100+ Hipster Bedroom Ideas

hipster bedroom ideas

You hear it on your radio stations, on television, and see it on social media from your friends. What does having a hipster style mean? It can be misleading as when we think of hipster we only think of one way, which is the style we’ve seen in the 70s.

Hipsters have a style that is considered urban, creative, and of their own, that stands out. Hipsters love to express their personalities through their design and love of art. If you want your bedroom to have a hipster style, you can add touches that are hippy-like.

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Decorating Ideas for Your Hipster Bedroom

Get creative with your walls: If you’re not designing your bedroom around a modern-hippy theme, you’ll want to get creative with your walls. You can add photographs, art, posters, decals, and string lights to give your room a warm vibe.

DIY items: Don’t be afraid to express your creativity and make items. Craft projects using items from around your home. You can choose pieces that are vibrant and stand out in your space.

Mix and match: Don’t stick to one style when designing your bedroom. That’s the best part about having a hipster style. See if your parents have any old items they are willing to part with or hit up your local thrift shop for budget-friendly finds.

Comfort: Comfort is a number one priority when designing your room. Add decorative, comfy pillows to your bed that has color and texture. Get creative with boho-inspired pieces.

1. Open-Rack Closet

One of the things you can do to give your bedroom that hipster vibe, is to get a simple clothing rack for your clothing items. Not only can this bring more appeal to your room based on the colors, but it’s also a lot easier to plan and pick out your outfits for the week.

2. Art

Add a lot of different art to your walls to bring out your personality. Whether it be from your favorite painting artist or musician, what you have on your wall will say a lot about you as a person.

3. Floating Shelves

Hipster Bedroom Ideas

You can add floating shelves around your entire bedroom area for book storage. This would also save you a lot of floor space.

4. Grays

For the business hippy-styled man, adding shades of gray would be perfect for your bedroom and give you a modern-hippy style.

5. Nature Wall Decor

These leafy branches give your bedroom some outdoor appeal. You can open your window to let in a lot of natural light or keep your light dimmed for a warmer vibe.

6. Twinkle Lights

Hang some twinkling lights throughout your bedroom along the walls and ceiling area.

7. LED Lights

LED lights come in many different colors. Choose a color that fits the setting of your room to create a cool ambiance. Purple looks great with any setting!

8. Window Nook

Add a nook beside your window where you can read, journal, or listen to music.

9. Experiment With Colors

When exploring themes, consider an experiment with many different colors and patterns.
Fore more information regarding matching colors, check out What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls? or What Wall Color Goes With Black Furniture?

10. The Musician

If you’re a musician and want to show your love of music through your personality, design your room around different devices and instruments.

11. Decorative Pillows

Add a lot of decorative pillows to your bed that has many designs, patterns, and textures. If you are interested in larger pillows, refer to King Size Pillow Dimensions.

12. Wooden Accent Wall

You can make an accent wall without using paint or wallpaper. Put a regular piece of plywood as your accent wall and hang shelving or other types of decor.

13. Dream Catcher

Hipster Bedroom Ideas

Dream catchers are a great spiritual decor item that is aesthetically pleasing and soothing at the same time.

14. Wooden Furniture

Add wooden desks, baskets, and wooden shelving units to your bedroom to store supplies and books.

15. Wall Cloth

Instead of painting or adding wallpaper, you can also add a sheet or cloth that has a design that matches the theme of your room.

16. Orange and Red

Shades of orange and red are great for both a woman’s and young girl’s bedroom.

17. Floor Mirror

Put a floor mirror in your bedroom for when you’re getting ready so you can see your full image instead of standing in the bathroom. Depending on the design, they can be considered another decorated piece for your room.

18. Stair Shelving

This stair shelving unit is great for storing old records, cps, and books.

19. Black and White

Black and white colors can give a modern hippy style to your bedroom with wooden furniture pieces. This room has a warm feel, but the white bedding and area rug brighten the space up.

20. Be Prepared to Camp

Decorative camping-style lanterns are a great decor piece for your nightstand. As shown here, we have these antique lanterns that sit perfectly on two barrels. Add buffalo plaid to recreate your favoriting glamping experience.

21. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights can be a great addition to a room with a red LED light. As shown here you have red LED lighting with Christmas lights to give the room a red tint.

22. Music Quotes

Add your favorite music quotes to our walls in different colors and sizes.

23. Bike Storage

Get sturdy wall hangers to hang your bike to save your floor space and prevent clutter.

24. Overhead Lamps

Add these unique overhead lamps to our bedside that would be great for nighttime reading. Instead of needing the big light on keeping your partner awake, you can turn on your light.

25. Lights Around Headboard

Not only can you add lights around your walls and ceiling, add twinkling lights around the headboard and bottom of your bed to make your sleeping area the focal point of the bedroom.

26. Dark Lighting

Some prefer not to have much natural light in their bedrooms for better rest. If you fall in this category you can have rope lights as your only light option.

27. Rockin’ Red

If red is one of your favorite shades, it is a great color design. In this room, we have a red wall and red accent chair, decorated with photos and records.

28. Floor Furniture

Keep all of your furniture directly on the floor instead of raised for easier access.

29. Ceiling Lamp

Install these beautiful ceiling lamps as your night lighting option.

30. Florals

Florals are a great design for both modern and old-hippy styles.

31. Tall Bedframe

This gorgeous bedroom has a tall canopy bedroom with bottom storage that is perfect for storing books or clothing.

32. Hippy Pug

This hippy comforter bedding set is great for both young girls and young boys.

33. Dangling Lights

Another option for those lights we so much love is to have them hanging low over your bed instead of against the wall or along the edging to the ceiling.

34. Picture Frames

Decorate your wall using old picture frames with floral designs and old family photos.

35. Hippy Sea

A different hippy approach, but this underwater themed bedroom gives its touch of hipness with shades of blue.

36. Neutrals

Hippy doesn’t always need to be bright colors and old music. Try a more neutral approach with white, beige, and shades of green.

37. Record Storage

Old records are key to hipster vintage. Keep the classics out on our shelf with your record player for intentional daily use.

38. Stools

Stools are a great way to prop up floor plants, along with crates. If you have pets keeping your plants raised or hanging would be a great option for you.

39. Over the Bed Shelf

Hang a shelving unit above your bed to add decorative pieces such as small plants or picture frames.

40. Tapestry Drapes

Select your favorite boho-inspired tapestries and drape them from your ceiling to give them a semi-hanging low look.

41. Vines

Keeping plants in your room that have long vines is aesthetically pleasing and gives a lot of outdoor vibes to a bedroom. They are also a great air purifier.

42. Shoe Storage

Keep your shoe storage out in the open as shown in this bedroom. If you have different colors of converse they would like great on a shelf like this.

43. Hanging Egg Chair

If your room allows, hanging swings and chairs bring so much life to a bedroom. Consider adding a neutral tone, as shown, or look for one in paper for extra drama.

44. Paper Machete Light

These paper machete lighting fixtures you can easily find at Ikea and very budget-friendly. They go amazing with any design.

45. Laundry Storage

Keep your laundry bins hanging from the walls to store dirty clothes to leave more floor space.

46. Palette Box Frame

Try adding palettes for your box frame and to give your bedding area a raised look.

47. All White

You can still have a hippy style when designing your bedroom in all white. Add touches of hippy style to your room by adding different textured area rugs.

48. Bedroom Patio

If your bedroom comes with an attached patio, you can add a small, comfortable futon with plants and roped lighting fixtures for decoration.

49. Brick Wall

If you have a brick wall in your bedroom, make that wall the accent wall of your room. Brick walls are very flexible to design around but may be more difficult for hanging decor.

50. Under Bed Storage

If you don’t have much storage space in your bedroom, considering purchasing a bed frame that has storage underneath. You can buy wicker baskets as shown here for a more organized design.

51. Natural Wood Walls

Install natural wood walls in your bedroom so you can be flexible with how you decorate your bedroom and what hipster style you want to choose.

52. Seating Area

Making a seating area in your bedroom as shown here would be great for listening to music and writing. You can have the color of your choice that will go with the theme of your bedroom. Also, include a small table and area rug for added decor.

53. Stackable Book Shelf

Instead of your stand bookshelf, add a stackable bookshelf. This adds a certain appeal to your room, plus it’s easier to find your book choice.

54. Brown and White

Shades of brown and white are a great color combination if you want to keep your bedroom looking modern-hipster.

55. Crate Shelving

Another way of installing shelving in your bedroom is to install regular crates. You can hang them side-by-side in a stair look and decorate it with the decor of your choosing. For hipsters, floral or even musician decor would be great.

56. Antique Furniture

White antique furniture would be great for a girl’s room. It will go with just about any theme you decide on and you can even put your personal touch on it by spraying the handles a different color.

57. Floor Storage

Instead of storing your records on a hanging shelf, you can keep milk crates on the floor and organize your records this way. This bedroom is neatly organized with all of its records and books in view.

58. Grungy Couch

For bedroom seating areas, add an old grungy couch to the mix. Here we have a rusted-colored couch and an old black suitcase to act as a coffee table.

59. Recessed Lighting

For modern-hipster bedrooms, you can install recessed lighting if your bedroom lacks natural light options.

60. High-Raised Bed

For teenage girl’s rooms, consider adding a high-raised bed with plenty of storage underneath. At this age, girls are into magazines and books so a bed like this would be perfect for extra storage options.

61. Hang Your Camera

Having a hipster style is all about art. If you want your camera to be included as a decorative piece in your room, you can hang it on the wall with the rest of your decor. Just make sure the nail you choose to hang it with is thick and sturdy so your camera won’t fall off and break.

62. Bright Pink Furniture

For a girl’s room, add bright pink furniture with pops of floral throughout the room. Here we have a pink couch and accent chair that gives her plenty of seating space to hang out with friends.

63. Large Brick Wall

Instead of using standard-sized bricks for your accent wall, consider using larger bricks.

64. Recliner

Recliners give us all the feels of being at our grandmother’s house. Add one to your bedroom space to give your room a 70s look.

65. Arched Ceiling

If you have attic space or a top floor with arched ceilings, you can use it as your bedroom. Arched ceilings are a great way to add posters and other types of sheets with designs.

66. White Accent Wall

Instead of opting to keep the original brick, you can paint it white. This allows flexibility when designing your room using different shades.

67. Bunk Beds

For boy’s rooms, add an old-style bunk bed. You can keep its natural wood or stain it in any color your choice. It would go perfectly with any shade of blue.

68. Tall Book Shelves

Add tall bookshelves on both sides of the bed for decor items, toys, cps, etc. This will keep all of your needed items within arm’s reach.

69. Fuzzy Rug

Add a fuzzy area rug to feel warmth and coziness when walking around barefoot in your bedroom. This would be a great option especially if you have hardwood floors.

70. Rattan Futon

Instead of having a full-size bed, you can consider one of these gorgeous Ratan futons. It looks beautifully styled with decorative pillows.

71. Hanging Desk Lamps

Add modern hanging desk lamps to help you or your child complete work or read.

72. Canopy Bed

This bedroom has a gorgeous canopy bed with shades of teal and purple.

73. Canopy Lights

If your bed has a large or small canopy, add white lights to it to give it a girly feel.

74. Ship-lapped Walls

You can still achieve a modern-hipster style with white ship-lapped walls as shown here.

75. Dark Hardwood Floors

This bedroom has dark-stained hardwood floors and white bedding to brighten up the room.

76. Textured Ceilings

Add texture to your ceiling by incorporating a unique design.

77. For The Teenagers

For the teenagers, we know they love to hang everything on their walls. Let them paint it a bright color and add different posters, quotes, and polaroid-style photos.

78. Hippy Monkey

Want to add humor to your bedroom? This hippy monkey bedroom set would be sure to give your friends a giggle.

79. Matching Bed Set and Curtains

You can match your bed set, curtains, and even floor as shown here in this old hipster-styled room.

80. Teal and Black

Teal and Black are a great color combination to use for any room, especially against a natural wood floor.

81. Painted Circle

For the wall behind your bed, paint a large circle of the color of your choice to give it a unique design. You can add any decor of your choice to spruce it up.

82. Rattan Bedroom Set

Design your girl’s room using rattan furniture. You can find these cheaper at thrift stores.

83. Rattan Chair With Canopy

I love this Ratan chair with a mustard-colored canopy.

84. Beams

For large rooms with high ceilings, add dark-stained wooden beams.

85. Privacy Screen

Add privacy changing slides for when you want to quickly get dressed.

86. Old Picture Frames

Hang old antique picture frames against a painted wall.

87. Semi-Sheer Patterned Drapes

For window coverage, use thin color drapes with designs.

88. Antique Nightstands

Add a roughed-up nightstand to give your bedroom edge.

89. White Hardwood Floors

Have white hardwood floors that match your walls so you can decorate with any color.

90. French Door Curtains

If your bedroom has a set of french doors, you can install a long curtain for privacy.

91. Lovely Yellow

Try adding yellow to brighten up your bedroom, especially if you’re working with a lot of natural light.

92. Sitting Bench

Add an antique sitting bench at the end of your bed.

93. Double Beds

If you want to combine your girl’s room, add two twin beds with their choice of hippy colors. 

94. Neutrals and Teals

A combination of neutral and teal shades can be another great modern-hipster color scheme.

95. Green Walls

Green walls work great with modern furniture and would even look beautifully decorated with old black records.

96. Leafy Wallpaper

For girls, install leafy wallpaper to one side of the room for their accent wall.

97. DIY Desk

Make your desk with painted crates and a piece of plywood.

98. Lights, Canopy, Action!

This hippy couple is enjoying their neutral bedroom with minimal pieces.

99. Bring The Outdoors In

This bedroom is very outdoor-inspired by bringing many pieces of wood to the inside.

100. Purple

Girls can achieve their modern-hipster look by painting their walls purple.

Ideas For a Cool Space

  1. Make a study room – If you want to lean towards making a study room, you can use industrial art pieces and artwork that show emotions. Use colors that are earthy and feel relaxing.
  2. Neutral and functional – Pick a neutral style that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. You can design coffee tables that are minimal or tables made out of wood, and wicker baskets to store items.
  3. For the book lover – If you’re really into literature, mix and match your book selection by incorporating vintage decorative items. This would look great against a brick accent wall.
  4. Pick a corner – Pick a corner in your bedroom to design a personal theme. You can make a corner that focuses on music, journaling, or art. Use decorative items and pillows to make this a comfortable place you can escape to.
  5. Corner for beauty – You can create a corner for beauty that gives you space to get ready in the morning. Include a hipster vanity from a thrift shop or one that you designed. Pick a neutral desk, add florals if they don’t already have it, and a retro-styled mirror.

Remember, when wanting to achieve a hipster look, it may range from having photographs and posters on your wall to a more industrial modern-styled look. Achieving a hipster look is all about expressing your personality. There is no right or wrong to do this. These photos are great for giving inspiration, decorative ideas, and color schemes, but it’s also important that you include the things in life that you love. Create a bedroom that is comfortable for getting a good night’s sleep, and a room where you can escape after a stressful day. I hope this list gives you plenty of inspirational ideas to get started on your dream hipster bedroom.

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