Genie Garage Door Light Won't Turn Off? (We Have a Fix!)

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We use them every day and typically many times a day. That also means we usually take them for granted. Then one day (and commonly with garage doors) without warning, they stop working or stop working correctly. Sometimes they won’t open. Sometimes the garage door won’t close or close all the way. And sometimes the genie garage door light won’t turn off.

When the Genie garage door light won’t turn off, the first thing to check for is something that might be blocking a sensor or a stuck garage light button. If this isn’t the issue then it is a problem with the hardware or in the wiring. Problems in the wiring can occur in the remote, control panel, or the harnessing while hardware issues such as a bad circuit boards, incorrect bulbs or faulty panels are the common culprits. To fix these issues will require investigating and determining the cause, and either replacing or repairing the problem parts.

Most of us know Genie, as the name implies, as that magical little tool that we push and things just “happen.” Unfortunately, in the real world (including the one Genie lives in), things don’t just happen. And when things don’t happen, as in they stop working, we fix them. If there was ever a time we would like to a real genie, but not to fear because this is doable.

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Troubleshooting the Problem

Genie is renowned as a home appliance manufacturer, and most famous of course for their garage door openers. And it seems everyone has or has had a Genie garage door opener at some point. That also means there basically isn’t a problem that hasn’t been encountered, and more than a few times, by homeowners.

Here is a look at the common causes and how to troubleshoot when your Genie garage door light won’t turn off. The first thing to investigate is the wiring.

Inspecting the Wiring

Wiring issues are the most commonly reported reason for why a Genie garage door light won’t turn off, so it is with the wiring we begin.

What you will need:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Genie garage door opener Owner’s Manual

Step 1: Unplug the power to the opener

Before beginning ensure that the garage opener is not plugged in and power has been cut to the garage door.

Step 2: Remove indoor control panel

Locate the garage door control panel, and remove it from the wall, then using a screwdriver, disconnect the control panel by unscrewing the wires.

Step 3: Inspect control panel

Now removed and with the wires disconnected, check the control panel for any loose wiring. If there appears to be a serious connection issue (e.g. broken wire), then a replacement will be necessary.

Now reconnect the wiring and the control panel and restore the power. If this doesn’t resolve the issue or no apparent wiring issues are evident on the control panel or the garage door opener, the problem is likely a hardware issue.

Inspecting Hardware Issues

There are a few potential and common hardware issues that could end up being the culprit behind why your Genie garage door light won’t turn off. These problems will typically involve either the wall panel, the bulb, or the circuit board.

Wall panels

One known issue that results in a Genie garage door light not turning off is having the wrong indoor wall panel installed. If the wall panel is incompatible with the opener, the garage door light may stay on until the problem is fixed. This can be the result of a new installation or a replacement part, but it can also end up being why the lights stay on too.

Installing a new indoor wall panel isn’t terribly difficult, but one will need to be ordered from a Genie garage door dealer. There are also more than a few service options available for those who aren’t comfortable with or who don’t have the time to install a new wall panel. Most people live within proximity of a Genie dealer, so finding service or parts generally isn’t difficult either.

Light bulbs

Another known problem that can cause a Genie garage door light to stay on involves the light itself, sort of. It is reported that newer compact fluorescent lights create circuit board communication problems. The easy solution for this issue is to replace the fluorescent bulb with an older incandescent light.

When replacing those bulbs, remember to put safety first. That means cutting power off to the Genie garage door opener and using a ladder. Simply and carefully release the tabs on the lens cover to release the protective shield. Then unscrew the bulb, and replace it with the new light.

If this doesn’t work, however, it is time to look at the other most common hardware problem. And quite possibly the reason why that Genie garage door light won’t turn off too. This involves replacing the circuit board, which is another very doable DIY project.

Circuit/Control boards

To access the circuit board, remove the cover from the wall panel. This should consist of removing two small screws at the bottom and the top. The cover should then easily slide up and off. The circuit board(sometimes called the control board) will be located at the top left. It can be identified by its label or part number.

To remove the board simply remove the single screw that secures it and detach it from its wiring harness – done. The Genie dealer or service department will need that number so keep it handy to ensure getting the right replacement part.

These are the most common reasons for why that Genie garage door light won’t turn off. It is worth noting, however, that the obvious reasons shouldn’t be overlooked first. These can be simple issues like your garage door settings or an object in the garage blocking a sensor.

Genie Garage Door Light Settings

Although we don’t want the garage door light to stay on when we don’t need it on, there are times when we may want it to stay on or stay on longer. The Genie garage door system comes with a variety of timer settings, so the lights can be adjusted to stay on for longer or shorter periods of time.

There is also an off chance that those controls may have become stuck in the “on” position, causing the garage door lights to remain on. And it may also be a good idea to check the garage door sensors to be certain nothing obvious is the reason why your Genie garage door light won’t turn off. It is akin to that person that runs out of gas but that is the last thing they check when their car won’t start.

In most cases, the more common problems like Genie garage door lights that won’t turn off can be resolved without a great deal of time, money, or effort. Genie garage door systems are also one of the most popular and widely used garage door openers today.

Do You Need a Garage Door Opener Repair or Adjustment?

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Related Questions

Garage door lights that don’t stay on aren’t the only issue homeowners have had to figure out with Genie garage door systems. Here are a few other more frequently asked questions regarding Genie garage door openers.

How Long Will a Genie Garage Door Opener Last?

The expected life of a Genie garage door opener is 12 to 15 years. Considerations such as usage frequency and maintenance can impact how long a garage door opener will last.

This is also useful information to know if your garage door opener starts encountering problems. In some situations, it may just be a matter of age, wear, and use.

How Much Does a Genie Garage Door Opener System Cost?

If the worst-case scenario arises the cost of replacing a Genie garage door opener system will be in the $175 to $225 range. None of us like to admit defeat, but the good news is it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get a replacement system.

It may also be important to remember that garage doors can also be potentially dangerous, especially when they aren’t working properly. Reports cite that there are somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000 garage door-related accidents every year. That also makes the cost of getting a replacement garage door opener system even easier to justify.

What are the other common issues with garage door openers?

Garage doors openers can encounter a range of different issues, and in most circumstances, those situations will be addressed in the Owner’s Manual troubleshooting guide. A few of the more common issues that are addressed in these guides include:

  • Limited remote range which is generally a battery issue or the result of interference from another device
  • Opener runs but the garage door doesn’t open or close indicates a problem with the belt, chain, or pulley.
  • Remote stops working is most often a battery issue, or potentially a programming issue. Reprogramming the remote or replacing the batteries will usually fix these issues.

Most people don’t deal with garage door issues on a regular basis but every once in a while those amazing magical devices need some attention and repair. The good news is those repairs and fixes are often simple and affordable. And with a little troubleshooting, effort, and time your Genie can be back up and running, just like magic.

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