7 Home Intercom System Replacement Ideas (You’ll Love)

home intercom replacement ideas

“Okay, let me buzz you in,” used to be one of those phrases people said when they had an intercom and wanted to flaunt it. Of course, that was back in the day, during a time when people were okay with the pops and clicks of staticky talking.

As peoples’ standards progressed, people realized that intercoms weren’t that hot and home intercom replacement ideas became popular.

If you’re looking for a way to replace your scratchy home intercom, you’re not alone. The age of intercoms has been steadily coming to a close over the past couple of years.

With old tech getting cast to the wayside, it’s a good idea to know what you can replace those intercoms with. These common ideas have been making their rounds on the net, to much fanfare…

Updated Home Intercom Replacements

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of having a home intercom. In many cases, homeowners love the idea of having an intercom as long as it doesn’t sound barely discernable and works well. If this sounds like the situation that you’re in, it’s important to remember that the intercoms of today aren’t the intercoms of yore.

Modern intercoms are highly-functional, offer crystal-clear transmissions, and also are far easier to install than retro options. The perk with this potential replacement is that you get to enjoy the same functionality with modernized improvements. Moreover, the installation will be a cinch since you already have the holes you need to make it happen.

Before you completely give up on the idea of using an intercom, go and check out what modern offerings are like. If you’re curious about this option and want to see what the new vanguard of intercoms act like, check out the IST Retro Music Intercom System on Amazon.

1. Smart Doorbells

If you just have an intercom for the outside of your home, then there’s another updated offering that might catch your eye on the market. Smart doorbells have become one of the most popular indoor-outdoor intercom replacement ideas on the market because they act like an intercom with additional features.

Smart doorbells allow two-way communication, just like intercoms. They also offer monitoring services that can be streamed and sent straight to your phone. The Ring Doorbell is currently the king of smart doorbells, and it’s available in a very respectable range of styles.

It’s worth pointing out that the Ring Doorbell system has started to gain its own micro-subculture based on all the strange and wild things people have caught on their doorbell cameras. Though you don’t have to participate in this aspect of Ring ownership, it’s definitely a funny perk.

2. Amazon Smarthome Hubs

When most people think about communication between rooms, they tend to forget that Amazon’s smart home hubs offer that up in droves—along with a massive array of other perks. For example, an Amazon Echo Dot can also alert you to deliveries at your door, play background music, set timers, and also reorder household items. As everyone already knows, Amazon also has a Skills marketplace that lets you add functions onto your Alexa models too.

People who are looking to replace intercom systems with an Amazon Alexa hub have a bunch of different options to choose from. We personally prefer the Amazon Echo Show 8, since it gives you the opportunity to see who you’re talking to, pull up content, and also work with commands on a visual level.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s also good to know that Amazon Echo wall mounts are available for purchase to make it as intercom-y as possible.

3. Baby Room Intercoms

In the recent past (as well as the not so recent past), well-to-do families would splurge to have an intercom in their child’s room as a way to ensure that they could keep an eye on the help. If you’re still in the middle of growing your family, checking out intercom replacement ideas that work with child-rearing is a smart choice.

Though they aren’t as common as smart doorbells or Amazon devices, there are baby room intercom series out there. The Angelcare 3 in 1 Baby Monitor system acts as a vitals monitor, video monitor, and intercom series. Parents who want the ultimate tech-savvy way to keep an eye on their kids and stay connected will love this.

4. Smart Thermostats

Many homeowners dislike the idea of having a noisy intercom that just buzzes and makes a ton of noise. It’s understandable. If too much intercom use happens, it can be hard to actually get some peace and quiet in your home. That’s why one of the more popular home intercom replacement ideas is to use a smart thermostat instead.

Smart thermostats link up to smart home hubs like Alexa can be scheduled to turn down the air conditioning while you’re out. They are also designed to save you money on your energy bills. This gives you a way to use that little dent in your wall from old systems and update your home into a more efficient place to leave.

If you want to get a truly awesome model, check out the Nest Smart Thermostat. It’s stylish, easy to set up, and actively learns your schedule to help predict the best way to save you money.

5. Smart Mirrors

One of the more popular home intercom replacements to hit bedrooms and bathrooms are smart mirrors. These mirrors can monitor your skin health, can offer up customized workouts, and can even have their lighting switched up to meet your unique needs.

They may be pricey, but they’ll keep you looking sharp. The big drawback that may make people think twice about getting these as an intercom replacement is that they don’t offer communication capabilities.

Love the idea of adding a smart mirror to your home?  Mirror Mirrors are considered to be the gold standard in this upscale trend, but they can be pretty expensive. If you want to go for a more affordable option, BYECOLD makes several smart mirror options that can work well in your home.

6. Display Nooks

Sometimes, not replacing your tech with more tech just makes sense. If you’re sick of the intercoms and are just totally over getting new tech to replace them, then there are a couple of low-cost alternatives to consider. One of the easiest ones is to convert the empty hole into a small nook to display items you own.

The way this replacement option works is simple. You just patch up the hole so that there’s an indent in your wall. Then, you place small items you like to display in that nook. It’s just that simple.

7. Extra Wallspace

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to replace the visually-jarring look of an old retro intercom is to replace it with extra wallspace. This means that you just need to remove the intercom, and then patch up the hole in your wall. Simple enough, right?

Not replacing your intercom system is a decision that many people are starting to make, especially when they are looking to switch homes soon. After all, tech comes and goes. Classic design, though, is forever.

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