How Close Can A Pool Be To A Sewer Line? (Find Out Now!)

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You want a fantastic pool in your backyard. But the layout of your property may not allow for the design you created. So, what do you do when sewer lines get in the way? And can you install a pool close to the sewage line or not?

How close can a pool be to sewer pipes? That depends on several factors. The depth of the septic lines is essential, but so is the location. To find out more before you swim, contact a professional pool installation company or your city officials.

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Can You Put a Pool Near a Sewer Line?

Most of the time, you can put up a pool close to the septic line on your property. However, engineers must install the sewer pipes deep enough. In-ground pools can be very deep. And above ground pools can be very heavy. Meanwhile, both can affect how your sewer lines work.

Usually, contractors will require a concrete encasement to cover the pipes. And they may have to do more construction if you have a concrete pool. In that case, you might need piering under the pool’s base to prevent leakage. Neither option is a quick or easy fix.

The distance that your pool should be from the sewer line also depends on its dimensions. For example, you can typically place large structures on top of deep sewage pipes. But shallow sewage pipes may be too exposed or brittle to support dense objects like pools.

Can an Above Ground Pool Go Over a Sewer Line?

It’s common to place a pool on top of sewer lines. But it’s also important to consider how that might affect your access to broken pipes. So, install yours away from critical utility sources for better safety and lower pool maintenance costs.

Remember, digging up dirt for an in-ground pool can put you at risk of exposing gas and sewer lines. However, above ground pools can give you more options. In most cases, though, you can set up an above ground swimming hole atop any critical line that has an access point somewhere else.

As long as the pool is installed away from steeply graded ground, there’s little risk of hitting a vital line. And if you don’t have to dig into the dirt, you should be able to place pools anywhere on the property.

TIP: Contact your local wastewater and sewage company for specific details.

What Is the Minimum Depth of a Sewer Line?

Your wastewater treatment plant should tell you the minimum depth of a sewer line in your area. So, call ahead to determine the specifics on your property. Also, keep in mind that most municipalities require at least two (2) feet (610 mm) of space between your pool and sewage pipes.

Many communities take it a step further. Some even require the same space between a pool and any other building or structure on your property. Plus, engineers can’t install utility lines less than one (1) for (305 mm) beneath the ground. That means there’s a sweet spot between pools being too shallow and too deep.

TIP: Even above ground pools may require some shallow digging to secure the base of the structure.

How Do I Find My Sewer Line Before Installing a Pool?

The best way to determine the location of your sewer lines is to call 8-1-1. Most municipalities warn citizens against digging on their own. Plus, the information is free and can help you save money on pool renovation fees. Besides, utility companies often mark up your lawn when they come to look.

Keep in mind that different utility companies have different government contracts. So, your local provider may not be the one that comes to survey your property. The chosen provider often depends on where you live as well as other factors, such as your homeowner’s insurance and schedule.

Can You Repair a Sewer Pipe Underneath a Swimming Pool?

Some disrupted sewage pipes can start to leak beneath a newly installed pool. So, get an inspection if you see or smell anything foul around your structure. But also keep in mind that you’ll have to repair the leak sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, you can fix a broken sewer line beneath your pool with minimal digging. Engineers can use techniques that involve little ground disruption. And that means you don’t have to take down your swimming hole every time something goes wrong with the sewer.

TIP: Use a high-pressure pool pump to keep your water clean just in case there’s an unexpected event.

Swim Without Sewage Woes

You shouldn’t have to swim in fear or drown in concern about your sewage lines. Instead, you can enjoy a perfect pool without worrying whether it’s too close to the pipes. Be sure to call your local government or 8-1-1 for specific information about your property and the required permits.

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Related Questions

How Far Away Should My Pool Be From Sewer Lines?

In general, there’s no required distance between pools and septic tanks or sewage lines. You can usually install them both on the same property, even if that property is small. However, above ground pools are best about 15 feet away. And in-ground pools are best kept around 25-30 feet away if possible.

Can I Move Septic Lines?

You can move your septic tanks for more pleasing pool placement. However, it’s not an easy job. Moving around your sewage system is also expensive, and it doesn’t just involve relocating the tank. So, contact a company that can handle the job because trying to do it yourself could be dangerous.Do You Need a Permit to Remodel or Relocate a Pool? Each city has different permit requirements for remodeling, removing, or relocating structures on your property. Always check the local regulations before breaking ground. Typically, you’ll need a special permit to complete large projects. And you can get a permit by contacting your city with a detailed plan.

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