101+ Modern Guest Bathroom Ideas: 2022’s Ultimate List

guest bathroom ideas

When visiting a friend or family member’s home, you can already feel out of place or uncomfortable, no matter how many times you’ve been there. Having a guest bathroom in your home can help your guests feel more comfortable and at home. Normally when we think of creating a bathroom space, we think of master bathroom renovations. Having a well-thought-out bathroom can be a surprise gift to your loved ones that you can receive a compliment on with every entry.

If you’re ready to give your guest bathroom a new look, here are some inspiration and tips to get your bathroom to the next level. Even if you don’t plan to completely renovate the entire bathroom, adding small touches can change your space in no time.

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Think Longterm

Did you know that having a guest bathroom can increase the value of your home by 10%? Since guest bathrooms provide added benefits, they are added that homeowners look to the majority of the time. When we were searching for our home, our guest bathroom was the deal-breaker in making our decision. Creating a guest bathroom that is filled with design can make your home more attractive to your guests.

A bathroom that is by itself can have bold colors and fixtures like granite or marble countertops. A bathroom that is connected to a visitor’s room can add even more appeal. Having a unique guest bathroom will keep your visitors want to keep coming back to your home over and over again.

101 Ideas for Guest Bathrooms

1. Neutral

An elegant large guest bath with a double sink, mirrors, and neutral tones. Neutral tones can brighten up a space with natural lighting.

2. Navy Blues

Try painting your vanity and closest navy blue with gold features. As you can see, this color scheme matches nicely with the patterned tile flooring.

3. White and Black

Here we have a mostly white bathroom with black edgings and counter space. This brightens a space without leaving it too dark. There are just enough lighting features to brighten the room when the sun starts to set.

4. Teal

This is the perfect shade of teal that blends beautifully with the white vanity and mirror. Underneath there is additional space for towel storage for when guests arrive.

5. Combo Shower/Bath

In this guest space, your guests will have the option of taking a warm shower or relaxing bath. The shower also features a seating space for extra relaxation.

6. Room of Mirrors

Here we have a guest bathroom with plenty of mirror options. There is a large mirror above the bath and a medium-sized mirror above the sink. The purple towels add just enough color to add a personal touch to the room.

7. Cream

In this guest bath, we have cream-colored walls and dark stained vanity. The added greenery decor gives it an outside touch.

8. Storage Space

Consider adding storage space to your guest bathroom to provide extra towels, washcloths, and soaps. This will save your guests the trouble of having to bother you every night when they’re visiting.

9. Turquoise

Here we have a turquoise wall, with black mermaid-like flooring. The vanity is lightly stained to bring some brightness to space, along with the shower tile.

10. Natural Light

If you don’t want to add a lot of lighting features, considering a large window to bring in natural light. Here the window is large enough that you wouldn’t need to turn on any lights during the day, and there’s enough privacy no drapes are needed.

11. Under lights

This guest bath has lights added underneath the mirror at the sink to bring extra light to the room since there is minimal natural lighting.

12. Vanity Mirror

When deciding on your vanity mirror, it doesn’t always have to be simple. Try adding one that will stand out and make your room pop!

13. Over the Toilet Storage

If you’re running out of closet space, try adding storage above your toilet. This can easily hold extra essentials and toilet paper for your guests.

14. Above Counter Sink

If you’re looking for a different approach with your vanity, consider adding a sink that sits on top of the counter. This is a unique addition that will surely impress.

15. Spa-Like

This all-white guest bath is designed in all white, with a stool and greenery added to the shower to give this space a spa-like vibe.

16. Shower Lighting

Many times, homeowners forget to add lights above the shower. If your room does not have any natural light, you’ll most likely want to go with additional light.

17. Extended Counter

Here is a unique feature that I’ve never seen before. The counter space extends over the toilet to provide you with having extra space to add decor or toilet paper.

18. Roped Mirror

If you’re designing your guest bathroom with any wicker furniture, consider adding this roped mirror above your vanity. It would go perfectly with the aesthetic.

19. Baby Blue Shiplap

In this guest bathroom, we have a beautiful baby blue ship-lapped wall. This is perfect for anyone who wants to go with a farmhouse look.

20. Blue Tile And Backsplash

If you’re not sure what color to do with your tile or walls, consider adding the same colored shower tile and vanity backsplash to your guest bath.

21. Old School

Some homeowners still like to keep old touches to their bathrooms. This green bowl-like sink and peach-colored door deliver just that.

22. Red Light Fixture

If you want to add color to your guest bath, decorations aren’t the only way to achieve this goal. You can also install light fixtures that are colored, like the red one shown here.

23. Shower Heads

Showerheads are probably the last thing homeowners think of when renovating their bathrooms. Consider installing this unique squared shower head. It would be sure to cover all of your areas when taking a hot shower.

24. Outdoorsy

Here we have an outdoor-inspired guest bathroom. Everything about this space has wooden features.

25. White and Gold

If you’re selecting an all-white color scheme, to add a touch of color you can make your shower knobs, shower head, and sink all gold.

26. Provide a Robe

To make your guests feel more at home, provide them with a shower robe they can use after their shower. Being a guest in someone’s home can already seem uncomfortable at times, but this little addition can make all the difference.

27. Marble Walls

If you don’t want to add tile to your walls, you opt to go with a marble wall. Here we have a marble textured wall that complements the black polka-dotted floors nicely.

28. Hardwood Floors

Tile isn’t the only option to use when designing your bathroom. You can install hardwood flooring as shown here.

29. Ocean Vibes

This bright guest bath gives you ocean vibes by the color of the backsplash, shower, and towels hanging up on the knobs. The added decor and squared pattern flooring complement the color scheme.

30. Wallpaper

If you have a good ventilation system, you also can install wallpaper. Some people choose not to go this route because of the moisture, but with a great ventilation system or if you’re able to open windows, you can install it.

31. Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are the perfect natural shade to add to space. Since this bathroom only has one window, it keeps the space bright and simple.

32. Gold and Cream

Try out this gold and cream color scheme for an elegant look. Add a bright-colored flower as decor to give the room a pop of color.

33. Sky Blue Wallpaper

Don’t be shy to use wallpaper. Look around for different designs as to what could go with your current color scheme, like this sky blue wallpaper that covers this guest bath.

34. Rustic

This rustic guest bath features a double vanity sink. The black light fixtures give a modern touch, along with the bathroom rug and hardwood floors.

35. Just a Shower

If you know that your guests would much rather take a shower when visiting, you can go with this tall standing shower that has plenty of space for washing.

36. Floral

In this all-white bath, we have decor focused mainly around florals. From the shower curtain to the hand towels, this guest bath has the perfect girly touch.

37. Small Tile

You don’t always need to opt for large-squared tiles. Try mini backsplash to give your space a hotel feel.

38. Marble Shower

This shower has marble coverage and added seating for comfort. Unlike most showers, this one has a glass pull door.

39. Oval Mirrors

Instead of going with your typical rectangular vanity mirror, try going for an oval-shaped mirror to stand out. The gold-framed mirror complements these blue floors beautifully.

40. Gold Faucet

Many people in their homes have silver or black faucets, but as you can see here this homeowner went with shiny gold. These would pair wonderfully with marble vanities. You can also add storage underneath with wicker baskets to hold extra essentials.

41. White Shiplap

If you’re into farmhouse schemes, you can go with a white ship-lapped wall and round mirror. Here we even have a few things of decor to add personal touches.

42. Double Faucets

If you have a large vanity, you don’t always have to opt for a double sink. As shown here, you can install a larger sink with a double faucet in the same area.

43. Clean

This is the perfect clean and simple guest bath for those who may spend limited time in this area. Not so much meant for comfort, but to get in and out.

44. Mirror Frames

Most mirrors have a distinguished frame around them above the vanity. As shown here, you can make your frame a mirror.

45. Classic Floor Bathtub

One of my favorite pieces is this deep classic floor tub. With the ship-lapped walls, it gives the guest bath an old touch.

46. Warm and Inviting

To keep your guest bath warm and inviting, keep a soft light ambiance in the room. The goal is to make your guests as comfortable as possible when they’re visiting.

47. Modern

Here we have a tall modern shower with a dark tile, toilet, and vanity to match. The cream-colored walls prevent the space from being too dark.

48. Large Mirror

If you have guests that spend a lot of time getting ready before heading out, you should opt to have a larger mirror as opposed to two single mirrors. This will provide your guests enough views when getting ready.

49. Shower Hooks

Many guest baths fail to provide enough storage for towels. The last thing your guest wants to do is probably sit their towel on the sink. Consider adding enough shower hooks to add for your guests.

50. Pink Vanity

If you want to add a girly touch to your guest bathroom and hate playing it safe, consider this lovely shade of pink with gold handles.

51. Tinted Shower Glass

Instead of your typical clear shower glass door, you can have a tinted one. This may be ideal if there is a lot of white in your space.

52. Shades of Brown

I’m typically not a fan of Brown, but I love what the homeowner did to this space. They used different shades of brown and designs to create a manly color scheme.

53. The Penthouse

This bathtub looks rich and luxurious with its design it reminds me of something you would see when staying in a penthouse. If your budget allows, I would consider this design to wow your guests.

54. On the Boat

Guest bathrooms aren’t only in homes, you can have them on large boats. If that’s the case for you, you can decorate your space using sea decor and shades of cream and brown.

55. All Gray

When your guest arrives they’ll have the choice of a shower or bath. Add candles to the bath for a nice relaxing night. Your guests will have everything they need in this large space.

56. Rope Patterns

The floors in this guest bathroom are very unique as they remind me of rope that has been threaded together. Remember, you don’t always have to choose standard tiles for your floors.

57. Black Wallpaper

Black and White keep a space very simple and clean. You can add black and white wallpaper as your accent wall to be the focal point of your room.

58. Pedestal Sink

If you have plenty of storage and counter space elsewhere in your guest bath, you can keep it old school with a pedestal-style sink.

59. Neutral Shower

This neutral shower is one of a kind. Instead of having a neutral squared tile running all the wall up the shower, they’d added a lined textured design with different stones.

60. Green Vanity Top

If you’re going with a brown and cream color scheme, but want to add another shade of color, green’s work perfectly. As you can see here the top of this vanity is a shade of green, while the rest of the vanity is a dark stain of brown.

61. Cream Floors

Pairing well with light-shaded walls and furniture, these cream-colored hardwood floors allow for light to reflect beautifully.

62. Farmhouse Decor

If you’re going with a farmhouse scheme, don’t forget to add your decor! Farmhouse style has many decor options to go with. As seen here, you can provide a small basket for hand towels, a plant, and a hanging shelf above the toilet area.

63. Blue and Black

To give a masculine touch to a guest bathroom, try going with a blue and black color scheme. I love the different shades of blue the homeowner used on this wall. They’d even added pops of red for color.

64. Mermaid

To provide an ocean-like feel to your bathroom, try this mermaid-inspired backsplash. It’s unique and will have your female guests asking where you got your inspiration from.

65. White With Silver Fixtures

This bright white guest bath is decorated with silver fixtures throughout the room. From the showerhead to the toilet paper holder, there isn’t a knob that isn’t covered.

66. Swirls

Instead of using one color for your wall, try using shapes. Here we have an accent wall that is covered with circular designs.

67. Lavender

If you ask any woman, most of them say their go-to shade or scent is lavender. Every time I have decorated my bathroom it has been with shades of purple. Here we have a light shade of lavender, along with decor and hand towels to match.

68. Shades of Turquoise

This guest bath is so welcoming and inviting. I love the different shades of turquoise that are used and especially the darker sink and wooden vanity.

69. Farmhouse Vanity

This guest bath has a white farmhouse-inspired vanity. This homeowner took the minimalistic approach when adding additional farmhouse decor.

70. Victorian Inspired

This space has a Victorian-inspired bathtub and heater. The walls are painted in a dark shade of green and have been designed using a bender board touch.

71. Country Inspiration

If you’re looking for country inspiration, try this beautiful blue ship-lapped color scheme. The homeowners even added a nice vanity lamp for extra lighting.

72. Wooden Vanity

If you wanted to take a different approach when it comes to selecting a vanity, try this gorgeous wooden double vanity. It also has plenty of storage space underneath.

73. Knob Hooks

You can experiment with various types of colors here, but make sure your guest bath has plenty of knobs or hooks to hang hand towels, towels, or robes for your guests.

74. White Double Vanity

If you want to keep your space looking clean and minimal, try this beautiful white double vanity. It comes with plenty of drawer storage, along with an underneath deck for extra storage space or decor opportunities.

75. Natural Light Shower

Not only does this shower have two lighting options above the shower, but the homeowners also incorporated a way to have natural light above it as well for during the day.

76. Gray Vanity

Here is a DIY that can easily be done in hours. Get a matte paint of your choosing and re-paint your vanity. Here the homeowners chose to go with a gray shade with silver handles.

77. Outdoor Greenery

This shade of green pairs beautifully with the gray double vanity. The added plant decor gives this space an outdoor touch.

78. Floating Shelves

Try adding floating shelves above your toilet space to incorporate decor to your room if you don’t have much counter space.

79. Toilet Paper Holder

Most toilet paper holders are installed on walls, but to save space and make it look uncluttered, you can install your toilet paper holder on the side of your vanity.

80. White and Gold Handles

A large white vanity area with gold handles and lighting fixtures to match.

81. Hollywood

This Hollywood-inspired guest bathroom will have your guests feel like they are living the life of the rich and the famous.

82. Floor Baskets

A nice touch to add to your guest bath is to have a floor basket next to your bathtub. We’ve all had times where we’ve forgotten to bring in our towels, so having a couple ready to go and within hand’s reach would be convenient.

83. Black Hexagon Floor

If you wanted to stray away from standard floor tile, try this lovely black hexagon floor.

84. Checkered Floor

This checkered floor pairs beautifully with the blue farmhouse vanity and white backsplash.

85. Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are a go-to farmhouse decoration. Try using them to store toilet paper or to add a nice houseplant.

86. Vase

Vases are a great decor item to add to your vanities if you want to add a pop of color to your room.

87. Soap Dish

This may seem like a minor detail, but try matching your soap dish and lotions with the decor from the rest of your room.

88. Painted Window

Most people opt to keep their windows painted white, but don’t be afraid to add some color to them. Here the homeowner painted their window green to complement the rest of the guest bath.

89. Distressed

If you still wanted to keep your guest bath looking old school, try added distressed furniture items like this bathroom mirror.

90. Hawaiian

This guest bath gives me Hawaiian vibes with the mermaid-inspired tile and wooden sinks.

91. Red Walls

In this lovely bathroom, we have red walls with fish decals throughout to give a swimming effect.

92. Wooden Tissue Box

Try matching your tissue box with your vanity. Nowadays they have tissue box decor instead of just keeping out the regular box to keep your room aesthetically pleasing.

93. Curtain

If your bathroom doesn’t have much privacy, try installing a curtain so your guests have the option of natural light or privacy.

94. Rectangular Bathtub

As most bathtubs are oval-shaped, you can consider adding a rectangular-shaped bathtub for additional style.

95. Rattan Mirror

This boho-inspired rattan mirror gives this guest bath a boho theme.

96. Modern Farmhouse

If you still wanted to take a farmhouse approach, it doesn’t always have to be rustic. Try a modern farmhouse theme instead.

97. Peach

Try shades of peach to blend with wooden vanity options.

98. Privacy Door

Consider adding a privacy door for your toilet area. Some larger bathrooms can seem too open for guests.

99. Stone Bathroom

This guest bath would be most ideal for homes in warmer climates, but you can renovate your guest bath in all stone materials, from the walls to the vanity.

100. Floating Toilet

If budget allows and you want to add an extra modern touch to your guest bath, try a floating toilet instead of the traditional.

101. Modern Spa

This guest bath provides a modern spa aesthetic with extra space to hold articles of clothing.

Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom

When homeowners are doing renovations, sometimes the guest bathrooms seem to be forgotten. The guest bathroom is one of the most important spaces that need renovating. Having a guest bathroom that is comfortable and up-to-date is the best way to help your family and friends feel right at home. If you need tips to help you when renovating your guest bathroom, here are some to get you started.

Shower and Bath

It isn’t great to automatically assume that anyone likes to take a bath or shower more. No matter what your personal preference is, make sure your guests have both options available to them. This doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money, as a classic design would be great and achieve the goal. It is also important to make sure that your shower and bath can accommodate those of tall heights.

Countertop and Sink

When considering counter space, most people only think of the kitchen, but having plenty of counter space in a guest bathroom is important. The goal of being a host is to have a clean and comfortable space. Most guests bring razors, makeup, and hair essentials so make sure your space can accommodate these things.


Look for a larger toilet that comes with larger pipes. With a large toilet, you can save yourself the problems of plumbing so your guests don’t have to come out with embarrassment to tell you about a plumbing issue.

Bathroom Mood

Keep the mood of your bathroom inviting and beautiful. Comfort is the goal of your guest bathroom, but also keep in mind everyone’s definition of comfort can be different when it comes to design. The guest bathroom can often become overlooked, but it should be on the top of your list when completing a renovation.

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Welcoming Touches for Your Guests

  1. Bright Space – Depending on your guests, dark spaces can sometimes feel uninviting. If your guest bathroom has windows, open the blinds to let in the natural light. If they need privacy, add drapes that can easily be put down. If your guest bath is in the basement, make sure you add plenty of lighting so it’s not too dark.
  2. Invest in Towels – It’s always a great idea to invest in towels. No one enjoys using towels that are old and torn to dry off with or wash their face. Even if it’s washcloths, make sure they’re soft and beautiful. You never know if your guests could have allergies, so I’d recommend using a non-scented detergent.
  3. Provide Necessities – If you’ve ever traveled, you know that people can sometimes forget items if they’re in a rush. Consider adding extra toothbrushes, hairbrushes, nail clippers, cotton balls, etc. For the kids, I’d even consider making a basket of kid-friendly items to keep in the closet or drawers as well.
  4. Add Flowers or Plants – Nothing makes a room feel more at home than adding flowers or other plants. Set up some blooms before your guests come that could also give off a fresh scent.
  5. Storage Space – Before guests arrive, take a look in your bathroom to see if any extra storage is needed like shelving or hooks for towels. Remove any leftover clutter that may be on the counters or any personal items. For towel storage, you can add hooks to the back of your doors or one of the walls.
  6. Floor Mat – One way to add a small touch to your bathroom is to add a soft floor mat for when your guests are either standing at the sink or getting out of the shower. A non-slip rug or mat that goes along with the color scheme of your room would do just fine.
  7. Fragrant Smell – I don’t like to add candles or other toxic scents to any room, so for added fragrance, I pick my best pure essential oil to add. Even after a few days, the humidity can sometimes make bathrooms seem musty. You can add essential oils to a small bathroom diffuser or cotton balls.
  8. Decorations – Guest bathrooms are not used as often as the main bathrooms, so you may not need to decorate as much, but that is a personal preference.
  9. Robe and Slippers – If you want to take it up a notch, consider providing a soft robe and slippers for your guests to have when stepping out of the shower. This may also make them feel like they’re at the spa.
  10. Leave a Note – As a finishing touch, you can leave personal notes. Even something as small as, “welcome to our home” can make them feel welcomed.

No matter what type of guest bathroom you choose to create, I’m sure it will impress no matter what! Carefully plan out your design from the floor plan down to the decorations. Remember, even though this space will not be used as often as your main bathroom, your guest bathroom shows your friends and loved ones your personality and all about your home. You can learn a lot about a person from the way they keep their home so keep them in mind. Most importantly, have fun with your creativity!

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