GE XL44 Oven Not Working? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

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The XL44 range of ovens by General Electric has been a fan favorite for decades. It includes ten products; some even have self-cleaning features! All variants falling under the GE XL44 umbrella share the same methodologies when it comes to troubleshooting and repairs.

GE has compiled a list of troubleshooting steps to get your oven back to speed. So before calling in the experts, make sure you refer to the manual to fix everything from stuck doors and inadequate temperatures to slow preheating, ignition issues, malfunctioning control panels, and much more! There is a solution to everything.

Plus, they all share some features. For example, the cooktop measures at 30-inches and the large 4.4 cubic foot cavities will let you bake for the entire family and then some. They also have porcelain cooktops, significant-sized capacities, standard burners, pilotless ignition, timer, square grates, control pad, and electronic clocks.

Throughout this piece, we will explain what issues usually befall a GE XL44 and how to DIY the solution.

Before moving forward, have a look at this article that highlights the differences between a conventional oven and a convection oven — just some food for thought!

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Basic Troubleshooting For The GE XL44 Oven

The XL 44 range features gas-based as well as electric ovens. If in top-condition and used correctly, your oven can last a lifetime and serve you palette-pleasing meals time and again.

However, if an issue arises, try out these steps before calling in the experts:

  • If the light fails to illuminate, ensure that the bulb is properly tightened. If that does not fix it, replace the bulb.
  • If you own a gas model, ensure that the pilot light comes on because if it doesn’t, the oven won’t function.
  • Check if the power cord is connected to a functioning socket, and inspect the breaker and fuses. If there is a blown-out fuse, replace it!
  • If the food is not cooking at the right temperature, i.e., it’s either too hot or too cold, fiddle with screws on the temperature knob. A clockwise twist will raise the temperature by 10-degree Fahrenheit, and turning it anti-clockwise will do the exact opposite. Change settings by 10-degree Fahrenheit at a time till you reach an acceptable level.
  • If you are not getting enough heat, ensure that the base of the oven is appropriately positioned.

If you need to disconnect your gas stove, make sure you do it right.

GE XL44’s Control Panel

If the control panel is malfunctioning, specific steps can help you track the source of the issue and apply these fixes:

  • Check the power source if it’s functioning correctly. If the display shows nothing, you need to reset or replace the breaker.
  • If the control panel fails to work, disconnect the oven. Give it a few minutes, and then reconnect the cord – select something from the menu and begin operation.
  • IF the clock is stuck at noon, i.e., 12:00, bring it back to the current time. Press the clock two times, and with the help of the directional pads, reach the correct time. Once done, press “On” or “Start”.
  • To remove a pre-selected timer, or to amend it – press “Kitchen Timer On/Off” – and set the limit via the arrow pads. If you need to clear it, repress the “Kitchen Timer On/Off” tab.
  • By default, there is a 12-hour cut-off feature that kicks in if the oven runs for more than 12 hours. To remove it, press and hold “Broil Hi/Lo” and “Bake” tabs together for at least three to five seconds. The display will now read “SF” to shift from the to “Off” press and hold the “clock” button.

Oven That Won’t Pre Heat Adequately

Your oven may be taking a long time to heat up, shutoffs automatically after lighting up, or has other similar issues. Why does this happen in the first place? Well, the fault lies in the igniter. Igniters have a short lifespan and may fail quickly when continuously used.

Tools For A Quick Fix

Keep this equipment close:

  • A screwdriver with magnetic bits or ¼-inch socket wrench
  • A standard flat head screwdriver
  • A Philips head screwdriver

Steps To Resolve Pre Heat-Related Issues

Follow these steps to ensure that your oven heats up properly every time:

  • Remove the power source
  • Shut off the gas coming to the GE XL44 oven — do this by twisting the gas knob
  • On the bottom of the stove lies a cover held back by two screws. Remove the screws, and then the cover by pulling it back and lifting it off
  • Pull out the warming drawer behind the cover and push the two tabs holding it back
  • Disconnect the cable and remove it from the back of the burner and the igniter
  • Unwind the two screws that have kept the igniter in place
  • Remove the two screws securing the igniter
  • Remove the severed igniter and replace it with the newly-bought one
  • Open the gas valve and power up the oven to test the new igniter. On preheat, it should now glow yellow
  • Let the oven sit for a while to cool down, and then retrace your steps and put everything in place.

Warranty Claims

On purchasing a new model, GE provides you with a unique coverage plan for a year from the purchase date. But you can only claim it if the trouble is caused because it’s a defective product or when bad workmanship is proven. If the claim meets the guidelines, you get free in-home service and parts.

However, you have to register your GE XL44 by filling out the General Electrics’ Consumer Product Ownership Registration form that comes along with the owner’s manual.

Remember, the warranty may be void if the oven is:

  • Not installed in the recommended manner
  • Maintenance is avoided
  • Not used in the correct manner
  • Shown to have faulty wiring
  • Damaged because of natural disasters — hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, etc.

If none of the solutions work, apply for a claim if the product was purchased within the last year. Also, it would be in your best interest to apply for a warranty extension while you are at it.

Calling In The Experts

If nothing seems to work, it’s time to call in the cavalry. You can either fill in a form on – enter your product information and mention the issue. You can also 1-800-432-2737 for further assistance.

Also, if you want to get your hands on specific parts that have malfunctioned, you can get them from GE’s website. To find a match enter the exact model number.

Do You Need Appliance Repair Services?

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Related Questions

How Do You Turn On The Pilot Lights For GE XL44 Ovens?

Follow these steps:

  • Put the top burner in the “off” position
  • Put the cooktop in the open position
  • Using a match ignite both pilots
  • Lower the cooktop back in place, but be wary that the pilot stays lit
  • Lower the cooktop slowly to prevent the pilot lights from going out.
How To Reset A GE Oven?

Simply switch off the breaker and wait a minute before turning it back on.

How To Light A GE XL44 During A Power Outage?

If the igniter or lighter doesn’t function, you can always use a match to light the top burner. Light a match and hold it close to a burner activated at low-flame. Once lit, quickly remove your hand and turn up the burner.

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