Goodman vs. Bryant: Which Central AC Brand Is Better?

Central air conditioning isn’t something that you want to skimp on, and brands like Goodman and Bryant are among the top options. Differences come down to cost and function, with Goodman being the cheaper option and Bryant being the more efficient choice. Whether it be the cost, operation, or function, follow along as we compare Bryant and Goodman central AC units.

Goodman vs Bryant

When summertime rolls around, it is imperative that your air conditioner be working at optimal capacity. The hotter the climate, the more important your air conditioner becomes. Choosing the right unit is just as important.

Two brands in particular that have been compared are Goodman and Bryant. Goodman has been gaining recognition in recent years as one of the top brands. But Bryant is considered to be of superior quality, one of the highest-rated manufacturers when it comes to air conditioning units. Bryant’s high-end unit is also cheaper than the Goodman Premier Series, making it a superior choice.

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Goodman vs. Bryant

When finding the right air conditioner, it is important to find one that is able to deliver in terms of performance and durability. Since it is one of the most expensive appliances in your home, getting optimal value is a must for homeowners.

When comparing the two companies, there are more than a few key aspects to consider. Consider this your guide for Goodman and Bryant, what they can do, and how they stack up against one another directly.

Company Histories

Bryant has been in existence for over a century now, beginning in 1904. They have since become one of the leading manufacturers in the air conditioner market. They have made it a company goal to improve the overall efficiency and performance of all of their air conditioning units.

Goodman, meanwhile, has been gaining more and more traction as a popular manufacturer throughout the years. Though they are not the household name that some of the bigger names are, they have been making HVAC equipment since 1975.

Both have storied, if unheralded, beginnings and a long, rich history in the air conditioner manufacturing industry. To those familiar with the industry, they are two of the more trusted names in terms of quality and durability.

Air Conditioner Quality

Speaking of quality, Goodman systems are created to meet the SEER ratings standards. They have a solid average rating of 18 for their products. They making both heating and cooling options for industrial and residential purposes.

Goodman offers a wide array of air conditioners to meet the demands of the market. Whether opting for their low-end air conditioner or their Premier Series, Goodman makes a sturdy air conditioner. They are built to last and deliver efficient, reliable cooling.

Bryant, meanwhile, is one of the highest-rated manufacturers in the air conditioning world. Their ranges are slightly less varied, but their Premier Series has the ability to run at 66 or 100 percent capacity. That allows for energy savings while also lowering the humidity levels within the homes.

Even their Compact Series offering has a SEER score of 16.5, matching up favorably with a great deal of Goodman’s offerings. All while operating at just 66 decibels for one of the quietest offerings among air conditioners. Their highest-rated offering has a SEER score of 21, one of the highest offered throughout the industry.

Bryant Features

One of the hallmarks of Bryant air conditioners is that they are built to be quiet. Some air conditioners operate at high decibels, making them quite noticeable when they are in operation. In some cases, it can be a major distraction with just how loud they are.

Bryan also has electronic diagnostics available on some of their systems. With these electronic diagnostics, even users are able to more easily and accurately troubleshoot their systems to locate existing issues.

Bryant offers a high-efficiency range as well. When matched with the indoor unit, the combination can save homeowners money on their energy bills, lower consumption by a large margin. Check out SpacePak vs. Unico for more options.

Goodman Features

Goodman, meanwhile, offers humidity control. In more humid climates, keeping moisture out of the air can be vital. When the air becomes heavier, it can mean challenging times for units that are not up to the task.

The air conditioner runs at a reduced speed on startup, pulling moisture from the air. That equates to a more even air conditioning experience and keeps the air from feeling thick and heavy all of the time.

Goodman is also one of the only manufacturers left still using copper coils. More and more companies are switching to aluminum. Aluminum is not quite as durable, nor is it resistant to corrosion quite the way that copper is.

Finally, Goodman also offers a unique communication ability. Whether it be technicians or amateurs attempting to make a fix, Goodman makes it easier than ever to troubleshoot issues. Not everyone offers this troubleshooting aid, giving it an edge over the competition.


Goodman makes a steady, durable air conditioner across the board. They use copper for some of their internal components, giving it greater longevity than some of the others on the market. Goodman air conditioners tend to last longer on average than many others in the industry.

But there may not be another manufacturer that can offer the durability and level of quality that Bryant does. They are one of the most highly-rated offerings on the market for good reason. Their units are powder coated to help prevent corrosion and rusting, two of the biggest enemies to air conditioners.

Moreover, the cabinet is made of an extremely durable galvanized steel. You can be certain that heavy inclement weather will not make a dent in your air conditioning unit. Bryant’s durability is part of the reason that they have earned such high ratings throughout the industry.


As is the industry standard, Bryant offers a 10-year standard parts limited warranty. That is only if the product is registered within the first 90 days. The warranty becomes a standard 5-year parts limited warranty if it is not registered. A parts warranty is as it sounds: it only covers the cost of the parts, not the labor of the technician.

Goodman offers a lifetime compressor limited warranty as well as a 10-year unit replacement limited warranty. That is definitely not the industry norm and goes way above and beyond. So long as you register your product within 60 days of purchase, you get the 10-year warranty.

Having such a warranty is huge if defects result in the need to repair or replace the current unit. Compared to the parts only warranty of Bryant, it is clear why Goodman’s warranty policy is considered to be one of the best in the industry.


We would be remiss if we did not mention costs given that it is one of the most important factors in a purchase. Some have to work within a budget and knowing that they are getting the most for that budget is an important factor.

Goodman offers a lower starting price, but a higher price of the two premier products. Their basic series starts at around $2,500 while their Premier Series can run well over $7,000. Having such a broad range means a little something for everyone.

Bryant, on the other hand, has a smaller range. Their lowest price ($3,000 for their Preferred series) is higher than that of Goodman and some of the others. Yet still, their Premier Series price is lower at just over $6,000.

Both are relatively close in price on the whole, but those seeking the lowest cost would probably be best served going with Goodman.

How to Choose the Right Central Air Conditioner

Of course, finding the right central air conditioner for your home comes down to finding the right features and traits. Not all central air conditioners are the same, after all. Here are some important factors to consider.


The right size unit is important. Choose an air conditioner that is too small and it will struggle to effectively cool your home. Go too big and you may be overpaying to cool the space. Know what size you need based on the square footage of your home.


Energy efficiency is more important than ever before. That is why it is so important to get an air conditioner that cuts down on energy usage. That will ultimately result in lower energy bills for you, which is the goal of most homeowners.

Unit Type

Not all air conditioners are created the same. Depending on the type of home that you have, you may need a split system versus a packaged system, or vice versa. Knowing what type of central air conditioner you need is essential when choosing a unit.

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Goodman vs. Bryant: What’s the Pick?

On the surface, it is a difficult pick between the two manufacturers. Both make reliable, durable air conditioning units that have gained favor across the industry. When pushed one way or the other, you really could not go wrong choosing either.

For those looking to stay within a tight a budget, Goodman and their Budget-Class Series may be the best option. It is a quality air conditioner with all of the features that Goodman offers on its other models. All at a price that is affordable for most.

But the best overall air conditioner may belong to Bryant. Their cabinets and parts are made of superior quality, giving them superior longevity as well. They have come to be one of the most highly-rated air conditioners on the market today.

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