 and $30,000 to construct. The final price reflects its dimensions and amenities as well. Plus, detached garages may cost more to build than attached ones.

Can You Fit Two Cars in a 20×20 Garage?

You can feasibly fit two full-sized cars into a 2-car garage. That’s because most 2-car garages measure at least 400 square feet. However, you might not have enough space in a building that small. If you have other things to store in there, try to go for something bigger.

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