How Does Brita Filter Indicator Work?

How Does Brita Filter Indicator Work?

Brita filters are one of the most popular water solutions for those who don’t have good drinking water. The job of the Brita filter indicator is to let you know if it’s time to replace your Brita filter. Not changing your filter on time could lead to drinking contaminated or dirty water and is extremely dangerous.

Brita filter indicators have three light settings: red, yellow, and green, similar to a traffic light system. The different lights each have a different meaning, and it’s essential to pay attention to them so that you know if it’s time to change your filter or not. 

This article will look at the different types of Brita filters indicators and how they work. No matter what kind of water pitcher you have, this article will have the answers you need to change your Brita filters on time and help you stay safe.

How Does a Brita Filter Indicator Work?

A Brita filter indicator has a system similar to a traffic light in that there is a red light, a yellow light, and a green light, all of which mean different things. If the indicator light is green, that means that your filter is doing its job and the water is safe to drink. If the indicator light is yellow, that means your filter is nearly ready to give out, and you should consider replacing it. Once your indicator light is red, your filter’s life is finished, and you must replace it.

The Brita filter indicator system is pretty straightforward to use, but you must always pay attention to what the lights tell you. Failing to adhere to your indicators warnings can lead to big problems that I’ll delve into later.

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Different Types of Brita Filter Indicators

To properly understand your Brita filter indicator, you should know that there are several different kinds of Brita pitchers. Each pitcher is set up differently and has various filter indicators. No matter which type of filter indicator you have, the filter indicator determines when you should change your filter based on time and use. Here are the three basic types of Brita filter indicators.

Pitchers With a Max Fill Line

These pitchers have a filter indicator that tracks how many times you fill your pitcher up. The indicator will initially activate when you keep the pitcher lid open for 5-8 seconds, depending on the size of the pitcher. Every time you remove the cover to refill the pitcher, the filter indicator tallies another usage. As long as your indicator light stays green, you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, once the filter indicator light switches to red, it’s time to replace your filter.

Pitchers Without a Max Fill Line

Pitchers without a max fill line will also tell you when your Brita filter’s life is at an end, but the process is different. Rather than tracking every time you open the lid for 5-8 seconds and fill the pitcher, it tracks the amount of water you use. Pitchers without a max fill line keep track of water in 8-ounce increments and change from green to red once your filter has been used up.

Sticker Filter Indicators

Sticker filter indicators don’t have the red, yellow, and green light system. Instead, your Brita pitcher has a sticker on its side that gives you suggestions about when it’s the right time to change the filter. Using this system, it will be up to you to track your water usage and change the filter when you feel the time is right.

Knowing what type of Brita water pitcher you have and what kind of filter you have is extremely important to keeping your water clean and drinkable.

How to Know if Brita Filter is Bad

Once your Brita filter indicator light changes from yellow to red, your filter is bad and should be replaced. However, it’s not a bad idea to get into the habit of changing the filter when the light turns from green to yellow. A yellow indicator light means that your filter is still working, but not quite as well. A single Brita filter will last for anywhere from 1 to 6 months, depending on the type of filter and how much water you drink.

How to Reset Brita Filter Indicator

An aspect of the Brita filter indicator that many people forget is that they have to reset it every time they change the filter. Simply removing the old filter and installing a new one will not automatically reset the indicator and start a new countdown. Luckily, resetting the filter indicator is as simple as pushing a button.

On the pitcher’s side, there should be a status button for pitchers that use the three-light indicator system. Push the status button for a second or two, and your filter indicator will reset. It should signify it’s reset by having all three lights blink simultaneously. Make sure that you choose the right setting based on whether you have a standard or long-lasting filter.

The Dangers of not Changing Your Brita Filter on Time

The importance of having a properly working Brita filter and indicator can’t be overstated. If you live in an area without suitable drinking water and you don’t want to go through tons of bottled water, a Brita filter and pitcher is one of your only options. A clean filter will trap pathogens, bacteria, and other particles that cause health problems. Failing to change your filter on time will result in you drinking dirty, contaminated water that could cause serious problems.

Related Questions

How long does a standard Brita filter last?

A standard Brita filter will last for 40 gallons of water and usually for one to two months.

How long does a long-lasting Brita filter last?

A long-lasting Brita filter will last for 120 gallons, usually four to six months. Long-lasting filters are more expensive up front, but they last three times as long, and you don’t have to remember to change them as often.

Final Thoughts

A Brita filter indicator is only as reliable as the person using them. The system works simply and effectively using the three-light or manual sticker methods. Either way, you have to remember to replace your filter when its time is up and reset the filter indicator timer or replace the sticker. As long as you take care of your Brita filter, your Brita filter will take care of you.


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